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How AR Filters Increase Brand Presence On Social Media Platforms?

Augmented Reality is growing as a powerful marketing tool that allows brands to connect with customers and improve brand awareness. One of the most interactive use cases of Augmented Reality is AR filters, allowing customers to interact with the brand products and enjoy a truly immersive experience. Snapchat was the first social media app that allowed users to use filters, add fun elements to their faces, and share content with friends. 

Witnessing the immense popularity of AR filters among the masses, Instagram and Facebook launched SparkAR in 2019. With SparkAR, brands and individuals can create their AR filters for free and share them with over one billion users. As a result, brands can spread awareness about their products without spending money on advertising. This guide will help fashion brands learn how to use AR filters to boost their brand presence on social media.

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Creative Ways To Use AR Filters

Augmented Reality filters are no more restricted to taking selfies and posting them on different social media platforms. Instead, brands can broaden their brand awareness, engage new users, and drive more sales using this cutting-edge technology. Here are the top four creative ways to help fashion brands integrate AR into their next social media campaign and engage new users. 

  • Game

As more brands leverage new tech’s power, the Augmented Reality market share will cross 198 billion U.S. dollars in 2025. Game AR filters are one of the most interactive and engaging ways to grow a brand presence on social media channels. In the game filter built with AR, customers can try various products and engage with the brand while playing games.

  • Try On Items 

Virtual try-on filters are designed to help the end users try different products on their faces or bodies. Whether it is clothing, a shoe, or a makeup product, users can visualize the item on their body before making an actual purchase. Many brands even incorporate AR tools for in-store navigation, as the immersive technology lets users engage with the brand and make a purchase. 

  • Leverage The Trend 

Fashion and beauty brands can focus on engaging customers by leveraging the latest market trends, successful events, and popular influencers. For instance, a beauty brand can start a new trend of the best look, where users will mix and match different makeup products to create their perfect look. When users can try and share their makeup look without purchasing products, it boosts customer engagement. 

  • Changing Characteristics 

Beauty brands can integrate AR filters that allow users to change specific characteristics to change their look, appearance, and overall style. Such AR filters that add different makeup products to users’ faces help fashion brands create a personalized experience for their customers while highlighting their products, leading to more sales. 

Benefits Of AR Filters For Brands 

As the craze for Instagram AR filters is growing among the audience, brands are using technology as a marketing strategy. SelfStylo virtual try-on tool is an AR-powered solution for beauty brands that help the end users to try different makeup products without visiting the store. Below are some notable benefits brands can get after introducing the SelfStylo AR filter feature for their users. 

  • One of the essential benefits of AR filters is that the new technology helps users to try new products, such as lipstick, eye shadows, mascara, eyeliner, etc., using their smartphone and from the comfort of their home. 
  • Users can use the AR filter and try hundreds of makeup products with the technology to identify how they will look after making a purchase. 
  • The SelfStylo AR filter has an easy-to-share button, allowing users to share their new look on social media platforms with their friends and family. Ultimately, it helps brands to maximize their reach and improve brand awareness. 
  • AR apps or virtual try-on tools like SelfStylo enable users to customize their looks and add a personalized experience to their shopping. As a result, eCommerce brands can improve their customer service and boost engagement. 

SelfStylo is a feature-rich virtual try-on tool for fashion and beauty brands that help customers use different makeup products with AR filters. The best part about the SelfStylo AR tool is that it allows users to share their makeup looks on various social media platforms, improving brand awareness.

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Integrate The Best AR Tool To Your Brand 

Advertising with AR is the new normal as it helps brands to beat the competition in an interactive and immersive way. Even though users used AR filters only for fun in the initial days, now businesses have recognized its potential and are leveraging it to their advantage. 

SelfStylo Web AR tool allows users to share their AR experience with friends to improve brand awareness on different social media platforms. If you want to integrate a feature-filled virtual try-on tool into your fashion business, SelfStylo is an easy-to-deploy application that you can incorporate into your website.