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Augmented Reality Apps for Android

Top 5 Augmented Reality Apps for Android & iOS [2023]

Augmented reality apps for Android and iOS are becoming cornerstones for businesses and shoppers alike. The technology virtually places a 3D visual of a product in the real-world environment. 

The advanced technology helps shoppers to see how the makeup looks on their faces or how a sofa fits in their living room. Thus, it improves customers’ shopping experience and helps them make quick purchase decisions. When customers purchase products after trying them, it reduces the chances of expensive product returns for brands. 

If you are a brand owner looking to incorporate an AR app in business, here are the top augmented reality apps for Android and iOS.

Augmented Reality Apps for Android

List Of Augmented Reality Apps

According to ABI Research, more than 120,000 retailers will leverage augmented reality by the end of 2022. This is because the new fashion tech is transforming how retailers engage with customers and sell online products. Using AR leads to higher post-purchase satisfaction and boosts customer loyalty. 

Below are the top augmented reality apps for Android and iOS users that brands can integrate to grow their eCommerce sales


StyloCam is one of the best-augmented reality apps for Android and is developed by the team who previously brought SelfStylo Web AR — an app that allows users to try hundreds of brand products with a few clicks. The application is specifically designed for fashion brands, allowing users to test makeup products virtually on their faces. 


  • Users can try hundreds of makeup products with a few clicks. 
  • It works on Android. 
  • The beauty enhancement feature enables users to apply makeup on their faces and glam up their selfies in a minute. 
  • The save and share feature allows users to save makeup looks and share their AR experience on social media platforms.
  • The app uses Artificial Intelligence technology to help customers try different makeup items and enjoy realistic pictures. 

StyloCam is a tool anyone can use to glam up their selfies with a few simple clicks on their mobile phones. On the other hand, SelfStylo integrates into the website and allows users to try products before they buy. This, in turn, helps brands boost customer satisfaction and reduce return rates.

Download StyloCam or talk to the experts today! 

IKEA Place 

Another feature-rich augmented reality app for Android, and iOS is IKEA Place. Brands that deal with furniture can integrate IKEA Place into their website. The application lets users place virtual home decor versions in their spaces to check the size and style of the furniture. 


  • Drag and drop feature of the AR app allows users to effortlessly add virtual versions of products in their homes. 
  • With a few mobile clicks, shoppers can switch furniture colors and styles before finalizing the product.

Another AR app in this category is Houzz, which allows shoppers to test the furniture and other home improvement products using their smartphones. 


Augment is aimed at helping eCommerce brands by creating Augmented product images. In other words, the augmented reality app allows shoppers to capture and upload 3D images of products using their cameras. Then, they can display them in a virtual environment before making a purchase.


  • Augment SDK allows brands to embed AR product visualization on eCommerce platforms or websites. 
  • An augmented reality app will enable customers to find, try, and shop for different products. 


ModiFace is an AR app for beauty and cosmetic brands. Fashion brands can integrate the application on their website or in-store. With AR technology, shoppers can apply different beauty products to their faces. 


  • The AR app allows shoppers to visualize how products will look on them. 
  • It uses shade calibration to scan and analyze information and deliver photo-realistic results. 

Though the AR app offers multiple features, some users find the user interface complicated. If you are looking for an application with an easy-to-use interface that can be accessed through web browser, contact SelfStylo experts. 


L’Oréal and Amazon teamed up to bring AR experience to beauty shoppers. Amazon’s shopping app allows customers to explore a range of lipsticks. Another feature of the AR app is “try makeup on models,” which will enable users to try makeup items on models before purchasing. 


  • Shoppers can select a model and see how the makeup looks on it. 
  • Customers can discover and buy a wide range of beauty products online. 

With new augmented reality apps evolving, it’s time for brands to use technology to the fullest. Retailers that integrate AR apps and help customers by making online shopping easy can stay ahead in 2023. 

Augmented Reality Apps for Android

Integrate Branded AR App This New Year 

Shoppers are finding it hard to shop for products online. Whether furniture or makeup, shoppers want to try every product before purchasing. Augmented reality apps for Android and iOS help users with the “try before you buy” feature. Users can try different products before making their actual purchase. 

SelfStylo is one of the best augmented reality apps for beauty and cosmetic brands. You can integrate the application into your website or in-store to give consumers a new, multi-dimensional way to interact with products. StyloCam is an Android application that enables users to beautify their selfies.

So, get in touch with our AR experts and integrate the StyloCam augmented reality app for Android in your brand today!