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Guide To Increase eCommerce Sales During Holiday Season 2022 

The holiday season is here, which is the right time for retailers to increase eCommerce sales, acquire more customers, and sell more products. However, due to high competition during the holiday season, it is essential to prepare strategies to stand out from the crowd and position the brand higher in the market. 

One of the best strategies to adapt during the holiday season is Augmented Reality (AR) in eCommerce. It is a tool that allows retailers to give the best possible experience to their customers and boost revenue. With the advanced AR tech in business, shoppers can envision how products will look on them and make a final purchase decision. 

This guide will reveal some of the best strategies retailers can use to increase eCommerce sales and accelerate business growth. 

Importance Of Holiday Season For Retailers 

According to the report released by National Retail Federation, Americans will spend around $943 to $960 billion in the holiday season of 2022. This proves that the holiday season is the right time for retailers to increase eCommerce sales by improving marketing strategies. One of the simple yet effective tools to enhance the online game, sell more products, and connect with customers is the AR tool. 

The virtual try-on tool is a growing trend that helps customers visualize different products in their space. For instance, a clothing retailer can integrate AR tools to showcase their garments and let customers try them in the virtual world. Likewise, a makeup brand can use AR to let shoppers experience virtual makeovers. 

Customers can share their AR experience on social media platforms as the user-generated content is shareable. Thus, it helps retail owners boost brand awareness and increase eCommerce sales during the holiday season. 

5 Strategies To Increase eCommerce Sales

Adequate preparation is the key to driving holiday sales. Below is a list of strategies to help retailers increase eCommerce sales during the holiday season. 

Efficient Inventory Management 

During the holiday season, retailers should focus on efficiently managing their inventory. Having products in line to serve fast will help retailers establish long-term loyal relationships with customers. An AR tool helps eCommerce owners to understand customer journeys better. The advanced tech provides information regarding which products sell better and have high demand. The information gathered from the AR application will help manage inventory better and increase eCommerce sales. 

Offer Product Combo

The holiday season is when retailers can create combo or specialized offers to sell more products. Personalized recommendations and special offers are the two ways that can help retailers boost revenue and improve sales. Virtual try-on tools powered by Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality focus on improving customer interaction with the brand products. It gathers the necessary information to help retailers prepare personalized recommendations based on unique customer needs. 

Virtual Try On

While shopping for products online, customers often feel apprehensive about how the product will look on them. Virtual try-on tools are designed to let customers browse, try, and purchase products in one place. For instance, if you are a fashion brand, AR-based solutions help your customers try different shades of makeup online. This will lower product returns, boost customer satisfaction, and increase eCommerce sales without over expenses. 

Engaging Website Experience 

Holding customer attention for longer is hard in this competitive marketplace. AR technology can help retailers offer an interactive experience to customers. They can browse, try, and purchase different products using their handheld devices with AR. In addition, Augmented Reality applications offer an immersive virtual world that keeps customers engaged for a longer time and improves chances of purchase. 

3D Technology 

3D technology is another interactive solution for eCommerce owners to elevate customers’ buying journey. Using a feature-rich AR tool, retailers can convert 2D catalogs into 3D models to let customers visualize products better. With the blend of 3D and AR, retailers can attract Gen-Z users and improve customer retention.

SelfStylo is an AR tool that helps retailers revamp how they connect with their customers. Integrating the Augmented Reality application will increase eCommerce sales and take the business to the next level this holiday season.

Implementing AR in Retail Demo Call

Expand Retail Business With AR In Holiday Season 

As you can see, there are multiple benefits of implementing AR applications during this holiday season. Aside from offering an interactive experience to customers, the new-gen tool boost conversion rates and set your store apart from the competition. 

If you are a retail owner who wants to increase eCommerce sales without being left out in the cold, consider using Augmented Reality technology this holiday season. SelfStylo is a virtual try-on makeup application for fashion brands that want to increase eCommerce sales and improve ROI during holiday sales.