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Instagram Live Shopping AR 2023

Instagram Live Shopping: How Tech Drives Sales In eCommerce

Instagram live shopping is the newest eCommerce feature gaining popularity in recent times. It is an excellent customer engagement platform that allows you to sell products and interact with consumers via live streaming. In addition to Instagram live shopping, Instagram AR filters are another prominent trend streamlining the customer buying experience.

The fully integrated experience given to the customers by Instagram live broadcast helps brands drive sales and makes it easy for shoppers to view and purchase products. If you’re a brand owner wanting to generate profits with the new tech, this article is for you.

Here we’ll cover the basics of Instagram live shopping, the major trends shaping the business world in 2023, and the merger between AR and live shopping in detail.

What Is Live Shopping?

Instagram live shopping or live eCommerce describes the combination of eCommerce and streaming video. It blends socializing, shopping, and entertainment to ensure customers get the best shopping experience. Think of live shopping this way: viewer heads to your social media platform like Instagram, view the product promoted by the influencer, and purchases it right away.

Instagram Live Shopping trends 2023

Live Shopping Trends To Follow in 2023

Now that we have covered the basics of live shopping on Instagram, here is everything you need to know about trends in 2023.

One-to-One Shopping Experience

In the modern lifestyle, people want personalized and one-to-one shopping experiences even when they buy online. Instagram’s live shopping feature allows brands to offer customized services to customers during live sessions or with Instagram AR filters.

For instance, with AR, users can try different products online from the catalog. The app gathers data from customer behavior and past purchases to offer personalized recommendations in real time. As a result, brands can upsell products, create combos, and much more to help customers make a purchase.

Influencer Marketing

Another new trend shaping how brands connect with their customers and sell products is influencer marketing and live streams. Instagram live shopping events featuring influencers are rising in popularity as it creates a genuine connection between the host and consumer and give brands different ways to connect with their target audience.

Product Launches

Live shopping is an engaging and interactive way for brands and creators to launch new products in the market and build brand authenticity. Introducing a product through live video can present an opportunity to maximize customer engagement and boost online sales. AR product launches are another great way to grab the attention of Gen Z users. When customers can view and purchase products directly on Instagram, it leads to improved brand sales.

AR/VR Shopping

When shopping is about to change with tech, there’s never been a better time for businesses to sell online. Even though we have discussed AR in the upper parts, it’s worth noting that AR/VR shopping is growing by leaps and bounds. The augmented reality market has already established its foot in the market by generating over $28 billion in 2021.

The market is expected to cross $461.25 billion by 2030, revolutionizing the online shopping experience. For example, SelfStylo virtual tool is helping consumers with virtual makeovers, ensuring people utilize the try-before-you-buy facility to make informed purchase decisions.

Instagram Live Shopping and AR in eCommerce

Merge Of AR & Live Shopping In eCommerce

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for consumers and brands. Using the live settings, brands can set up Instagram live shopping, utilize Instagram stories, or host a live shopping event. In 2023, we can expect a merge between AR/VR and new live shopping.

In one of its reports, Shopify stated that adding videos can help brands boost 60% conversion rates. Additionally, businesses that add 3D content to their online stores can expect 94% conversion rates compared to others. This is where the merge of AR and Instagram live shopping feature helps.

Augmented reality works by putting digital elements into a live view and extending the user’s surroundings. It is one step ahead of virtual reality, providing users with a physical, real-world environment. Instagram users can analyze product features, try them, and then finalize their purchase decisions. This is useful when customers want to purchase makeup products or furniture items.

Beauty and fashion retailers can reduce online shopping struggles by introducing AR. The advanced and feature-rich application streamlines the customer’s journey from pre- to post-purchase by bridging the gap between online shopping and physical stores.

Instagram Live Shopping experts

Leverage The Power Of AR In eCommerce

Millennials are gravitating towards shopping on social apps, and live shopping is one of the best ways to step into social eCommerce. However, brands that want to drive sales but have not yet entered the live stream should spend money on augmented reality apps first. AR tools are suitable for product-driven brands intending to build stronger customer relationships. It helps viewers know what you’re selling and how the specific product will look in their space.

However, it’s worth noting that not all AR apps have similar features. Brands wanting to leverage the power of the new tech should choose an app with social media integration. It helps users share their images or videos on social media with a few clicks. If you are looking for such a tool, try SelfStylo. It is an AR-powered application that can help you connect with your followers on various social media channels and double the benefits of Instagram live shopping.