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virtual Makeup Try-On for brands

Free Tutorial: Build Brand Loyalty With Virtual Makeup Try-On

Makeup try-on are evolutionary forms of shopping that merge the physical and digital worlds. Read our ultimate guide to learn more about virtual try-on tools and how to build brand loyalty with the technology. 

The fashion industry is constantly evolving, and virtual makeup try-on solutions have become a must-have for all brands. These virtual makeover tools are designed to offer personalized and engaging shopping experiences to customers. One of the best benefits of virtual makeup applications is building brand loyalty. It stimulates a new digital buying experience that customers might expect. 

Whenever a customer tries different makeup products online, the augmented reality app gives them a fair representation of how a product will look on them. This, in turn, improves user experience and helps brands enhance sales. In this article, we will reveal how a virtual makeup app builds brand loyalty and tips for choosing the best AR app. So, if you are planning to choose the tool that helps you stand ahead of the crowd, get ready to read this article. 

Build Brand Loyalty With Virtual Makeup Try-On 

If you are a business owner who wants to create an excellent experience for their customers, it’s time to invest in the right technology!

The new virtual try-on technology uses artificial intelligence and augmented reality. These digital technologies allow fashion brands and beauty companies to deliver interactive online shopping experiences to customers. 

A makeup try-on tool detects the user’s face and applies makeup products to help them understand which products are suitable for their skin tone. The primary mission of this excellent technology is to improve the interaction between buyers and businesses. 

Let’s discuss some ways in which makeup virtual try-on can build loyalty for brands: 

  • Interactive Shopping Experience: The state-of-the-art technologies provide customers with an immersive experience during buying. This builds trust and strengthens relationships between buyers and sellers. 
  • Transparent Shopping Decisions: AR-enabled try-ons ensure users interact virtually, similar to their shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. This leads to transparent and informed purchase decisions. 
  • Gain a Competitive Edge: The AR industry is expected to grow from $3.5 billion in 2017 to $198 in 2025. With AR expanding its horizons, brands making the first move with AR will gain a competitive edge. 

In addition to virtual try-ons, beauty filter apps are gaining more popularity. These AR filters help customers use their smartphones to apply makeup products and buy them from the augmented reality application. 

Tips to Choose the Best Virtual Makeup Try-On for Brand

Since integrating the virtual try-on tool into business is costly, brands need to ensure that the application they’re investing in is reliable and accurate. The virtual try-on technology should offer customers a realistic virtual try-on color experience rather than an unrealistic makeup look. 

Still wondering how to ensure you are investing in the right technology? Check out the tips below! 

High Accuracy 

Only a highly accurate tool can offer an impactful virtual try-on experience to online shoppers. This is why brands must focus on integrating tools that provide precise requirements of the physical makeup product. 

But how can you ensure whether the virtual makeup try-on tool is precise or not? The best is to partner with reputable tech companies that offer virtual try-on solutions. SelfStylo is one of the best virtual makeup try-on apps with high accuracy and precision. 

Consumers can quickly experiment with a wide range of lip and eye makeup shades. They can then choose the one depending on their needs and choices. The advanced technology of SelfStylo is highly realistic and maintains exceptional performance efficiency for users. 

Multiple Features 

Before integrating technology into your eCommerce shopping experience, you’ll need to access its features. For instance, you’ll need to analyze if the virtual try-on brand lets users share their makeover looks over social media or download them on their devices. 

Sharing makeover looks over social media can help brands expand their customer base and boost customer loyalty. The user-generated content not only keeps your existing customers happy but also enables you to attract new customers via social media platforms. 

The SelfStylo makeup try-on tool features a social media integration feature for users. Customers can try makeup products like red lipstick, eyebrow shades, mascara, foundation, winged eyeliner, etc., to discover which look suits them best. 


Lastly, brands must analyze the authenticity of the application. The higher the authenticity of the AR application, the better it can analyze the physical characteristics of the shopper and apply makeup. 

In addition, the virtual try-on tool must maintain authenticity by accurately displaying products using high-quality images. The texture, color, and look of the applied product should resemble what a traditional brick-and-mortar store can provide. 

SelfStylo adheres to strict and precise color-matching abilities. The ultimate goal is to ensure all digital representations of makeup products are true-to-life and accurate. When different shades are accurately displayed, it strengthens the customer’s trust in the brand and improves brand loyalty. 

Build Customer Trust With SelfStylo Virtual Try-On Tool

AR solutions are gaining popularity, with customers preferring online shopping. The virtual try-on tool lets customers find the right makeup product based on skin tone and facial features. This, in turn, reduces product return and boosts customer satisfaction. In short, virtual try-on tools benefit both users and businesses. 

While it makes the buying journey more interactive, virtual try-ons help businesses develop a deeper and long-term relationship with their customers. Hence, virtual makeup try-on is no longer an option for businesses. Instead, it is a must-have to build brand loyalty and generate better revenue. 

However, a poorly developed try-on experience can damage the business’s reputation and discourage customers from purchasing. Thus, partnering with an expert team like SelfStylo can help you easily integrate virtual makeup try-on into your brand website and build brand loyalty. 

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