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Augmented Reality in Marketing: Innovative Way To Boost Sales

Augmented Reality in marketing is becoming one of the hottest trends that help enterprises boost customer-product engagement, drive sales, and generate better revenue. The innovative AR tool enables marketers to merge the digital and real world and create an immersive user experience that contributes to better sales. 

Augmented Reality applications help businesses improve customer satisfaction, drive sales, lead conversion, and help shoppers shop online without stepping out of their homes. This marketing Augmented Reality guide will discuss distinctive ways fashion brands can leverage the power of immersive technology to increase sales with AR and what the future of AR looks like.

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Different Ways To Utilize Augmented Reality In Marketing

Analysts predict the Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality market will jump from 28 to 250 billion from 2021 to 2028. Augmented Reality benefits, like improved conversions, sales, customer shopping experience, and more, are the main reasons why many companies are incorporating the latest technologies into their business. Below are some innovative and inspiring ways retailers can build a strong marketing strategy with AR apps. 

Virtual Manuals 

AR applications have changed how enterprises present information about their products and services to their customers in the digital world. Implementation of virtual manuals in the business enables marketers to help customers view the 3D images of the products and browse them using their smartphones before buying. Presenting detailed information uniquely and interactively can help brands increase sales with AR, improve customer loyalty, and reduce the return rate when customers shop online. 

Try Before You Buy 

Before the evolution of AR, retail shoppers found it hard to identify the right product for their needs, whereas brands discovered it tricky to improve customer satisfaction during online shopping. With the advent of the new try-before-you-buy AR concept, many beauty and fashion brands understand the power of Augmented Reality in marketing and help their customers test the product by virtually trying it on. The immersive AR experience can help brands enhance the customer shopping experience, drive sales, and bridge the gap between physical and digital shopping.


Store Navigation 

Finding the products or navigating large shopping centers or malls can be tricky for customers. The complex path of navigating the stores for a long time can lead to lost customer interest. AR technology or apps help customers navigate through the stores and assist them in finding the right product. AR navigation in the indoor retail environment is an excellent feature that enables advertisers to market their products/services to the audience and increase sales with AR. 

Social Media Campaigns 

Augmented Reality has great potential that helps brands engage existing customers and catch the eye of potential customers. Creating AR advertisements and campaigns will help brands improve their online presence and gain traffic from various social media channels. For instance, a beauty brand can use AR filters that advertise its new lipstick shades, eyeliners, and eye shadows to improve its marketing strategy. 

SelfStylo, an AR-powered try-on application, can be integrated into any brand website that helps users create their perfect makeup look using makeup products online and share their AR experience on social media platforms. The clean interface and advanced features of the AR app can help fashion brands improve their marketing techniques and generate more sales. 

Impact Of Augmented Reality On Marketing In 2023

As of 2022, 83% of the global population are smartphone users, and the number of smartphone users is expected to grow from 6.6 billion to 7.7 billion in 2027. The rapid growth of the smartphone market is opening new doors for the utilization of AR technology. By incorporating advanced tools in marketing, brands can increase sales with AR and build trust in front of thousands of potential customers.

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With Augmented Reality in marketing, brands can showcase their products in a real-life environment. When customers visualize the products in the virtual world that they can’t physically wear, touch, feel, or hold in the real world, it leads to improved sales, minimized returns, and better purchase decisions. Integration of advanced technologies like Augmented Reality in marketing can help revolutionize how they market or sell their products, gain new customers, and increase sales with AR. 

Get Ready For AR-Powered Sales & Marketing  

Implementing innovative and advanced technologies like Augmented Reality in marketing is crucial to getting ahead of the competitive market. Practical and innovative applications of AR apps can help retailers improve customer experiences, market their products better, and avoid a return to origin rates. A feature-rich Augmented Reality tool has great potential to enhance different facets of the online shopping experience, building robust brand awareness and boosting the company’s reputation. 


SelfStylo, the advanced AR technology, is a boon for marketing and sales teams that help them attract a wide range of audiences and increase sales with AR. If you intend to incorporate Augmented Reality in marketing, check out the innovative features of the SelfStylo AR tool.