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Augmented reality app development

Augmented Reality App Development Guide: How AR Will Rule The World in 2023

Augmented reality app development is a transformational application that helps organizations rank high in the competitive market. Target and IKEA are a few leading brands that have incorporated AR apps to improve their game in the market.

Witnessing the immense growth of AR tools, startups and technopreneurs are investing in AR app development. This article provides comprehensive insights into the AR world and how you can build an AR application for your brand.

Types Of Augmented Reality App Development

AR apps are of different types, and the right choice will depend on your business needs and preferences. Below are the four main types of Augmented Reality apps.

AR Marker-Based

These AR apps are designed with a specific marker like a QR code or another image. The primary role of the application is to place 3D content and help them to understand a product better.

Markerless AR 

Brands looking for augmented reality app development options can even choose Markerless AR. It uses a camera to detect the environment and then place 3D objects on surfaces using motion sensors.

AR Located 

Augmented reality apps can display accurate virtual content by capturing user location. Based on GPS, the technology analyses the user’s location and helps them interact with the objects.

Superimposition AR 

This augmented reality application superimposes real elements in the virtual world. For instance, a brand selling furniture can use superimposition AR to place objects virtually in the real world.

Likewise, a fashion brand selling makeup products can use the AR app to let users try cosmetics on their faces and make their final purchase.

Augmented reality app development

Key Benefits Of Augmented Reality App

AR applications or tools can be easily integrated with any brand website. Once the AR app is integrated, users can browse different products from the brand using the software. They can simply point the camera at their faces and use products in the virtual world. The exceptional idea can benefit various industries in multiple ways, including:

Boost User Experience 

Augmented reality app development can give your customers a unique reality experience. With the help of an AR app, you can increase customer engagement with products and services. 

Increase Sales

Exceptional services provided to customers using AR applications help brands increase sales and net income. In addition, you build a strong rapport in the market when you provide fun and interactive customer service. 

Performance Improvement

 AR technology can empower businesses to be more efficient. A feature-rich AR tool like SelfStylo helps you with real-time data analytics to understand customer behaviors. As a result, you can formulate marketing strategies to offer personalized services to each customer.

3 Steps To Consider When Building AR App

Let’s look at the crucial points to keep in mind when building an AR app.

1. Conducting Market Research 

To begin with, you need to conduct market research to identify the interest of your audience. Then, find some similar apps, understand features, and create a list of areas where you can improve them.

Select the AR app you want to build and launch for your brand. On the other hand, fashion brands can consider integrating the SelfStylo virtual try-on tool if they don’t want to create an app from scratch. In addition, the advanced features of the AR solution will help boost sales and marketing efforts. 

2. Set Your Goals

After conducting market research, gather the requirements for augmented reality app development. Then, create a list of features that need to be included, including AR app type and the augmented reality platform.

For instance, beauty and fashion brands can build an AR app with a built-in camera function to capture or scan real environments. For example, the tool will scan the user’s facial features and apply makeup in the virtual world. 

3. Define Proper Development Process

 Now it’s time to hire an augmented app development team to help you build your AR app. Guide your team and let them understand the ins and outs of the process and the market. 

Augmented reality app development requires specific frameworks and software tools. Some essential features you should look for while choosing tools and frameworks include the AR app’s size, target audience, estimated budget, and future plans. 

If you are confused about building an AR app, explore the advanced features of the SelfStylo app. The feature-packed application has real-time analytics that helps you understand your customers. 

In addition, the interactive and uncluttered interface ensures users enjoy the AR experience when they browse, try, and shop for products.

Augmented reality app development

Augmented Reality App – The Future Of Fashion Brands 

The worldwide AR market size will grow dramatically in the next few years. According to Statista, the augmented reality industry will grow from 3.5 billion in 2017 to over 198 billion US dollars in 2025. Businesses from different industries have realized the benefits of AR to improve interaction with customers, enhance product promotion, boost productivity, etc. 

AR-enriched products will help you get a competitive advantage and improve user experience. SelfStylo is a virtual try-on tool with advanced features for fashion brands. Instead of following the augmented reality app development procedure, contact SelfStylo and integrate the AR app into your business today.