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Top 8 Beauty Filter Apps to Upgrade Your Business in 2023

The beauty and fashion industry are highly influenced by the Augmented Reality powered beauty filters, and most companies are looking for beauty filter apps as they move their business in 2023.

Mobile users, especially young users, find beauty filter apps intriguing and easy to use. With a few clicks and swipes on their mobile screen, they can try different makeup products on their face and make a purchase decision.

Beauty filter apps allow users to try different products like lipstick, foundation, mascara, etc., without visiting the cosmetic shop. Integrating these new technologies can help fashion brands attract new customers and streamline their online shopping experience.

This guide reveals the top beauty filter apps that fashion brands can integrate into their business in 2023 and why they are essential.

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Top Beauty Filter Apps For Fashion Brands 

According to Deloitte, 9 out of 10 mid-size brands leverage Augmented Reality to power up their business. The core reason behind the increasing adoption of AR is its features that help users try products from the comfort of their homes. Here is the list of the top 8 beauty filter apps that can help brands skyrocket user engagement and increase sales in 2023. 


The best AR beauty filter application available on the market for fashion brands is SelfStylo. The virtual try-on tool is powered by real-time Augmented Reality technology that revolutionizes how customers interact with brand products and shop online. With the intelligent AR solution, users can try different makeup products on their faces before purchasing, leading to a reduced RTO (Return to Origin) rate. 

Besides virtually trying the shades through AR tech, the SelfStylo tool allows sharing pictures with friends over social media. A few features of the SelfStylo makeup virtual try-on tool include:

  • Easy integration of the AR tool with the brand’s app or website 
  • User-friendly and uncluttered interface 
  • Minimum time required for tool implementation 
  • Data analytics dashboard to gain insights on buyer’s journey 
  • Subscription-based pricing model 
  • Cutting-edge facial recognition technology

YouCam Makeup

Another Augmented Reality makeup application on the list is YouCam Makeup. The free beauty filter app allows users to choose different colors of eyeshadows and lipsticks that match their looks. In addition to trying numerous makeup products, the beauty app has a feature that measures skin health, wrinkles, blemishes, and dermatological age and reveals its score. 

Glamzy 2

The beauty filter app has around 2400 products from top fashion brands like Ives Saint Laurent and MAC. With the help of makeup tools and beauty filters, users can try contemporary makeup trends from their smartphones. Users can even share their makeup look on multiple social media platforms, helping fashion brands improve visibility and reach. 


The renowned fashion brand L’Oréal reinvented the beauty experience by integrating ModiFace. The ModiFace virtual try-on tool allows users to try different makeup shades that suit their skin tones and improve the customer shopping experience. 


Like ModiFace, FaceCake is another beauty filter application for fashion users and brands. GlamScout, the AR beauty filter app, helps users to examine the photos of celebs and find their cosmetic colors and brand. Hence, they can enjoy a stunning red-carpet look by choosing and purchasing products – all from their smartphone. 

Style My Hair 

Another Augmented Reality app created by L’Oréal is Style My Hair. This beauty filter app lets users try different haircuts and colors to choose the one that suits their overall look. With the AR tool, users can choose a hairstyle and a color and see how they appear before making an irreversible change. 

Makeup Plus

The Augmented Reality glam filter of Makeup Plus helps users get a complete makeup look with different filters. Counter in the app allows users to try countless makeup products from top fashion brands and purchase the same makeup product using the application. 

Perfect 365

Another great AR software that corrects defects and applies virtual makeup to the user’s face is Perfect 365. There are around 75 million users who use the AR application with makeup templates available for each occasion.


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Brands Integrate Beauty Filter Apps in 2023

Consumers want personalized services more than ever in the modern, competitive, and busy world. The instant beauty filters allow users to see how they will appear after using a makeup product online. As a result, they can make quick purchase decisions and reduce the rate of unsatisfactory purchases, which benefits brands. Below are a few benefits of integrating beauty AR filters in businesses. 

  • Reduces Product Return: AR beauty filters help customers view the products before purchasing. For example, if a shopper wants to buy a lipstick shade online, AR filters help them apply and view the lip shade in the virtual world. When customers understand what they are purchasing, it leads to more satisfied purchases and less product return rate. 
  • Boost Conversion Rate: Once a customer applies a brand’s trending makeup shade collection, there are higher chances of purchase. AR beauty filter apps improve confidence and ensure customers of a satisfactory purchase decision. 
  • Extend Customer Reach: AR beauty filters apps like SelfStylo comes with a social media integration feature. Customers can share their virtual makeovers online, helping brands extend their reach and increase revenue. 
  • Improves Brand Awareness: AR beauty filter apps are the booming technology in the market. Leveraging the latest tech helps brands attract more customers who prefer to shop online. 
  • Adds Value and Boost Brand Reputation: As beauty AR filter apps improve customer satisfaction rates, they eventually enhance brand reputation. Customers who trust a brand will likely refer the business to their friend circle. 
  • Generate Better Revenue: Last but not least, AR apps like SelfStylo help brands create makeup combos to upsell products and generate more revenue. 

    Integrate The Best AR Beauty Filter Today 

    Augmented Reality technology is used in innumerable fields, and its most promising effect is on the fashion industry. The new technology allows users to improve their looks and buy makeup products online, while brands can use social media to expand their brand reach. 

    SelfStylo is the best makeup virtual try-on tool for fashion brands, as it comes with a detailed analytics dashboard that no other AR beauty app includes. The beauty filters app gathers the users’ search history and helps brands offer personalized services, improve customer engagement, and boost product sales.