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eCommerce Fashion Industry: Trends & Strategies To Use in 2023

The eCommerce fashion industry is changing at a speed faster than light. As a result, many leading fashion brands are integrating new technologies and tools to stay ahead of the market and make their space in the eCommerce industry. Only retailers ready to adopt technologies are projected to grow in 2023 and beyond.

Additionally, online fashion and apparel brands must focus on the latest trends to create a foolproof fashion sales strategy. In this article, we’ll unveil the top fashion eCommerce trends shaping the industry. Also, we’ll give you some best strategies that provide a wealth of growth opportunities for fashion brands to compete in the competitive world and drive sales.

eCommerce Fashion Industry trends in 2023

Top eCommerce Fashion Trends in 2023

According to Statista, the compound annual growth rate of the online fashion industry is expected to reach 14.2% between 2017 and 2025. The global market share of fashion eCommerce will hit a $1.2 trillion valuation by the end of 2025. With that in mind, fashion retailers need to implement unique strategies so that their business does not get lost in the noise.

The data points indicate that the state of the eCommerce fashion industry is developing faster than ever. With the preferences of fashion consumers largely changing, retailers must focus on improving their online business. Below is the list of trends that the fashion industry will experience in 2023, and one must keep this in mind while crafting their strategy.

Personalized Customer Journey

Personalization is the secret to driving sales of your modern eCommerce store. Brands can showcase the products that customers have purchased in the past or can offer combo products depending on the item they are shopping for.

Not only brands, online shoppers, too, want to get personalized product recommendations while shopping. This helps them improve their online shopping experience and purchase online items quickly.

Experiment With Metaverse

People are fascinated by augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology. Fast fashion retailers have recently begun showcasing their products in a virtual environment using AR-powered applications.

AR apps help fashion brands create immersive, interactive, and fun customer experiences to connect with Gen Z audiences. The sooner fashion and apparel retailers prioritize the technology, the better profits they can generate.

High Investment In Social eCommerce

A typical social media user spends 15% of their waking life using online networking apps. With that in mind, social media plays an integral role while crafting the eCommerce marketing strategy. Businesses wanting to attract customers should utilize social media platforms to facilitate online shopping and help their targeted audience learn about new product launches.

Augmented reality tools like SelfStylo come with social media integration features. For example, when users try different makeup products using the AR tool, they can save and share pictures on various social media platforms like Instagram. This helps fashion and cosmetic brands to improve brand awareness and drive sales.

role of AR in eCommerce Fashion Industry

Role Of AR In The eCommerce Fashion Industry

Augmented reality tools are one of the best technologies to revolutionize the eCommerce fashion industry in 2023. Many fashion brands, like IKEA, Gucci, H&M, Lego, etc., have successfully integrated tools powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Below are a few major roles of AR in improving sales, generating high revenue, and boosting customer loyalty.

  • AR tools help brands personalize recommendations and upsell products to grow in the fashion market. It allows them to modify their brand and its products according to customer expectations.
  • The fun and interactive experience offered to users boosts customer experience and keeps them returning for more.
  • Customers who try products or experience services in the virtual world are more likely to pick the right product. As a result, it reduces expensive product return rates.
  • Not only do the AR apps allow customers to try products, but they also help them share their experiences on different social media platforms, which boosts brand awareness.
  • AR makeup filters enable users to understand the products beyond the pictures and descriptions. Users can try makeup on their faces in the virtual world, helping eCommerce fashion and apparel brands to increase profits.

eCommerce Fashion Industry experts

Integrate AR In Your Fashion eCommerce Business

The online fashion world is a highly competitive space. As a result, brands must focus on trying different marketing trends to leverage the growth opportunities for fashion and apparel stores and stand out from the crowd. A study by McKinsey forecasts that eCommerce sales will triple over the next decade, crossing $79.5 billion by 2025.

If you’re a fashion and beauty brand intending to increase sales of your fashion eCommerce stores, implement augmented reality apps in business today. The SelfStylo AR tool integrates with your official website and helps users try different brands’ products in the virtual world.

Get in touch with SelfStylo experts for a free demo, and get ready to rule the eCommerce fashion industry.