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Virtual Shopping For Retail Stores benefits

Virtual Shopping For Retail Stores: How Brands Can Benefit From AR

Virtual shopping for retail stores is the new trend in the eCommerce world. Retailers are changing their strategies as customer behaviors and expectations evolve rapidly. Online stores that offer holistic customer shopping experiences can constantly grow in the competitive market and stay ahead of the curve. 

The benefits offered by the advanced AR try-on tools are endless. Virtual shopping apps powered by augmented reality and artificial intelligence help brands close the gap between the physical and digital worlds. They can ensure online shoppers receive an authentic, personalized experience when they shop online. 

But before we get into the advantages of virtual shopping for retail stores, let us understand the basics of virtual shopping tools in detail. 

Virtual Shopping For Retail Stores 2023

What Is Virtual Shopping For Retail Stores? 

Virtual shopping is a new-age digital experience where customers can browse, try, and shop for products online. Shoppers can use the virtual try-on feature to test how products like makeup or clothing look on them. The authentic omnichannel shopping experience seamlessly merges in-store and online. 

Besides, virtual shopping is also a reliable and efficient tool that can help you secure the future of physical stores. When shoppers get an immersive and interactive experience using virtual shopping tools, they can convert more online visitors into customers. 

Before buying any item online, customers can try products from the brand’s catalog using their smartphones. Augmented reality apps superimpose virtual images in the real-world environment. This enables customers to view products in 3D 360° space and then click on the final purchase button. 

Virtual Shopping For Retail Stores benefits

Benefits Of Virtual Shopping Experience For Online Store

A market research study by Globe Newswire reveals that the global retail market size is expected to cross $111.19 billion by the end of 2030 at a CAGR of 21%. This is because customers prefer using advanced and smart technologies for buying online. Below are the main benefits of using virtual shopping for eCommerce stores and customers. 

Build Strong Customer-Brand Relationships 

Competing with big giants like Amazon is increasing the competition in the retail market. Though the eCommerce platform can help shoppers order online and ship directly to the home, virtual shopping offers a similar experience to in-store shopping. 

When they understand the product availability, size, and fit before they buy, it helps you to reduce product returns. The better they can view and try products with virtual try-on, the higher the chances of building a strong relationship with your customers.

Increase Sales & Average Order Value 

Retailers that tap into the power of virtual shopping see a remarkable boost in conversion rate. When shoppers can browse products on the official website, they get an additional opportunity to try them on. 

Personalization will help brands upsell and cross-sell products to improve average order value. Virtual shopping for retail brands can even help you close more sales. 

Boost Customer Retention 

Virtual try-on tools powered by augmented reality help you know your customers who shop online. For instance, a fashion enthusiast can try all the makeup products using their smartphone to choose which makeup shade looks perfect on them. 

When customers are satisfied with their online purchases, they are likely to return for more. You can even turn shoppers into lifetime customers and grow loyalty by delivering them what they desire. 

Learn About Your Customers 

Gone are the days when brands followed a one-fit-for-all marketing approach to attract customers. Nowadays, customers expect personalized service from their favorite that meets their shopping needs. 

Augmented reality apps are designed to help brands offer high-level personalization. The AR apps automatically collect shoppers’ personal preferences data to deliver customized recommendations. 

Understanding your customers will help fashion retailers offer a seamless journey when they buy online. SelfStylo is a virtual makeup try-on tool with a real-time data analytics feature. It can help you with the desired customer data, thereby helping you to modify marketing campaigns and boost online shopping. 

Virtual Shopping For Retail Stores experts

Reinvent Your Online Experience With Virtual Try-Ons

A virtual retail store creates a seamless shopping experience that connects the brand with its loyal customers. It allows customers to virtually try on time with the help of facial recognition technology. Many retailers, like Gucci, L’Oréal, IKEA, Walmart, etc., have invested in tech to future-proof their business and help their customers try products online. While many other brands are planning to integrate AR and AI-powered tools. 

If you’re considering how to get started with a virtual try-on experience, contact SelfStylo AR experts. The augmented reality application is specifically designed for beauty and cosmetic brands that help users try hundreds of makeup products online. The virtual makeup try-on tool has multiple features, including but not limited to a multi-screen feature, social media integration, etc. Get in touch with SelfStylo experts to implement virtual shopping for retail stores today!