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Augmented Reality Benefits: Revamp Customer Experience With AR Tools

When fashion brands look for augmented reality benefits, they look for Web3 technology that would revolutionize the fashion and beauty industry. Such Web3.0 tools help retailers revamp customer experience with AR apps, drive more customers, and interact with them at a new level. Augmented reality technology allows customers to view and try different products directly from their homes. 

With the help of AR in fashion, businesses can improve the pre-sale to post-sale process by enabling users to try different cosmetic products via mobile devices and make a purchase when they are satisfied with the product. This AR technology guide will reveal how Augmented Reality is revamping the customer experience and strengthening the brand-customer relationship.

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What Does AR Means For Brands?

Brands worldwide are realizing the opportunities of new technologies, as augmented reality benefits are in abundance. The AR apps and filters allow brands to offer an immersive experience to the user that leads to an increase in conversion rate. Companies that adopt the new tech can differentiate themselves from the crowd and embed a connection with the customers. Explore a few things fashion and beauty brands can do with AR to improve their business profits. 

  • AR enables customers to see how they will look after using a product and actively moves them through the purchase funnel. 
  • Leveraging the features of new technologies will allow the brands to leave the competition behind and improve the service given to the customers. 
  • AR brings personalization to the services, enabling brands to connect with customers, increase word-of-mouth, and drive repeat customers. 
  • AR tech helps the marketing team understand user behavior and preferences. As a result, they can prepare strategies and promotional campaigns to boost sales. 

SelfStylo is an AR-powered makeup virtual try-on tool built with essential features for fashion brands. Big and small brands can integrate AR technology into their business to augment customer experience, create long-term opportunities, and build innovative marketing campaigns by determining customer behavior. 

Augmented Reality Benefits in Fashion

Augmented Reality is offering an opportunity that helps marketing professionals improve the way they market their products and gain new customers. Big fashion brands are integrating AR technology to enhance customers’ in-store and offline shopping experiences and lure the younger generation. Heather Bellini of Goldman Sachs Research predicts that the AR and VR market will reach $80 billion by 2025. Below are some of the best Augmented Reality benefits that would improve retail customer experience. 

  • Keeps Customer Engaged

AR in fashion allows brands to engage their customers throughout the shopping process. Customers can try different cosmetic products, make a purchase, share their new look with friends and family, and chat with the bot with Augmented Reality tools. When customers feel connected with the brand, they are likely to purchase products and spread the positive word about the company. 

  • Improve Shopping Experience 

With the integration of Augmented Reality into the brand application or website, fashion brands can improve customer retention. The latest technology allows customers to quickly try on the products and keep complete control of their shopping from start to finish. As a result, it helps brands retain customers and even gain more customers via referrals. 

  • Boost Customer Satisfaction 

Customer satisfaction plays an essential role in improving the overall shopping experience of the user with the brand. When customers find the right product for their needs, it enhances customer satisfaction and drives more sales. AR apps turn the shopping experience into an engaging game where customers can swipe through different cosmetic products, try them on, or prepare a combination per their needs. 

  • Enable Better Product View 

With AR filters, customers can virtually try on different cosmetic products on them. They can closely focus on various aspects of the product and make a wise purchase. For instance, if a customer wants to buy clothing, they can virtually try the dress and ensure it fits their style and requirements. Similarly, they can try different makeup products on their face with AR technology to find the best match that suits their look. 

  • Shop Anytime & Anywhere 

AR enables shoppers to purchase their favorite products anytime and from anywhere. They do not have to travel to the store to try or get their product. Instead, they need to open the virtual try-on app and start visualizing the products on them to make a purchase decision. With AR apps, the flexibility to shop anytime and from anywhere improves customer experience and assists brands in driving more customers.

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Integrate AR Technology To Fashion Brands 

Big fashion brands like Chanel, Zara, Converse, Dior, and AROR, are leveraging the benefits of AR technology. Businesses that want to set a new benchmark in client satisfaction and gain more customers must utilize the latest trends and technologies in their brand. 

As you saw from this guide, the augmented reality benefits can help you increase your sales, improve customer experience, and boost your fashion brand by generating great sales. SelfStylo is the best AR tool, with a clean interface and multiple features. You can easily integrate SelfStylo Augmented Reality technology with your website or application to revamp customer experience with AR, personalize customer service, and boost sales.