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AR Advertising: Is It The Future Of Digital Marketing

AR advertising, unlike traditional advertising, creates an emotional connection between the brand and the customer through high personalization and interactivity. Augmented reality is a booming technology, helping brands create viral campaigns to boost sales, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance conversion rates.

Brands embracing 3D and AR ads have seen an impressive boost in website traffic and impressions, implying AR has multiple benefits in the business world. If you’re still unsure whether AR advertisements are worth investing in, here are a few advantages and the future of using technology in the business world.

AR Advertising definition

What Is AR Advertising?

In simple words, AR advertising means an application that uses a phone’s camera to augment the real environment with immersive marketing content. It superimposes 3D models or virtual images of products in the real-world environment to help users understand the product and streamline the customer journey during online shopping.

Many industries, like fashion, gaming, entertainment, etc., have implemented AR ads to connect with customers and enhance brand awareness. Beauty and cosmetic brands are helping shoppers try different makeup products using AR apps and then make their final purchase decision.

The augmented reality apps help users to analyze, try, and shop for products using their hand-held devices and without stepping out of their homes. The immersive and interactivity of AR ads create a sense of engagement with the retail brand that eventually impacts online sales. One of the best examples of AR ads is virtual try-on tools that help customers try products, and brands promote their products virtually.

AR Advertising benefits

Benefits Of Incorporating AR In Marketing

Augmented reality in advertising can be fun and benefit retailers while entertaining consumers. Below are a few benefits of incorporating AR in your marketing strategy.

High Conversion Rate

According to Shopify, augmented reality advertising generates 94% higher conversion rates than traditional ads. The immersive advertising experience allows shoppers to view the product in an interactive, digital format and make better buying decisions. Such unique experiences offered to customers help brands convert website visitors into loyal customers and drive sales.

Strong Emotional Connection With Customers

Another benefit is backed by a study that reveals AR and 3D experience improves memory encoding by 70% compared to regular 2D ads. When brands offer an out-of-the-box experience to customers, they’re likely to return for more. It won’t be wrong to say that the brand’s adopting augmented reality technology will stay ahead of the industry game.

Better User Engagement

According to Deloitte Digital and Snap Inc. Report, around 65% of users prefer using augmented reality to have fun. Furthermore, customers demand high personalization when they’re shopping online. Introducing AR advertising enables brands to gather users’ full attention and prompt potential shoppers to learn more about the products during online shopping.

Expand Brand Reach

Customers, especially Gen-Z and tech-savvy millennials, are inclined towards using augmented reality in their everyday lives. Their interaction with augmented reality ads will likely increase in the coming years, indicating that brands that catch up with the trends will stay in the market. As Gen-Z users are early adopters of AR, they will likely shop from brands offering augmented reality experiences.

Increase Sales

AR advertising is an innovative way that helps enterprises to boost sales by offering unmatchable services online. The ads with 3D product galleries rather than traditional images or banners entice customers to make informed and quick purchase decisions. Brands that provide custom AR experiences and personalized shopping are more likely to be considered by consumers in the long run.

Even though there are many benefits of integrating cutting-edge technology, brands’ biggest challenge is a lack of technical expertise to create an AR app. In such a scenario, it’s best to contact the experts and integrate an AR app that meets your business requirements.

If you’re a fashion and beauty industry brand, feel free to contact the AR specialists of SelfStylo. We help cosmetic brands offer AR advertising experiences to their consumers with the SelfStylo Web AR application. It is a virtual try-on application enabling users to try your brand’s entire catalog from the comfort of their homes using their smartphones.

AR Advertising experts

AR Campaigns – The Future Of Advertising Or Not

After witnessing the growth and benefits of AR apps in the brand’s marketing strategy, it’s evident that AR digital advertising is set to gain popularity. Brands should consider adopting technology to beat the competition and attract their target audience. Augmented reality campaigns for brands are a legitimate alternative to traditional, print, or TV ads and a way to cut through the noise of competition.

If you are a brand owner wanting to stay at the forefront of the competition, it’s wise to start marketing campaigns with augmented reality technology. Not only does the AR help you improve engagement on websites, but it also helps your business to gain traffic from social media platforms, like Instagram, with Instagram AR filters.

So don’t just wait; it’s time to get in touch with SelfStylo to start AR advertising and marketing campaigns.