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Augmented Reality Benefit: Avoid RTOs & Increase Sales in 2023

The year 2022 is almost over, and now multinational brands are looking for ways to increase sales in 2023.

Retailers worldwide are integrating advanced technology into their business to leverage the remarkable Augmented Reality benefits. In the digital business landscape, small and big fashion brands use the online space to let customers browse and shop for products from their homes. However, as eCommerce becomes more common among customers, product return has become a significant problem for retailers that impact their business profits. 

When customers purchase a product online without trying it, it leads to an increase in product return rate that harms the company’s overall profitability. Augmented Reality apps enable retailers to help their customers try the products virtually and get a better idea before buying. This Augmented Reality business guide will let retailers understand how leveraging the AR apps can reduce RTO (Return to Origin) rates and increase sales in 2023.

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Reasons For High Product Return Rate

For any eCommerce business owner, high product return rates are the common obstacle affecting the business’s bottom line and brand loyalty in the competitive market. As customers cannot touch, try, or feel the products online, the chances of product return increase. Some of the most common reasons that contribute to high RTO rates include

No Online Trial Room

When buying fashion products offline, such as clothing, jewelry, or makeup items, shoppers are likely to try them before they purchase. However, the lack of trial room facilities in the online world leads to high discontentment – boosting return and exchange rates. AR apps in eCommerce allow shoppers to try clothing, makeup, jewelry, shoes, and other fashion products virtually to resolve fitting and satisfaction issues while helping retailers reduce product returns.


Poor Size & Style  

Another potential reason for clothes and shoe returns is the mismatch of the size and style. Customers often feel that the product received was not “as described” on the online platform. Augmented Reality is opening new possibilities to increase sales in 2023 for fashion brands as customers can virtually check the style, fitting, and size of the clothing or shoe online and then buy the item. 

Inflated Customer Expectations 

Fashion products that fail to live up to online product descriptions are another biggest culprit of sky-high return rates. As shoppers cannot try the products online, they feel that the clothing they receive is not up to the selling standard promised by the retailers. To overcome such hassles, brands can integrate virtual try-on apps to leverage the Augmented Reality benefits, meet customer expectations, and increase sales in 2023. 

Customer Indecision 

Many shoppers change their minds after purchasing a particular fashion product online. The perfect makeup product for a customer at the time of purchase may look eyesore once they see it on their face or body. AR apps aim to help customers try out different makeup shades before they finally hit the purchase button. As a result, it helps eCommerce owners increase sales in 2023, whereas customers can purchase items confidently that reduce RTOs. 

Trend-setting fashion retailers should focus on integrating Augmented Reality technology into their business. One of the best examples of AR in fashion retail is SelfStylo – a virtual try-on solution for beauty brands that allows customers to visualize different shades of makeup virtually. Incorporating the latest technology in the business will help retailers increase sales in 2023 while combating the issues that lead to returns.

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How AR Apps Help Retailers Avoid RTOs? 

According to the GlobeNewswire report, the AR market will hit USD 461.25 billion at 41.50% CAGR by 2030. The reason behind the immense growth of Augmented Reality 3D technology is that it allows shoppers to visualize any product in a real-life environment using their smartphone or tablet. The ability to virtually try clothing, shoes, and makeup shades, reduces the likelihood of returning a product. 

Adoption of “try before you buy” technology helps retailers not only reduce product return rates but also increase the number of conversions. In addition, Augmented Reality apps can streamline customers’ purchasing journeys, give them high confidence, and let retailers build brand loyalty. The customer data received through user interaction with the brand products is another effective way to personalize the customer shopping experience and increase sales in 2023. 

Leverage The Augmented Reality Benefits With SelfStylo 

Augmented Reality has the power to revolutionize the way retailers do business and customers shop online. Integrating the advanced technology in the brand can help retailers avoid RTOs, increase sales in 2023, and improve customer satisfaction, among other Augmented Reality benefits. The feature-rich application will help brands grow their business in the digital world while improving customer experience.


SelfStylo is a virtual try-on solution for fashion and beauty brands that displays how a makeup product would look on users’ faces in the virtual world. AR app removes the complexity of browsing and trying different brand products online for customers and provides brands with multiple other Augmented Reality benefits such as fewer returns, increased sales, personalized product recommendations, and much more.