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Augmented Reality Benefits: How AR Is Changing The Way Customers Shop?

Augmented Reality benefits are endless as it allows customers to try and buy their favorite products using hand-held devices. Many small and big fashion retailers are incorporating the latest technologies, such as Augmented Reality apps, to provide a user-friendly and transparent customer shopping experience. 

Augmented Reality in retail enables customers to visualize and interact with the brand products before they make their purchase. When shoppers get a holistic view of the product before buying, it improves customer shopping experience and satisfaction. In this AR guide, fashion retailers will learn more about the Augmented Reality benefits and how AR changes the customer shopping experience in detail.

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Augmented Reality Benefits & Impact On Customers

People are constantly looking for ways to make their shopping experience effortless in the modern world. Augmented Reality apps aim to aid customers in buying the right product from the comfort of their homes while saving time and effort. Below are a few benefits of Augmented Reality for the customers that generate sales for the brand and improve the shopper experience.  

Drive Product Sales 

Customers want to purchase products, such as makeup, clothing, and jewelry, that perfectly fit their needs and preferences. AR-based applications allow customers to check how a particular product, such as a makeup shade, will look on their faces. Fashion retailers can use this opportunity to collect data and offer other makeup suggestions to complete their overall look. Personalized recommendations help customers make a satisfactory purchase, whereas it aids brands in driving more sales. 

Help Sell Unfamiliar Products 

One of the significant reasons behind the adoption of Augmented Reality apps is their ability to increase sales of less popular products. With AR-based solutions, customers feel relaxed and comfortable while they scroll through a wide range of unfamiliar products. As a result, it allows brands to sell more niche-based or premium products without spending money on paid ads. 

Improve Brand Awareness 

Fashion brands need to keep up with the emerging technologies in the industry to improve the customer shopping experience and boost brand awareness. The gripping visualization capabilities of the Augmented Reality tool hold customer attention for longer and allow brands to build brand presence. For instance, when a customer tries different makeup products and shares their overall makeup look on social media, it enables fashion and beauty brands to create a robust online presence, get new clients, and generates sales.


High Customer Satisfaction 

AR apps facilitate customers to engage better with the brand products, giving them a holistic view of the product firsthand. The 3D technology allows customers to visualize how the product will look on their faces or body once delivered to them, which results in improved customer engagement, better lead conversion rates, and a high customer satisfaction rate. 

Boost Conversions 

Among the multiple Augmented Reality benefits, the advanced technology helps fashion brands to multiply their conversion rates. As per the data revealed by Spotify, businesses that leverage the power of Augmented Reality saw a 250% increase in the retail conversion rate. 

Personalize Customer Experience 

The reason behind the adoption of Augmented Reality technology is a personalized experience offered to the end user that improves revenue. When they are allowed to try different products in a fictitious fitting room that emulates the real thing, it builds a deep bond between the brand and customers. As a result, customers can enjoy an improved shopping experience personalized to their needs, whereas brands can benefit from the growing sales. 

SelfStylo is an AR-powered makeup virtual try-on tool that aids brands leverage the benefits of Augmented Reality. The excellent features of the AR app not only bridge the gap between customer demands and retail supplies but also help fashion brands fuel the growth of customer-centric online shopping experience. 

Is Augmented Reality The Future? 

With technology becoming more accessible to customers, the Augmented Reality market will continue to expand in the upcoming years. AR apps in fashion businesses are a great way to extend customer-driving and satisfactory experiences to users. 

Studies reveal that the market of AR will reach $97.76 billion in 2028 and is, undoubtedly, the future of many industries. Fashion retailers who invest in the latest technologies and offer a rich AR experience to the users will be better equipped to stand ahead of the competitive market.

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Integrate Augmented Reality Apps Into Your Fashion Retail

Augmented Reality in businesses offers a wide range of benefits that retailers cannot ignore, especially when there is high competition in the market. From improving customer interaction with the products to providing the best possible experience when they shop, AR apps are revolutionizing the online customer shopping experience.


SelfStylo is a cutting-edge AR-powered virtual try-on tool designed for beauty brands to connect with their customers at a new level. Integrating the latest technology offers a host of Augmented Reality benefits that include reducing the shopping time for customers when they buy their favorite makeup product and helping brands boost their sales and revenue.