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Augmented Reality In Gaming role of AR

Augmented Reality In Gaming: Next Level Of Gaming With AR

Augmented reality in gaming is continually evolving and revolutionizing the industry beyond imagination. AR gaming enhances the player’s experience and creates new gameplay mechanics by integrating game visual and audio content with the user’s environment in real time.

Unlike VR games that require a confined area and VR headsets, most advanced AR mode games are built into the existing environment and create a playing field. Not just the future of gaming, immersive augmented reality is revolutionizing the fashion, retail, and eCommerce industries.

In this guide, we’ll focus on the future of augmented reality in gaming, types of AR games, and the best-augmented reality mobile games.

Augmented Reality In Gaming types

Types Of AR Games

AR is the next level of gaming that is reinventing how users play in the virtual world. Users can play different AR games on smartphones, desktops, or tablets without stepping out of their comfort zone. With multiple mobile AR games being launched, it’s clear that the future of AR tech in gaming is inclined to mobile devices.

Based on the design intent, the most popular types of augmented reality apps in gaming include:

  • Entertaining
  • Simulation
  • Educational
  • Social

The current global market of immersive AR gaming types based on their genre is further categorized into:

  • Sports
  • Exergames
  • First-person shooters
  • RPGs

Augmented Reality In Gaming best apps

5 Best Augmented Reality Games

AR technology is strengthening its roots in the gaming market, and many game companies use AR to build games that can be played on smartphones and tablets. As the latest technology becomes more prevalent, multiple popular AR mobile games are available for users. Below are the top five AR video games that players across the globe love playing.

Pokémon Go

The release of Pokémon Go back in 2016 was a real game-changer for AR apps in the gaming industry. Nintendo’s second-ever release of an AR mobile gaming app quickly gathered a lot of attention and a loyal audience worldwide and soon became part of the everyday life of gamers.

Since its launch, it has been a massive success as it was the first time augmented reality was introduced to a mass audience. The GPS, alongside AR technology, allows gamers to move within real-life surroundings using their smartphones. The game displays Pokémon in the user’s real-world environment to create an engaging experience.

A report by Statista shows that the in-app purchase revenue of the game surpassed $703.74 million across the globe in 2022, indicating the high interest of users in AR-featured applications.

Zombies, Run!

After the unprecedented success of Pokémon Go, the game developers developed many other AR games. One of the other popular games in the AR market is Zombies Run.

Zombies Run, launched in 2012, is one of the best AR games and is free to download. The gamers get an immersive environment where they can enjoy AR-fueled adventures with digital graphics and zombie audio sounds.

The Walking Dead: Our World

Based on AMC’s The Walking Dead television series, the walking dead: our world is released for iOS and Android users.

The game features television characters and allows gamers to explore environments, search for supplies, find and rescue survivors, and battle walkers.

The first-person shooting experience offered to the players on smartphones makes it one of the must-play AR games.

Jurassic World Alive

Another addition to the world of AR gaming is Jurassic World Alive. Released in 2018 for iOS and Android, the fun-mini game offers the player a fabulous and immersive experience.

Due to its fabulous AR experience, the mobile AR game has become quite popular among Jurassic World fans. In the universe, the players collect dinosaurs and battle with others in the virtual environment using their smartphone’s camera.

AR Sports Basketball

If you’re a sports fan, you can’t miss playing AR Sports Basketball. The three game modes available include Desk, Normal, and Horse. The best part about the AR game is that it allows 8 players to play on the same device. Interested players can enjoy the game on a smartphone, desktop, or tablet.

Witnessing the popularity of AR in the gaming industry, we can say that the future of augmented reality in gaming looks promising. It’s no surprise that we’ll see more realistic and immersive graphics in AR games.

Anything Else To Take Care Of?

Not only the AR gaming industry but augmented reality is also helping the fashion retail industry with its immersive and interactive technology. Retailers and fashion brands can integrate tools like SelfStylo to help customers try products virtually before they buy.

For instance, if you’re a cosmetic brand selling makeup products, customers can use the SelfStylo tool to apply lipsticks, eyeshadows, eyeliners, etc., before buying. As a result, fashion brands can lower produce returns, improve brand awareness, and boost online shopping with AR tech.

Augmented Reality In Gaming future

Future Of Augmented Reality In Gaming

There is no doubt that AR is changing the gaming landscape. Hence, we can expect that AR games, branded AR filters, and virtual try-on tools will play a vital role in the business world. Brands will incorporate the tools to help users view the products in a real-world environment and make informed purchase decisions.

If you want to integrate the AR tool into your business, SelfStylo AR professionals are ready to help. Remember, augmented reality in gaming and fashion will rise, so get in touch with us today for a FREE demo and let us help you stay ahead of the competition with our advanced and feature-rich AR application.