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AR Filter Campaign on Instagram For Christmas [2022]

AR Filter Campaign: How To Create Campaigns On Instagram In 2023

AR filter campaigns are one of the most innovative ways to drive sales and boost engagement. The interactive experience in the virtual world helps brands connect with their customers at a personal level. Fashion and beauty brands can create AR filter campaigns for Instagram and other social media platforms to interact better with customers.

Instagram AR filter campaign is one of the most robust marketing tools brands use to entice online shoppers during the busy holiday season. Launching a social media AR campaign will help brands connect with Gen-Z and millennials during holiday season and drive sales without paid advertisements. 

A feature-rich Augmented Reality application has advanced features such as a real-time analytics dashboard that help brands understand how audiences interact with their products. If you want to leverage AR’s power and create an AR filter campaign, this article is for you. Let’s get started!

Steps To Launch The AR Filter Campaign 

Brands launch an AR filter campaign to drive engagement rate, boost brand visibility, let users make a wise purchase decision by trying the items, and more.

Below we have compiled a guide to help you comprehend how to launch and promote your Instagram AR filter during this holiday season and gain the benefits of the advanced tech.

AR Filter Campaign on Instagram For Christmas [2022]

Set Predefined Goals

Launching an AR Christmas campaign is only worthwhile if you are aware of what you wish to achieve. That said, you must figure out what metrics or goals you need by the end of the campaign. It can be anything from driving brand awareness, increasing engagement, boosting product sales, etc. 

Create Fun & Playful AR Filters 

Once you’re assertive about what you want to achieve through the campaign, consider moving to the next step and creating AR filters. For this, you’ll need to choose the best Augmented Reality application and the type of filter you want to make. For instance, if your ultimate goal is improving user experience and driving product sales, integrate virtual try-on filters into your marketing strategy. 

Launch & Promote AR Filter 

Promoting the AR filter campaign is as essential as launching it. Therefore, you’ll need to integrate the filter on your Instagram and social media platforms to spread awareness. An AR app like SelfStylo has all the essential features that help brands to integrate AR into their website. Users can use the tool to enjoy AR experiences and share them on their social media platforms. In addition, this technique will help you promote products through user-generated content.

Have Clear CTA

The success of your AR filter campaign can be inevitable if you have a clear CTA. Whether you want to bring traffic to your website through viral content or the goal is to redirect the audience to the Christmas sales page, a clear CTA plays a significant role. Ensure you’re giving your audience the next step once they use the AR filter from social media platforms or your website.

Analyze & Adjust

Measuring the success of an AR filter campaign will ensure that your money is in safe hands or not. An AR tool helps you to understand how users interact with your products through real-time analytics displayed on the dashboard. Proper analysis and readjustment will ensure you can get the maximum value from your holiday sales in 2023.

Besides Instagram and other social media platforms, you can launch an AR filter on your website. This filter will allow your site visitors to browse and try the products with AR. As a result, you can entice more customers and generate better revenue during holiday sales.

Which Brand Needs An AR Filter Campaign? 

Regardless of which industry you’re in, launching an AR filter campaign can help you improve your sales during the busiest holiday season. Many clothing retailers have implemented AR tools into their businesses to help users try and purchase garments from home.

Likewise, beauty and fashion brands implement virtual try-on tools to showcase their products and let users try them before putting money into them. The try-before-you-buy method reduces expensive return rates during Christmas and helps you upsell products with personalized recommendations.

Some other reasons your brand needs an AR filter campaign during this holiday season.

  • AR content is engaging and helps you attract a wide range of audiences. 
  • Instagram users are increasing with each passing day, making it essential for your business to utilize the social media platform to stay ahead. 
  • Shareable and user-generated AR content quickly captures the audience’s attention and helps them make quick purchase decisions. 
  • Compared to video content, users use AR filters four times more. Thus, AR tools are excellent marketing tactics that help brands capture attention during the busy shopping spree.

Create Your AR Filter Campaign This Holiday Season 

Every brand is figuring out different ways to connect with its target market and boost sales in 2023. Augmented Reality technology is a powerful tool that can provide users with an immersive and interactive experience.

Now that you’ve decided to start an AR filter campaign on Instagram in 2023, SelfStylo can make your task easy. The advanced feature of the AR tool, such as clean UI/UX, real-time analytics, etc., will help you improve sales by leveraging the full potential of the AR filter campaign. Try it now!