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Check if Your Brand Needs AR and Try-On Filters in 2023

AR and try-on filters are emerging technologies that help marketers and advertisers to promote their products and attract the target audience. Brands selling their products online can leverage AR tech to power their business growth, improve conversion rate, and grow brand awareness.

Whether brands sell makeup, clothing, accessories, or shoes, they can utilize AR applications to reach their customers in innovative, interactive, and highly immersive ways. This article reveals why brands need to try AR and try-on filters in 2023 and how to incorporate AR tech in business.

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Different Types Of AR Try-On Filters 

AR filter benefits are endless; brands plan to use the latest technology to improve marketing and boost sales in 2023. Some of the most popular AR try-on filters fashion and beauty brands can use include:

Beauty Filters 

Also known as makeup AR filters, beauty try-on filters are designed to help users use virtual makeup on their faces. The AR-powered tool automatically detects the users’ facial features and superimposes different makeup products using innovative technology. Many beauty and fashion brands like Dior and L’Oréal have created AR filters to promote their makeup collection and gain customers. 

Virtual Try-On Filters

Fashion and virtual try-on tools are designed to help users try clothes, shoes, sunglasses, makeup products, etc., from the comfort of their homes using their electronic devices. The “try before you buy” feature enables users to understand the product thoroughly before making a purchase. 

Real-World AR Filter 

Many brands use the real-world AR filter to create an immersive user experience when interacting with a brand or product. One of the best examples of AR filters was NBA’s Basketball dunking custom Instagram filter. The Instagram AR filter virtually added a dunking basketball player to the users’ video to better promote their products. 

Many beauty and fashion brands are integrating Augmented Reality technology into their business. SelfStylo is a virtual try-on filter tool with an uncluttered user interface that helps beauty brands to showcase their makeup products to customers and improve brand sales.


10 Ways Your Brand Can Take Advantage of Try-On Filters Using AR

According to Threekit, 61% of customers prefer retailers that offer AR experiences while shopping. As a result, many brands are planning to integrate technology and attract a broad audience. Below we have curated a list of the best 10 ways brands can use AR tech to improve their sales in 2023. 

AR In Advertising 

AR try-on filters engage the audience more than static images or videos. That said, brands can use the AR tool to create an immersive experience while showcasing their products to the target market. 

Personalize Products 

With AR try-on filters, customers will likely spend more time modifying and trying out different products. The AR tech enables users to personalize makeup, clothing, accessories, etc., to create a new look and style that match their needs. This improves the chances of purchase and leads to post-sale satisfaction.

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Social Media Ads

AR has made its way to social media platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Therefore, demand for AR tools is surging, and customers are accustomed to seeing AR in business. Besides being fun, AR try-on filters are shareable and help brands spread brand awareness. 

Offer Try-On Experience

One of the best ways to use AR in eCommerce is by providing a try-on experience to the users. With AR try-on filters, brands can allow customers to test and buy the products from the application’s interface. 

Visualize Large Purchases 

Especially retailers in furniture need to use AR to help customers visualize the large purchase. With AR applications, users can view the product (say, furniture) in their own space. It allows brands to eliminate the room for misjudgment and reduce product returns. 

AR Tours 

Another best example of using AR in business is venue tours. Using the latest tech, brands can allow customers to view every product without leaving their home comfort. Instead of physically visiting the store and testing products, customers can open the AR application, browse through the products, view them in their own space, and make an easy purchase. 

Create A Buzz 

AR content is shareable, which makes it an effective medium for businesses to market their products to a large audience. The try-on filters allow users to test products and share their experiences on social media platforms. This will create a buzz and attract more people who will come, explore, and ultimately purchase the product. 

Improve Buying Experience

The buying experience provided to the customer will directly impact the brand-customer relationship. AR try-on filters are a great tool that makes shopping journeys interactive, fun, and convenient for customers. 

Attract Gen-Z Users 

With the advent of new-gen technology, Gen-Z and millennials prefer brands that proactively connect with their customers. Try-on filters will help brands create a unique customer experience and stay updated with market trends. 

During a New Product Launch

When bringing a new product to market, brands require a high marketing and advertising budget. AR try-on filters are the ultimate solution to extend brand reach without high advertising expenses.

Engage With Your Audience Using Try-On Filters

Using AR try-on filters, brands can get an edge over their competitors and actively engage with new-gen customers. As a result, many companies have adopted AR to build loyal customers by helping them browse and purchase products better using the latest applications. 

Moving to Augmented Reality technology faster means being ahead of the trend and improving brand reach. So if you are a beauty and fashion brand that intends to drive foot traffic, reach a new demographic, or boost eCommerce sales, integrate the SelfStylo virtual try-on filters tool in your business today!