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How to Apply Mascara guide

How to Apply Mascara Like a Pro [With the Help of AR]

Our eyes are frequently referred to as the windows of our soul, and mascara is the one thing that can highlight their beauty significantly. A proper mascara can make all the difference in your makeup routine.  However, applying the mascara is not always the easiest. 

More than the application, choosing the right volumizing mascara sometimes gets challenging. The ability to master this art has become easier thanks to Augmented Reality (AR) technology. 

This in-depth tutorial will tell you how to apply your mascara step by step (with some help from AR). 

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the details!

FYI: Just so you know, preparing your eyelashes and the surrounding area is essential before applying the first coat of mascara.

Here’s how to get started:

Apply Mascara Like a Makeup Artist

  • Cleanse Your Lashes: To start, wipe your eyelashes well to remove any makeup or dirt. This process is essential for a successful application. For a thorough eye makeup removal, you can use a mild cleanser. This will clear the outer and inner corners of your eyes from dirt and help avoid clumping post-application.
  • Choosing the Perfect Mascara: Your choice of mascara can affect your final appearance. Mascaras offer several benefits that help lengthen eyelashes, volumize, and curl them. They are primarily waterproof formulations that make them smudge-free. You can virtually try on multiple mascara brands and styles using AR beauty apps to decide which gives off a more natural lash look.

Make Your Lash Perfect with AR

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that overlays digital components onto the real environment. It seamlessly blends virtual elements with the physical world. Our eyes can be dramatically improved through the transformative power of mascara. A crucial component in any makeup routine, mascara application poses challenges, particularly in selecting the right volumizing mascara for individual preferences.

AR technology has emerged as a solution to this beauty dilemma, simplifying the mastery of mascara applications. Using AR, you can start a virtual journey that will help you explore different types of mascara options. In this article, we’ll take you through the seamless integration of technology and beauty and navigate the intricacies of mascara application. 

AR has redefined the purchase and application of makeup, including mascara. With AR beauty applications and virtual try-on filters, you can now try a mascara before buying it. These apps map your facial features using facial recognition technology. This technology lets you see how different mascara will make your eyes look. The advantages of AR in the context of mascara include:

  • Virtual Try-On: AR beauty apps with try-ons allow you to try different mascara brands and shades on your eyelashes virtually. They can also help you determine whether one mascara or two coats are needed for the pro look.
  • Product Recommendations: AR can also provide product recommendations based on your facial features and skin tone, ensuring you wear mascaras that complement your overall look.
  • Tutorials and Guidance: Many AR beauty apps have built-in tutorials and step-by-step guidance, helping you better understand the application process. You can also watch influencer videos on YouTube or Instagram to apply mascara perfectly.

The Mascara Application Process [ Curl Your Lashes First]

Now, let’s dive into the mascara application process itself. Follow these steps for a flawless look:

  • Curl Your Lashes: Consider using an eyelash curler if you desire extra curl and lift. Curling can make a difference, but use the curler gently to avoid damaging your lashes. Curling mascaras, too, can be an excellent place to start. AR makeup apps can assist in demonstrating the before and after effects of curling and volumizing your lashes.
  • Select the Right Brush: Different mascara wands have varying brush shapes and sizes. Choose one that best suits your lash type and the look you want to achieve. These brushes are also known as wands. Hold the wand vertically against it and place the tip of the wand against your eyelashes.
  • Begin at the Base of Your Lashes: Use the mascara wand to wiggle it back and forth. Ensure that you coat each lash from root to tip. This method adds volume and length. AR makeup apps can assist you in seeing a simulated application of mascara so you can perfect your technique before applying the real thing.
  • Separate and Define: Use a clean mascara wand or a lash comb to separate clumps and define your lashes further. This step is crucial for achieving a polished look. The texture and length of the wand usually is proportional in lengthening mascaras. AR makeup apps can visually guide you through this process, ensuring you don’t use excess mascara. 
  • Remember the Bottom Lashes: Many people focus solely on their upper lashes. However, applying mascara to your lower lashes with a light touch can open up your eyes, creating a balanced look. AR technology can demonstrate how different application levels can affect your overall look. Swipe any mascara that mistakenly gets 
  • Repeat for Drama (Optional): Repeat the mascara application process if you are not satisfied with one coat of mascara and for a more dramatic look. Be cautious not to overdo it; too much mascara can lead to clumpy, heavy lashes. Wipe off excess product if you think you have overdone it. AR beauty apps can provide recommendations for adding more mascara without going overboard.

Bonus: How to Apply Mascara Step-By-Step Using SelfStylo

SelfStylo can help you achieve the perfect mascara look with AR.

  • Begin by selecting the free demo that will lead you to experiment with your new look.
  • Next, click on the product you wish to try-on virtually (In this case – the mascara)
  • Browse through the various mascara types to find the one that best suits your look and eyelashes.
  • Capture images of yourself with the applied product.
  • You can then download or share the image on your preferred social media platform.
  • You also have the option to purchase the products directly or add them to your wishlist for later viewing.

Experience the benefits of SelfStylo’s AR mascara try-on tool. Brands and customers are embracing technology to make online shopping more enjoyable and interactive. Virtual try-ons eliminate the need for physical store visits and ensure that customers receive an experience similar to real-life shopping. 

SelfStylo uses the face-tracking algorithm to identify key facial features such as lips and eyes. It then accurately applies your chosen makeup product and shade to improve your appearance, delivering the best look possible.

Find Your Perfect Mascara with AR

Mistakes can happen during mascara application, and that’s where AR technology can be invaluable:

  • Choosing the Best Product: Based on AR try-ons, you can choose the best mascara tube.
  • Smudging and Transfers: There are occasions when mascara will smudge or migrate to your eyelids. To avoid such blunders, they might also provide advice and product recommendations.
  • Virtual Corrections: AR apps may realistically remedy problems you find after applying, letting you know exactly where to fix them. This tool is helpful when you need to be somewhere quickly but want to look your best.

Apply Mascara Like a Pro With AR

The focus point of your makeup can be made to be your eyes with expertly applied mascara. The development of augmented reality has revolutionized how we test out new cosmetics, buy things, and refine our skills. 

You can realistically experiment with various mascara brands, practice applying makeup, and even spot and fix faults with AR beauty apps. Utilize AR to improve your beauty process and get gorgeous, picture-perfect lashes that will make you feel beautiful and confident.

In a world where beauty and technology coexist, augmented reality is your buddy in the quest for the ideal mascara application. It’s time to take advantage of the makeup of the future, which has already come. With AR-enhanced beauty routines, say goodbye to trial and error and hello to the power of accuracy.

We at SelfStylo offer AR integration services that will seamlessly mold your existing product lineup. With fully functional AR support, your brand can be the next big name in AR cosmetic try-ons. If you’re a user seeking AR try-on filters for yourself – do not hesitate to get in touch with us today!

How to Apply Mascara with ar