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AR-Enhanced Makeup Tools: Why Do Brands Need Them?

In a time of high consumer awareness, make-up and beauty brands are having a tough time convincing buyers. Millennial and Gen Z buyers have become extra conscious about their looks and image. They don’t do random purchases these days.
In fact, they only go for products that complement their personality and enhance it. This is why online and offline make-up stores experienced fewer sales, a high cart abandonment rate, and more returns.
Should this go on? Of course not. Then, how online and offline make-up stores and beauty brands can convince such aware buyers?
Well, a virtual try-on is the solution.
In this post, let’s talk about the wonder that this feature can do when used in full swing.

Make-up and Beauty Brands Are Having a Tough Time Thrive

Challenges are with every business. But, present-era make-up and beauty brands have to face extra challenges.
The problem with make-up products is that they might look different in reality. One has to try them in real-time to find out how good they are looking on oneself. Buyers remained confident this way. Return rates are near zero when people use the ‘try before you buy’ facility, in the form of the tester, at physical stores. What about the online store?
Also, the outbreak of the pandemic forced buyers to remain away from testers. All these factors led to certain sales falls.

Virtual Try-On – A Powerful Tool

For online make-up and beauty stores, make-up virtual try-on showed up as a viable solution. With the help of the virtual try-on feature, online make-up and beauty brands can endow their buyers with the ability to try any make-up product like eye shadow, lipstick, foundation, blush, and many more in real time.
When implemented correctly, AR-powered make-up tools can reap multiple benefits:

  • Allowing buyers to try in real-time

The feature is powered by AR and VR technology. It integrates an internet connection and camera to capture the actual image of the prospective buyer and allow them to try makeup products on their actual skin tone. When buyers can have the real-time feel of a product, they become more confident in buying it.

  • Eliminating the need for testers

Gone are the days when having a tester was enough to convince people. Most of the buyers are reluctant to try a tester. The make-up virtual try-on feature is a boon for both the online and offline beauty industry as it permits one to try any kind of product without putting a tester on their skin. It’s a safe option for customers.

  • No more spending on salesmen

Running an offline store has become costlier than ever as labor cost has increased for sure. Introducing the AR make-up virtual try-on feature is a great way to make huge savings on this front. Beauty brands no longer require salespersons to guide a buyer as the tool is doing the job perfectly.

  • More customer attention

Do you know that nearly 70% of customers are willing to buy from a brand that is using advanced technology like AR, VR, and AI to augment buying experience? The use of AR-empowered makeup tools & accessories will improve the market image of your business and attract more buyers.

SelfStylo – Taking Virtual Try On At A Higher Level

Benefit, L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, Maybelline, and many more leaders in the beauty industry are already using virtual try-on features. But, the issue with these and many other AR-powered make-up tools is that they ask customers to upload their photos. Now, photos could be pre-edited or have filters on. Both these situations will lead to inaccurate and unrealistic results.
SelfStylo is a highly advanced AR make-up tool that supports live streaming. You are On the camera and start live video. Desired makeup is then applied to your filter-free or edited skin tone. It gives a realistic result and will help you make a wise choice. What results you get with the SelfStylo virtual try-on is very much similar to a real-time make-up application.
So, introduce SelfStylo today and take up your make-up and beauty brand to a higher level.