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grow activewear line with ar

How Virtual Try-ons Can Help Grow Your Activewear Line

The global movement towards healthy living and the rising popularity of athleisure have led to the activewear business experiencing fast expansion in recent years. The global activewear market was valued at USD 303.44 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth (CAGR) of 5.8% from 2022 to 2028. 

Although there are opportunities in this sector, athletic manufacturers still face several difficulties, including problems with fit and size, high return rates, and the challenge of making online purchasing as enjoyable as the in-store experience.  

Thankfully, improvements in Augmented Reality (AR) technology have given rise to a solution for these problems. In this article, we’ll look at how virtual try-ons can expand your activewear range and transform how your customers shop for athletic clothes.

Challenges of Owning an Activewear Line

The following are some of the major challenges that the activewear line faces from a consumer perspective.

Size and Fit

Ensuring that online shoppers receive the ideal fit is one of the significant issues facing the activewear lines and their business. The proper size can be difficult due to different body types and preferences. Due to sizing concerns, many customers return products, which raises expenses for both consumers and manufacturers.

High Return Rates

To be effective, activewear frequently needs to be both fashionable and functional. However, when shopping online, consumers cannot fully evaluate these factors. Many people eventually return goods that do not meet their expectations. This can harm a brand’s revenue. 

Lack of Engagement

Online shopping lacks the physical and experiential components that attract people, unlike traditional retail establishments where shoppers can touch, feel, and try on things. Innovative consumer engagement strategies are required by brands to match the in-store experience online.

How Integrating AR try-ons Can Help Your Activewear Line

Integrating AR try-ons can help your activewear line in the following ways:

Enhanced Sizing and Fit Solutions 

Thanks to AR virtual try-on technology, customers can virtually try on activewear from the comfort of their homes. Using smartphones or headsets, customers can view how various sizes and designs fit their bodies in real-time. This lessens the uncertainty involved in online purchasing, resulting in more precise purchases and decreased returns.

Reduced Return Rates

Customers can make well-informed judgments regarding their athletic purchases thanks to virtual try-ons. Customers are more prone to select items that match their preferences and needs when they can see how the products fit and appear on them. The possibility of returns decreases, saving both the brand and the customer time and money. AR can help reduce return rates, especially in eCommerce.

Better  eCommerce Experience

Virtual try-ons using augmented reality (AR) produce an immersive and engaging online buying experience that mimics the in-store experience. Customers can observe how activewear fits their bodies, moves with them, and improves their attractiveness. Customers are more likely to acquire products with this level of involvement, encouraging them to learn more about the brand’s offers.

Personalization and Customer Engagement

Body measurements and consumer preferences can be recorded using virtual try-on technology. To ensure customers see athletic items most pertinent to their needs, brands can use this data to personalize suggestions. As a result of increased customer involvement and loyalty, the brand will grow over time due to this level of customization.

Reducing Environmental Impact

The fashion industry’s high return rates generate significant amounts of environmental garbage. Brands can contribute to lowering their carbon footprint and supporting sustainable practices by minimizing the number of returns through virtual try-ons.

How to Implement AR With Activewear Line Effectively

Virtual try-on data can offer insightful information about consumer preferences and behavior. Using this data, brands can enhance their product offerings, marketing plans, and inventory management to satisfy consumer requests better.

Choose the Right AR Solution

It’s crucial to choose an AR platform and solution compatible with your company’s objectives and target market. Consider elements like user-friendliness, compatibility with your e-commerce platform, and ease of integration.

We at SelfStylo have long been serving cosmetic brands globally without our enhanced AR try-ons. We understand the needs of our clients and provide them with an AR solution that best matches their needs.

High-Quality Product Imagery

Invest in high-quality product photos and 3D models to enable accurate virtual try-ons. Your customers’ virtual try-on experience will improve the more precise and comprehensive your product representations are.

Gather and Analyze Data

Capture and analyze data produced by the virtual try-on feature over time. Keep track of user preferences, usage trends, and any feedback given. To improve your product offers and marketing tactics, use this knowledge.

Solicit Customer Feedback

Customers should be encouraged to comment on their virtual try-on experience. Their input will aid your ability to adapt the functionality to suit their demands better.

Try AR for Your Activewear Line Business

In online retail, the athletic sector confronts particular difficulties, but augmented reality virtual try-ons provide an advantageous solution to both businesses and consumers. Virtual try-ons can change the success of your activewear brand by lowering return rates, raising customer confidence, and increasing engagement. 

Effectively implementing this technology involves careful preparation, but the investment can result in significant returns in more sales and happier customers. With AR virtual try-ons, embrace the future of online purchasing and take your sportswear business to new heights.

SelfStylo looks toward a future where AR can help make the shopping experience better. With our top-notch AR solutions, we help brands integrate AR to better sell their product lineups. So, without further ado, request a free demo from SelfStylo today!

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  • What are the benefits of virtual try-ons?

Virtual try-ons offer convenience, allowing customers to visualize how clothing looks before purchase, reducing returns, enhancing online shopping satisfaction, and increasing confidence in buying decisions.

  • Is there a way to virtually try on clothes?

Various platforms and apps enable customers to virtually try on clothes, utilizing augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) technologies for an immersive experience.

  • What are the objectives of virtual try-on?

The objectives of virtual try-ons include enhancing the online shopping experience, reducing uncertainty in purchasing decisions, boosting customer confidence, and minimizing the rate of product returns.

  • Is virtual try-on successful?

Virtual try-on has proven successful, providing an interactive and engaging shopping experience, increasing customer satisfaction, and contributing to a more seamless and efficient online shopping process.