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gothic eye makeup tutorial for beginners

Ultimate Tutorial: How to Do Gothic Eye Makeup with Free App

Gothic eye makeup is a captivating style that combines deep, intense colors with intricate designs to give a bold and dramatic appearance. Whether you’re attending a Gothic-themed event or want to experiment with a striking makeup look, this tutorial will guide you through each step.

The Gothic eye is defined by smoky shadows, precise lines, and exaggerated lashes. It creates an intense gaze that captivates attention and exudes an air of intrigue. In this Gothic eye makeup tutorial, we will walk you through the process of mastering the art of Gothic eye makeup.  

What is Gothic Makeup?

Gothic eye makeup look is a distinctive style that draws inspiration from the goth subculture, characterized by its dark, mysterious, and unconventional aesthetic. 

Some tools you’ll need to apply gothic eye makeup include: 

  • Concealer and foundation
  • Face Compact
  • Black eye shadow, a shimmery grey eyeshadow, and a silver highlighter
  • Kajal pencil/Black liner pencil
  • Liquid Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Lash Curler
  • Lash Comb

With these tools, you can embark on your Gothic eye makeup journey. Instead of purchasing eyeshadows, eyeliners, or lipsticks by reading the product description, use SelfStylo. The AR tool lets you try 100+ makeup products using your smartphone. Schedule a free demo with SelfStylo to apply products in the virtual world. 

How to Do Soft Eye Goth Makeup?

If you’re seeking a softer take on Gothic eye makeup that exudes elegance and mystique, then soft-eye Goth makeup is perfect. Follow these simple steps to achieve a captivating soft, eye Goth look.

Step 1: Apply Concealer, Foundation, and Compact

Start by creating a flawless base for your soft-eye Goth makeup. Apply a concealer to cover any blemishes or dark circles, followed by a foundation that matches your skin tone. Set the base with a face compact, ensuring a smooth and even canvas for your eye makeup.

Step 2: Apply Silver Highlighter

To add a touch of luminosity to your soft eye Goth look, apply a silver highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes. 

Step 3: Use The Burnt Shimmer Grey

Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush, apply a burnt shimmer grey eyeshadow to the eyelid, focusing on the outer corner. Lastly, blend it towards the center. 

Step 4: Apply Black Matte Eyeshadow

Next, apply black matte eyeshadow to the crease of your eyelid using a smaller eyeshadow brush. Blend it gently to create a seamless transition between the grey and black shades. 

Step 5: Apply Black Pencil Liner

Line your upper lash line with a black pencil liner, creating a precise and defined line. Extend the eyeliner slightly beyond the outer corner of your eye to add a subtle winged effect. 

Step 6: Use Mascara

Apply your favorite black mascara to your upper and lower lashes, coating them evenly for added volume and length. 

Step 7: Brush out Excess Mascara

After applying mascara, use a clean brush to comb through your lashes and then remove any clumps or excess product. 

Step 8: Curl Your Lashes

Finish off your soft eye Goth makeup by curling your lashes with an eyelash curler. Gently clamp the curler at the base of your lashes and hold for a few seconds. 

With these simple steps, you can achieve a mesmerizing soft eye Goth makeup look that combines elegance with the allure of the Gothic aesthetic. 

How to Do Gothic Makeup for Beginners?

If you’re new to Gothic makeup and eager to embrace the dark and mysterious aesthetic, this beginner’s guide will help you. With simple steps and essential techniques, you’ll learn how to create a stunning Gothic look that captures attention and expresses your individuality.

Step 1: Prepare Your Skin

Begin by exfoliating your skin to remove dead cells and create a smooth canvas for Gothic makeup. Follow up with a moisturizer for skin hydration and ensure a flawless application.

Step 2: Prime Your Face 

Apply a makeup primer to your face, focusing on the T-zone and any areas prone to oiliness. This step helps your makeup adhere better and stay put throughout the day, preventing it from smudging or fading.

Step 3: Use a Makeup Sponge 

Dampen a makeup sponge and apply your foundation in gentle, stippling motions. This technique ensures an even and natural-looking coverage, blending the foundation seamlessly into your skin.

Step 4: Set Your Foundation 

To set your foundation and create a soft matte finish, lightly dust a translucent powder over your face using a fluffy brush. This step helps to minimize shine and keeps your Gothic makeup in place.

Step 5: Dust Highlighter 

Add a touch of glamour to your Gothic makeup by applying a highlighter on the high points of your face. Focus on areas such as the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and Cupid’s bow to create a subtle glow.

Step 6: Blend Black Eyeshadow 

Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush, blend black eyeshadow over your eyelid, starting from the lash line and blending upwards towards the crease. 

Step 7: Line Your Eyes 

Use black eyeliner along your upper lash line, creating a thin or thick line depending on your preference. You can also extend the eyeliner slightly beyond the outer corner for a winged effect, adding an extra touch of drama to your Gothic eye makeup.

Step 8: Apply Mascara

Coat your lashes with 2-3 layers of black mascara, focusing on the upper and lower lashes. This step adds volume and length to your lashes, making your eyes appear more prominent and captivating.

Step 9: Apply Lipstick 

Use a lip brush to apply black or dark red lipstick for the finishing touch. Define and fill in your lips for a bold, vampy look that perfectly complements your Gothic makeup.

Step 10: Use a Setting Spray 

Spritz a setting spray all over your face to ensure your Gothic makeup lasts throughout the day or night. This step helps to lock in your makeup, keeping it fresh and intact for hours.

Get Gothic Eyes Using Free Makeover Tool — SelfStylo 

If you are still confused about how to do Gothic eye makeup or choose the right products, use SelfStylo, a free virtual makeover tool. The tool allows you to try on different eye makeup products online for dramatic effect. 

Using advanced augmented reality technology, SelfStylo accurately maps your facial features and superimposes the desired makeup look into your eyes. It provides a realistic preview, empowering you to make informed decisions. 

With SelfStylo, you can explore a range of makeup looks and purchase products directly from the platform. Grab a free demo of SelfStylo to experience the allure of Gothic eyes with SelfStylo. 

gothic eye makeup tutorial using selfstylo