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Revolutionize The Shopping Experience With SelfStylo Virtual Try-On

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SelfStylo offers a real-time Augmented Reality technology to revolutionize the consumer shopping experience. In this approach, the user experiences the product on their own before making the actual purchase. It is smart AR solution to boost consumer engagement to accelerate the sales of the brands.

SelfStylo Workflow

Upload Product Catalog

Make Your Combo/Set Offer For Upsell

Integrate Selfstylo On Website/App

Consumer Analytics (Try-On)

Choose The Brand And Category

Virtually Try The Shades Through AR Tech

Choose The Best Makeover/ Combo

Mark Your Favourites & Share With Friends Over Social Media

Buy The Products!

Why SelfStylo ?

Multiplied conversion rates when Brand uses AR tech to showcase products
Subscription based custom costing models by SelfStylo
Data analytics dashboard to track user’s try-on journey
Excellent performance on live streaming
AR tech which gives realistic look on face
Uncomplicated and Easy touch interface
Lesser implementation and on-boarding time
Easy integration on brand’s website/app
Up-sell by offering set/combo-try-on for complete makeover


To Consumers

1. Assistance in making decision
2. Offers great personalized experience
3. Instant virtual try-on
4. Realistic look on face
5. Share makeover on social media
6. Contact-free trial

To Brands

1. Multiplies the conversion rate
2. Reduced returns or replacements of orders
3. Enhance Product Interactivity & Augment
customer experience
4. Reduced cost of in-store staff and inventory
5. Value addition to the brand by AR Technology
6. Extend customer reach
7. Enable product discovery & category enrichment

SelfStylo Web AR

SelfStylo Web AR is all about making AR accessible to everyone, everywhere by bringing immersive virtual try-on experiences directly through a web browser – no app required.

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