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10 Spots to Apply Highlighter for the Best Full-Face Makeup

In the makeup world, the transformative power of contouring paired with the ethereal glow of highlighter creates a stunning combination. Highlighter has become a makeup essential, offering the ability to accentuate features and elevate any look. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how the strategic application of a highlighter can enhance your facial features, providing a radiant and sculpted appearance. Join us as we uncover the ten spots where applying a highlighter can make a difference in your full-face makeup routine.

Before we delve into the specific spots to apply highlighter, it’s crucial to understand the symbiotic relationship between contouring and highlighting. Contouring adds depth and definition to your face by creating shadows, while highlighting brings forward certain areas, adding luminosity and drawing attention. They make a harmonious balance that transforms your face, providing dimension and a radiant finish.

10 Spots to Apply Highlighter for Full Face Makeup

Cheekbones: The classic and perhaps most well-known spot, applying highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones accentuates the high points of your face. This creates a lifted and sculpted appearance, enhancing the natural contours of your cheekbones. For an extra pop, extend the highlighter slightly towards the temples to create a seamless glow.

Brow Bones: Illuminate your eyes by applying highlighter to your brow bones. This brightens the eye area and gives the illusion of lifted brows, making your eyes appear more awake and refreshed. Consider blending the highlighter slightly into the inner corners of your eyes for an added touch of brightness.

Cupid’s Bow: Add a touch of allure by highlighting your Cupid’s bow – the dip in the center of your upper lip. This simple step draws attention to your lips and enhances the overall symmetry of your face. Consider applying a small amount of highlighter to the center of your lower lip to intensify the effect.

Bridge of the Nose: For a subtle and refined look, apply highlighter to the bridge of your nose. This technique can make your nose appear straighter and more defined, complementing the rest of your facial features. Extend the highlighter down to the tip of the nose for a cohesive and balanced effect.

Tip of the Nose: If you want a cute and youthful look, don’t forget to highlight the tip of your nose. This adds a touch of radiance to the center of your face, creating a balanced and glowing complexion—experiment with different highlighter textures, from powder to liquid, for a customized finish.

Inner Corners of the Eye: Open up your eyes and create a bright-eyed effect by applying highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes. This technique is especially effective in making your eyes appear larger and more awake. Consider using a subtle shimmer or iridescent shade for a mesmerizing gaze.

Chin: To highlight the lower portion of your face, apply a highlighter to your chin. This enhances your chin’s natural contours and contributes to an overall luminous finish. Extend the highlighter slightly down the neck for a seamless transition.

Temples: Extend your glow by applying a highlighter to your temples. This adds radiance to the sides of your face and complements the contouring on your cheeks and jawline. Experiment with a light hand to create a soft halo effect around the temples.

Centre of the Forehead: Don’t overlook the center of your forehead for a balanced and radiant complexion. Applying a highlighter here brings forward the central features of your face, creating a harmonious and glowing effect. Consider blending the highlighter towards your hairline for a natural and seamless finish.

Collarbones: Extend your glow beyond your face by highlighting your collarbones. This subtle touch adds glamor and draws attention to your décolletage, completing your full-face makeup look. Experiment with a liquid highlighter for a dewy and ethereal effect on the collarbones.

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As you embark on your journey to master the art of highlighter application, remember that each spot contributes to your full-face makeup look’s overall harmony and radiance. Whether you’re emphasizing your cheekbones, brow bones, or collarbones, the strategic placement of highlighter enhances your natural beauty and adds a touch of glamor. 

With the help of SelfStylo’s AR Virtual Try-on Tool, you can confidently experiment with different shades and placements, ensuring perfect glowing radiance every time you step out. Embrace the transformative power of highlighter, and let your radiant beauty shine through.