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AR Online Shopping future of AR

AR Online Shopping: Future Of AR In eCommerce

AR online shopping is the new trend that is extensively changing the fourth biggest sector of the global economy – the fashion industry. Thousands of retailers and brands have adopted immersive and interactive technology to attract Gen Z users.

One AR application revolutionizes the customer shopping experience and lets users customize and virtually try products with their smartphone cameras. In this AR guide, we’ll reveal the basics of AR and how advanced tech can help brands stand ahead of the crowd.

AR Online Shopping experience for brands

Augmented Reality For Online Shopping Experience

The concept of augmented reality shopping is to blend real and virtual environments and help customers visualize the products in 3D. Augmented reality apps are designed to help users analyze a brand’s product in the virtual world. Users interested in AR will likely choose brands that use the latest technology and offer immersive experiences.

Here are the main reasons for choosing AR filters to boost the online shopping experience for your store.

High Customization Level

Augmented reality in eCommerce helps brands offer customized and personalized services to their customers. The virtual try-on tools gather data about your customer’s past purchases and browsing behavior. Then, the data is utilized to offer personalized recommendations, contributing to increased sales. AR also helps brands create product combos with customization options to upsell and gain more profits.

Converts Visitors Into Customers

Virtual reality and augmented reality offer interactive and immersive shopping experiences to customers. AR apps can seamlessly integrate with your brand website, allowing visitors to try the products in a virtual environment. Instead of reading the product description and making a purchase, users can spend time exploring and trying different products. This engaging product experience given to website visitors helps brands improve their conversion rates.

Connect With Gen Z Consumers

Brands and retailers are looking for engaging ways to connect and communicate with Gen Z users. These young people are tech-savvy, and the only way to communicate with them is by using the same innovative language. With augmented reality apps, users can virtually try specific products with their phone’s camera and make more informed decisions. The social media integration feature and AR filters also provide new possibilities to connect with them.

Increases Profitability

The digital try-on technology of AR is the main reason every retail sector adopts it. The tools enable consumers to try virtual clothing, beauty products, accessories, shoes, etc., using their smartphone and without leaving their home comfort. This helps people understand if the product is the right fit. When customers feel confident in their decisions, it motivates them to purchase more. As a result, it improves sales and profitability for brands.

The benefits of AR are backed by studies and statistics. Research from Modern Retail proves that product demonstration using virtual try-on and real-world overlay has grown immensely between 2017 and 2022. This predicts that the technology will keep strengthening its roots in the eCommerce industry. If you are a fashion brand that wants to grab your customers’ attention, it’s time to adopt AR technology, as it is the future of online shopping.

AR Online Shopping apps for brands

Why Shoppers Prefer AR Shopping Apps?

In the digital world, buyers prefer purchasing items online. Whether buying home furniture or makeup products, they want to purchase everything online. Even though taking your business online has many benefits, there are some downsides.

As shoppers cannot touch, feel, or try the products online, they purchase the wrong size items. In order to reduce the chances of buying incorrect items, shoppers prefer purchasing products from brands that use AR and VR reality. With AR online shopping, buyers can apply makeup on their faces. As a result, they make the right purchase using augmented reality in eCommerce.

With the augmented reality app like SelfStylo, users can try different makeup products like lipsticks, eyeliners, mascara, eyeshadows, etc., to better understand how they’ll look after using the product. Another benefit of AR for customers is the social media integration feature. The application help users try the products and share their AR experience on social media platforms like Instagram.

AR Online Shopping experts

AR Online Shopping Is The New Trend In eCommerce

Augmented reality seemed like science fiction a few years ago, but now it’s no longer confined to movies and books. Retailers like IKEA, Gucci, etc., are using AR online shopping to assist customers in purchasing with confidence.

If you want to integrate an augmented reality app into your website that helps customers better understand the product, try SelfStylo. It is one of the best virtual try-on tools for beauty and cosmetic brands that incorporate advanced features like split-screen features, social media integration, etc.

Get in touch with our experts today and reap the advantages of AR online shopping in the digital world using SelfStylo.