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6 Reasons Why Virtual Try-Ons Are a Need Of the Hour

Like everything else in the beauty industry and consumers’ behavior in this industry, technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are redefining the buying experience in a time when visiting a brick-and-mortar store wasn’t a feasible option.
The millennial and Gen Z beauty buyers are extra concise and adopting brands that are offering exceptionally good, customized, and confident-boosting buying experiences. Keeping up with these modified customers’ needs was tough until VR came into being.  
VR or Virtual Reality is a technology that proffers customers a real-time experience in the virtual world. For the beauty industry, it’s not possible to scale and win the hearts of customers without a virtual try-on. If you have anything to do with the beauty industry and you’re not using virtual try-on until now, scroll down to know why you must incorporate this now.
Before we spill the beans further on how virtual try-on are a boon for the beauty industry, let’s first learn about virtual try-on.

Virtual Try-Ons – A Blessing in Disguise

Virtual try-on is a VR-driven technology using which brands can allow prospective buyers to try make-up products, styles, and looks before making an actual purchase.
Using AI and VR technologies, brands are creating a ‘Try before buy’ facility for users. The feature will require a photo upload or live camera streaming to capture the face of the customers. Once the feature has a face, it will start applying the product the customer has picked up.

The virtual try-on feature has become so advanced that it can allow buyers to get final makeup looks using the picked eyebrow pencils, brush, foundation, concealer,  lipsticks, and many other makeup products. Estée Lauder was essentially the first premium brand to offer augmented reality technology for virtual makeup try-on. It started with lipstick.
In fact, most brands still use augmented reality to test lipstick in the virtual world. But tools like SelfStylo have taken the virtual try-on makeup to a whole new level as this tool lets prospective buyers try eye shadow, eyeliners, primer, and foundations. Having such a tool is no less than a blessing for both the buyers and brands, as it renders multiple benefits.

6 Reasons Why Virtual Try-Ons Is a Must-Have Feature For Beauty Brands


Now that it is clear what virtual try-on means, it’s time to find out why beauty brands must consider making it a part of their service delivery.

1- Win the hearts of millennial buyers

In recent research, it was figured out that 63% of millennial buyers have skipped using the testers provided by beauty brands. Well, it was a conscious step taken to ensure their safety, as using testers has a higher chance of infection when a pandemic is still on the loose.
But, this might harm the sales as makeup is something that people buy after testing only.
With virtual try-on tools, beauty brands provide an opportunity for millennial buyers to try a product virtually. In fact, brands have started using this technology on websites, apps, and physical stores.

2- Offer personalize makeup solution

Forrester’s recent research revealed that buyers of the beauty industry stick to the brands that offer personalized makeup recommendations so that they don’t have to waste time deciding which shade will look good on them. With virtual try-on virtual make-up recommendation is possible.

3- Boost the sales

Most of the make-up products are non-returnable, whether you buy them online or offline. This clause makes many buyers take a step back as they don’t want to waste their money on something that might not look good on them. The virtual try-on tool gives them the confidence to buy products after trying them on.

4- Have more data that is required for product development

AR and VR technology, used in the virtual try-on tool, will capture information like skin type, preferences, and other data while customers try on a product.  Having this data allows beauty brands to make more personalized products.

5- Take the app experience to a completely new level

Adding a virtual try-on make feature improves the app experience of the users.  They become more loyal to the brand offering this feature as it leads to a more personalized and cost-optimized purchase.

6- More engagement

With ‘Try and buy’ and virtual try-on features, customers are more likely to remain engaged with the brand. They will spend more time on brands’ apps and use them more often. Higher brand engagement certainly leads to more leads and higher sales.

Don’t Miss It Out

If you’re a beauty brand seeking quick scalability, higher customer engagement, and more sales, don’t overlook the power of the virtual try-on make-up feature. With this, you’re going to win buyers’ hearts at the very front.

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