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Holiday Makeup Ideas: 7 Seventies Makeup Looks to Try

If there is one era whose makeup we cannot seem to get over, it is the 70s! The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by embracing the glamor of the ’70s? This era was a golden age for makeup, featuring iconic trends that keep returning even today. In this article, we at SelfStylo will travel back to bring you the best of seventies makeup looks.

We will also explore seven stunning seventies makeup looks that will make you look beautiful. From dewy foundations to sparkly eyes and sheer lips, get ready to channel your inner disco aesthetic with these holiday makeup ideas.

The Most Popular ‘70s Makeup Trends Right Now

70s makeup trends come and go. They are one TV series, movie, or celebrity endorsement away from making a come-back. Here are some 70s makeup trends that have been popular for a big part of 2023 and will likely grab eyeballs into 2024.

Dewy Foundation

Dewy 70s makeup looks have made a massive comeback in 2023. This Christmas, you can say goodbye to matte finishes and hello to the radiant glow of the past. Dewy foundations were a staple during this era, creating a luminous complexion that gave off health and vitality. To achieve this look, opt for a hydrating foundation and build it up for a natural, lit-from-within glow. Remember that the key is to keep it fresh and luminous – perfect for those holiday soirées.

Bold Bottom Lashes

With a bold bottom lash look, you can make your eyes the focal point of your 70s look. ’70s makeup was all about drama, and bold bottom lashes were no exception. Use volumizing mascara or even false lashes to add intensity to your lower lash line. This trend instantly draws attention to your eyes, giving you a sultry, doe-eyed look perfect for any festive occasion.

Sparkly Eyes

Sparkly Eyes is all about the glitz and glam with sparkly eyes that capture the disco ball’s magic. Glittery eyeshadows and metallic shades were must-haves in the ’70s, and they’re making a dazzling comeback. Experiment with shimmering hues, and don’t be afraid to go bold. Apply a touch of glitter to the center of your eyelids for that extra sparkle – ’tis the season to shine!

Rosy, Flushed Cheeks

Rosy cheeks were the signature of the ’70s, evoking a healthy and youthful appearance. To achieve this, use a soft pink or peach blush on the apples of your cheeks, blending it towards your temples. The key is to keep it subtle – a gentle flush that radiates warmth. This timeless trend adds a touch of innocence and charm to your overall look, making it ideal for holiday festivities.

Dramatic Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner has transcended time, and the ’70s were no exception to its allure. However, the wings were bold, surprising, and unapologetically fierce during this era. To master the perfect wing, use a liquid or gel liner, extending the line beyond your upper lash line for a dramatic effect. This eye-catching style adds a touch of retro glam to your holiday ensemble.

Pastel Eyeshadow

Pastel eyeshadows were all the rage in the ’70s, offering a playful and whimsical vibe. Experiment with soft blues, pinks, and purples to create a dreamy, ethereal look perfect for festive gatherings. Blend different pastel shades to achieve a gradient effect, and remember to pair them with voluminous lashes for that extra touch of glamor.

Sheer Lips

For the finishing touch to your 70s makeup look, you must embrace the simplicity and elegance of sheer lips. ’70s makeup favored natural and understated lip looks, and sheer lip glosses were a go-to choice. Choose a shade that complements your overall look and adds a subtle sheen to your lips. This effortless style is perfect for those who want to achieve a classic, timeless appearance this holiday season.

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Try the Best of 70s Makeup Look This Christmas

This holiday season, transport yourself to the glamorous days of the ’70s with these timeless makeup looks. From dewy foundations to bold bottom lashes and sparkly eyes, there’s a style for every festive occasion. 

Embrace the magic of pastel eyeshadows, rosy cheeks, and sheer lips to create a nostalgic and fresh look. With the help of AR technology, you can confidently experiment with these trends and find the perfect ’70s-inspired makeup look that suits your unique style. Get ready to dazzle at every holiday gathering and make this season one to remember with a touch of seventies glam.

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