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Holiday Sales 2022

5 Fail-Proof Strategies To Increase Holiday Sales 2022 With AR

Christmas is a fantastic time to boost sales and improve profitability, but you’re probably not utilizing all the ways to increase holiday sales in 2022. Thanks to new technologies like Augmented Reality, it’s straightforward to showcase products, connect with your loyal customers, and attract new shoppers. 

Augmented Reality in eCommerce allows you to present your brand and products in a fun and interactive way to the target audience. This article covers 5 underrated tips to implement this holiday season to increase sales, brand awareness, and revenue. 

Is An AR App Important For Brands?

AR apps have recently grown in popularity among eCommerce brand owners. They are adopting the latest tech to improve sales, deliver better customer service, and build brand awareness. Below we’ve jotted down the list of benefits that an AR app can offer during holiday sales in 2022.

  • Reduce Product Return:  Shoppers tend to buy multiple items during Christmas sales, and inefficient purchase decisions lead to a high product return rate. AR eliminates product return expenses by helping customers try before buying. 
  • More Customers, More Sales: With AR, brands can leverage the full potential of social media. You can get more customers and improve sales by creating engaging Instagram AR filters. 
  • Satisfied Customers: A satisfied customer is the best promoter of your brand. AR or virtual try-on tools can improve the product discovery and purchase journey to improve the overall shopping experience of the buyer. 

Holiday Sales 2022

Tips To Increase Holiday Sales In 2022

The Christmas season is the most active time when brands can create new marketing strategies to grow their business. Here are some highly profitable tips to help you increase holiday sales in 2022 without spending a dime on paid ads.

Sell Associated Products 

The holiday season is when busy shoppers want to purchase trending items quickly. Selling associated (or secondary) products with the main one can help you increase sales and serve your customer needs better.

For instance, if you are a fashion brand selling makeup products like lipstick, recommending other cosmetics, such as eyeliner, blush, etc., can add more value to the main product. An AR tool offers personalized recommendations to customers based on their browsing habits and helps you to upsell products.

Give Discounts 

It’s proven that discounts or price reductions are the best weapons that will help brands connect with customers. So consider preparing a makeup combo and adding a discount coupon for every combo purchase.

The trick, however, is to set some time limit for promotional actions that will increase the chances of a quick purchase. A countdown creates urgency and entices customers to make purchases before the offer ends.

Use Social Networks

Social media platforms like Instagram are the best ways to improve brand awareness and tap into the broad customer market. However, running paid ads on the platforms can be expensive.

AR tools allow customers to try the products and create user-generated content virtually. Then, they can share their experience with friends and family, helping brands spread awareness about products through social media.

Focus On Customer Needs

The more you focus on fulfilling your customers’ needs, the more likely they’ll be loyal and shop again. Understanding customers’ unique needs and giving them exceptional service is one of the best ways to boost holiday sales in 2022.

Augmented Reality technology is designed to understand customers’ shopping habits and gather analytics. The data collected can then be used to create promotional Christmas campaigns that boost holiday sales in 2022.

Allow Customers To Customize Products

71% of consumers expect personalized services from brands. That said, businesses must focus on allowing customers to customize product bundles and make purchases.

For instance, consider integrating an AR or virtual try-on tool into your website if you are into the fashion and beauty industry. With the latest tech, your customers can visualize different products on their faces, prepare a combo, and make their purchases.

One of the most popular AR or virtual try-on tools available on the market is SelfStylo. Not only does it provide an interactive customer experience, but it also offers real-time analysis to help you improve holiday offerings.

Create An AR Campaign For Your Fashion Brand Today! 

Boosting holiday sales in 2022 means increasing order value, building brand awareness, and generating better revenue. However, the high competition in the market makes it hard for brands to boost Christmas sales.

The only way to hedge against the competition is by integrating the tools that work to improve holiday sales. One such tool is an AR application like SelfStylo, known for its simple user interface and advanced features. With SelfStylo, you can make the online shopping experience convenient for your customers and boost holiday sales in 2022.