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stunning makeup looks for prom

Prom Makeup: 10 Free Stunning Makeup Looks For Prom [2023]

Makeup looks for prom night are endless, and choosing one can be confusing. Prom night is your chance to show your glamorous look and let the world fall in love with you. Whether you’re looking for a no-makeup makeup look or want a bold, out-of-the-box, stunning style, this makeup tutorial for prom night is for you.

We have jotted down 10 elegant makeup looks for your prom night, date night, wedding, or other special occasion. The best part is you can try all these makeup looks, from classic smokey eyes to metallic eyeshadow makeup, with SelfStylo virtual try-on makeup tool. Keep reading to learn more!

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10 Natural & Stunning Prom Makeup Ideas 

Check out the trendiest and best prom makeup ideas and tips to be the real prom queen. 

Natural Prom Makeup 

If you think natural means no makeup, we are here to prove you wrong! It’s an amalgamation of a simple and comfortable makeup look that will make you look naturally beautiful and unique. For a quick natural makeup look, try a combination of dewy cheeks, mascara, and high-shine lips. 

Smokey Eye Makeup Look 

When in doubt, opt for a smokey eye look to get the best prom makeup. It’s perfect for a party or a night out with your girl gang. If you want to grab the spotlight on prom night, try to play with colors instead of choosing a traditional brown or black. You can go with something trendy and choose gold, metallic, or lilac eyeshadows. Match it with bold lipstick to get the best prom look. 

Rose & Gold Makeup 

Ditch the shades of black, pink, and blue, and try something like gold and rose shade as your makeup for prom. Add a gold base on your eyelids to test this look while the rose shade highlights the eye creases. Pair them with a rose or mauve lipstick to complete your overall look. Don’t forget to add a little bit of eyeliner on the upper and lower lash line to look awe-inspiring. 

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Try Glossy Lids

You can never go wrong with glossy lips and lids. But before that, make sure you follow a healthy skincare routine. Apply a face scrub and hydrate your skin before you try this look for your big night. Once you get that natural glow, start by applying a clear lip gloss and petroleum jelly across your lids. It’s as simple as that! 

Reverse Cut Crease

If you want to oomph up your prom makeup look, try the reverse cut crease in a slightly different way. Many celebs and influencers have attempted the reverse cut crease to get an unmatchable look. You only need creamy eyeliner and a few eyeshadows of your choice to get this look. For extra glamour, add an almost-white eyeshadow in your makeup bag to apply as a highlight and get eyes that speak volumes. 

Jewel-Embellished Eyes

Those who love bold makeup can try the jewel-embellished eye makeup look. You can add jewels to floating eyeliner at the outdoor eye corners. If you want to DIY this eye makeup look, invest in quality jewels that stay all night and an adhesive that is safe for your skin. 

Chocolate Lips & Bronzy Eyeliner

A chocolate-colored lipstick is the ideal prom beauty makeup pick to get a stunning look that’s neutral and beautiful. Make sure to add bronzy eyeliner to amplify the chocolatey tone on your lips. While selecting the lipstick for your prom night, you’ll need to check whether the shade goes with your chosen outfit. 

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Classic Chic Coquette Makeup

The flirty, feminine shade has taken all over social media, and it is all about light dewy skin with soft natural pinks and blush. To nail this look, use lifting mascara that makes your lashes clump-free, fluttery, and long. Further, you can try a cream blush for rosy cheeks and matte lipstick to make your lips pop. 

Dark Blue Eyeshadows 

One of the trendiest looks that is taking social media by storm is dark blue eyeshadows. This eye makeup can make your eyes pop and help you look glamorous. The best way to try this celebrity makeup look is by layering two or more blue shadows and adding the shimmer for an extra touch. 

dark blue eyeshadow makeup for prom

Monochromatic Makeup Look

Monochromatic makeup means choosing one-colored lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow. The cohesive and elegant look will help you look timeless and perfect for prom. While selecting the color, make sure it compliments your prom dress for the best effect. To create this look, choose a blush, lipstick, and an eyeshadow color in the same color family.

That’s it! We have covered the top 10 makeup looks for prom night. But before you get excited and buy the products, you must see how different makeup styles will look on your face. SelfStylo is a virtual try-on makeup tool that allows you to test and try all makeup shades before buying. That means instead of spending money on physical makeup products, you can use the SelfStylo contactless beauty app for a virtual makeover and a gorgeous look.  

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Try Your Prom Makeup Look Virtually With SelfStylo 

Prom night is special for everyone, and it’s the perfect time to let your personality shine through. From something simple to a bold look, there are hundreds of makeup patterns one can consider for the prom season. But buying all the makeup products and trying each look physically can be daunting. That’s where SelfStylo comes into the picture. 

The virtual try-on makeup tool powered by augmented reality lets you experiment with 100+ makeup products. From gold eyeshadows to eyeliners, blush, lipsticks, and mascara, there is a wide range of makeup products available. With a few clicks on your smartphone, you can try all makeup shades and choose the one that looks best. So what are you waiting for? Schedule a free demo with SelfStylo and try the trending makeup looks for prom 2023!