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Christmas 2022: 15 Christmas Marketing Ideas to Boost Holiday Sales

With Christmas 2022 around the corner, brands seek ways to improve their marketing game. It is the perfect opportunity for fashion brands to create relevant marketing and advertising campaigns to gain customer attention. 

When combined with AR magic, brands can drive traffic and sales during the most competitive times of the year. This article reveals some of the best Christmas marketing ideas you can implement to attract customers this holiday season.

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Marketing Ideas to Boost Sales During Christmas 2022

Christmas Selfie Filters

Christmas selfie filters are one of the best ways to enhance brand engagement and encourage people to spread the word about your product. AR makeup filters let users apply different makeup products, take pictures, and instantly share them on social media. 

Christmas AR Portal

AR portals are virtual spaces used in the Augmented Reality environment. This innovative concept allows users to walk through a portal and be a part of the virtual environment. Such a unique approach will help your fashion brand to stay ahead in the online game and drive sales. 

Create AR Effects 

AR effects on social media is an immersive Christmas marketing idea that can help you engage and entertain your audience. Fashion brands can create different AR filters to showcase their products and drive sales. SelfStylo is a virtual try-on AR application that helps fashion brands deliver exceptional customer service.

Christmas 2022 new year sales AR

Implement Loyalty Programs 

Augmented Reality applications can help you with information regarding customer behavior. You can create and implement loyalty programs this holiday season with this information. For instance, fashion brands can offer a $25 gift card to customers who purchase above $50. 

Create Gift Bundles 

This is another Christmas marketing idea that can help you drive traffic. Bundling items together will assist you in selling more products. For example, AR tools have makeup combo features that help your customers get their complete makeup look without struggling to find different products. 

Easy Shopping Experience 

AR or virtual try-on tools are great marketing methods that can ease the offline shopping experience of customers. For example, you can integrate AR tools in offline stores to help customers virtually try garments and see which clothing fits their needs. 

Personalized Product Recommendations 

Shoppers will buy their favorite items this holiday season, and it’s the best time when fashion brands can upsell their products. Personalizing the product recommendation is one of the best marketing ideas that will improve sales in Christmas 2022. 

Christmas Email Campaign

Launching a Christmas 2022 email campaign can help you send a strong message to your customers. ASOS launched an email campaign to produce a high ROI. If you plan to use this idea, consider writing an attractive and fun subject line to improve open rates. 

Share Christmas Ads 

Christmas-specific advertisements are expensive; however, they can help you reach a broad audience. If you wish to choose a cost-effective solution, integrate AR apps into your website. The user-generated content will help you expand your reach without high expenses. 

Share Video Content 

Video content is interactive, fun, and engaging compared to other formats. Holiday-themed videos will help customers remember and connect with your brand deeply. Customers who feel associated with your business are more likely to buy products. 

Host Christmas Shopping Eve 

To sell more products, create hype by hosting Christmas shopping eve. Offering special sales and limited-period offers during Christmas 2022 can help you get more customers. 

Add Fun To Customer Shopping 

Brands that want to attract customers should add fun to tedious browsing and buying of products. That’s where an AR or virtual try-on tool comes into the picture, as it provides customers with a fun and immersive experience. The new-gen technology allows customers to view, try, and buy products from a single application. 

Create Christmas AR Filters 

One of the fool-proof Christmas marketing ideas is creating AR filters for social media platforms like Instagram. For instance, you can create filters like What Christmas character are you? Which Christmas shopper are you? etc. Such shareable filters help you spread the word about your products and boost sales during the holiday season. 

Create Santa Wish List

Creating a Santa wish list allows brands to showcase their various products. All you need to do is group together your hero products and create a carousel to post on your social media feed. 

Start Christmas Marketing At Right Time 

This is often the most overlooked and underrated Christmas marketing idea. No matter how robust your marketing strategy is, you need to start it as soon as possible. Many brands like Starbucks start their marketing campaign in October, which means they begin even early.

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Leverage The Power Of AR This Christmas 2022

Utilizing different Christmas marketing ideas is the best way to stand ahead, gain more customers, and drive sales. If you want to jump into the marketing bandwagon, integrate a feature-rich AR tool into your fashion brand. 

SelfStylo is an immersive and interactive virtual try-on tool that lets you get real-time customer behavior data to create effective marketing strategies. Also, the Augmented Reality tool will help to make the most out of Christmas 2022 by helping your customers browse and try different makeup products from the comfort of their homes.