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FIFA World Cup 2022: Brands Integrating AR for Brand Engagement

The FIFA World Cup event is one of the most-viewed sports around the globe, even more than the notorious Super Bowl. This is the best time when businesses can showcase their products to customers and gain traction with Augmented Reality. In Qatar World Cup 2022, seven sponsors, including the big brands, including Adidas, Coca-cola, Hyundai Motors, Qatar Energy, Wanda Group, and Qatar Airways, will market their products using innovative ways. 

Brands and global companies can create AR filters that target the youthful audience and let users connect with the brand in an immersive way. One of the best examples of AR is Snapchat which has introduced a slew of features and experiences for users in the form of AR filters. This guide will reveal how brands can integrate AR to boost business engagement in this World Cup 2022.

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World Cup 2022 & Power Of AR

The first-ever winter FIFA world cup 2022 is a trendy topic for viewers, brands, and marketers. Over 5 billion spectators are expected to watch Qatar’s FIFA world cup 2022, making it one of the best platforms for boosting engagement. Below we have listed a few ways to help marketers market the brand and improve customer engagement with AR.

Engage & Sell Products

Brands often tend to focus on different ways that ease the buyer’s shopping journey. Thankfully, AR technology claims to be an effective marketing method for brands during the FIFA World cup 2022. Fashion brands can help fans visualize the jerseys and shoes of their favorite players in 3D using AR technology. The immersive experience offered to the customers will help brands personalize their services depending on their interests and favorite team, leading to more sales.


Social Media Activations

Social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are some of the best means to connect with customers and offer them content. With the advent of AR, brands can create an impressive experience for their customers that improves brand-customer relationships. For instance, brands can create Snapchat lenses and Instagram AR filters to let fans click pictures with their favorite players in the virtual world and share them on social media. 

Entertainment During Breaks 

Augmented Reality in the sports industry helps sports teams display content on the field during pre-games and breaks. For instance, fans can watch the team lineup before the game begins and discuss the team composition. Brands can utilize AR and test creative solutions to enhance value and drive sales. 

Improve Customer Journey 

AR technology in stadiums can help people find their seats, discover the main spots within their location, and allow visitors to navigate easily. Google glasses are one of the best ways that help people find their path using GPS and AR. The immersive and interactive experience will help brands entertain fans, keep them engaged, and improve the customer journey. 

Create AR Filters 

Brands can collaborate with social media platforms like Snapchat or Instagram to create AR filters and let users virtually try the products and share them on different social media platforms. For instance, the new Snapchat features for FIFA World Cup 2022 allow users to create Bitmoji, virtually try jerseys, and share their AR experiences with friends. Creating Snapchat AR filters helps brands improve user experience and boost brand awareness. 

Brands Integrating AR For Brand Engagement 

Snapchat partners with top brands — Peacock, Hublot, and Chevrolet — to let users enjoy the immersive technology. Below are different brand campaigns focusing on engaging, attracting, and improving the user experience during the FIFA World Cup 2022. 

  • Chevrolet – The big brand will launch its First Lens campaign on the 25th of November. Using the AR filter, snap chat users could try different glasses and share their experiences on social media. 
  • Hublot – Hublot is the official timekeeper of Qatar’s FIFA World Cup 2022 and will run video ads on Snapchat. AR lens will help users try and purchase Hublot Big Bang e FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 watch. 
  • Peacock – The streaming platform has started the First Commercial video takeover campaign to enable snap chat users to paint cheeks with flags. This allows users to support their teams using AR technology.

Leverage AR To Get Your Brand Into Game

AR is an immersive technology helping brands connect with customers in a better way. FIFA World Cup 2022 is the best time for brands to utilize AR tech and improve their marketing strategies. The world’s most-watched sporting event offers massive branding opportunities for small and big businesses. 

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