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Halloween 2023: Why Fashion Brand Should Use AR To Boost Halloween Sales

Halloween 2023 is the right time for fashion brands to drive sales and boost engagement. As digitally native customers are taking the marketplace, many fashion brands are turning to the latest tech. Augmented reality is one of the best technologies that allow you to connect with customers at a deep level. It can help fashion brands strengthen the brand-customer relationship and boost Halloween sales in 2023.

AR in fashion has already proven its value by boosting customer engagement and making their shopping experience interactive. For this reason, many fashion and beauty brands intend to adopt the latest technology during Halloween 2023. 

Augmented Reality tools in fashion brands create immersive experiences and substantially impact customers, leading to more sales and improved business revenue. Even before the spooktacular season hits, brands capture customer attention by integrating AR try-on tools into their website or application. This Augmented Reality guide will reveal the top reasons why beauty brands should prepare for Halloween with AR technology. 

Augmented Reality And Halloween 2023

By 2024, around 1.7 billion of the global population and mobile users will adopt Augmented Reality technology. Fashion and beauty brands need to integrate Augmented Reality into different aspects of their business, like smart mirrors, AR filters, etc., to improve their business in the upcoming digital era. Some of the use cases and examples of AR apps for Halloween fashion that will help brands create a strong impact include:

  • Halloween makeup apps enable users to try different makeup products and ideas from the brand collection. Then they can choose the one that gives them the perfect spooky look for Halloween. 
  • Halloween costume apps powered by AR offer a virtual fitting room experience where users can try on different apparel before buying, boosting user engagement and improving brand authority. 
  • Brands can integrate Halloween game apps where users can invite friends or share their Halloween look on social media. As a result, brands can grow their customer reach with AR technology. 

SelfStylo is a virtual try-on tool that allows fashion brands to grow their business in the competitive market. The Halloween-inspired features of the Augmented Reality app help brands explore the AR world and enable them to tap into the untapped market and gain more customers.

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Reasons To Use AR During Halloween 2023

Augmented Reality is transforming the Halloween fashion and apparel industry as customers can now try on makeup, clothes, and other products without physically visiting the store. The immersive technology enables the shoppers to interact and engage with the brand. Below are some main reasons why fashion brands should leverage the power of AR to grow their business this Halloween season.


  • Enhance Conversion Rate 

Augmented Reality in the fashion and beauty industry is improving how customers interact with the product, evaluate the texture, see it from different angles, and virtually try on the product before they make a buying decision. This immersive experience of AR will not only increase the time spent by customers on the site but also improve the conversion rates. 

  • Improve Brand Awareness 

Shoppers can become the most prominent brand advocate if they like the brand’s Halloween fashion strategy. AR technology encourages users to virtually try on Halloween costumes and makeup and share their overall look with their friends and family. The purchasing journey begins again when more users see, respond, and try the AR filters themselves. Ultimately, this solid AR Halloween strategy allows fashion and beauty brands to increase brand awareness and gain loyal customers. 

  • Boost Purchase Intent 

AR filters and virtual try-on features are crucial in making the buyer’s purchase journey easy when they finalize their Halloween fashion. When they virtually interact with the product and spend more time using different AR filters, it boosts purchase intent, and users get more reasons to share their experience with their friends. Furthermore, when the try-before-you-buy feature allows them to virtually try-on different makeup and costumes, they choose the products that give them a perfect look for the frightful fun of Halloween. 

  • Differentiate Fashion Brand 

Halloween shoppers constantly look to celebrate the spooky fun with their new costumes and the latest makeup trends. Brands who adopt Augmented Reality apps can differentiate themselves from their competitors by turning brand visitors into shoppers and helping them visualize the products and try on the latest makeup products with the AR filters. As a result, shoppers feel connected with the brand and more confident about their purchase decisions.

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Engage Customers With Halloween AR Filters 

Augmented Reality apps can help fashion brands with multiple undeniable advantages, such as boosted sales, increased brand awareness, and enhanced customer engagement. Advanced technology has the power to transform how brands interact, serve, and introduce their latest makeup products to customers during the Halloween season. 

As AR brings new opportunities into the market, fashion brands can leverage SelfStylo – a virtual try-on tool – to enjoy the seamless and limitless benefits of Augmented Reality technology. Fashion brands can integrate the AR app into their business to offer an exceptional experience to customers and the best Halloween fashion products.