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how to sell makeup online

Ultimate Tutorial: How to Sell Makeup Online Using AR Apps

Are you trying your best to sell makeup online but not getting any fruitful results? The high competition and poor omnichannel marketing tactics could be the blame! But there is an excellent way to dodge all the obstacles while expanding the reach of your online beauty brand, i.e., AR apps! 

This game-changing technology has become an integral part of the beauty industry. Besides helping beauty brands enhance their sales, virtual makeup apps significantly reduce product return rates! With the virtual try-ons, consumers can find the exact beauty product they want, encouraging repeat business. 

3 Common Challenges Of Selling Makeup Online 

When selling makeup online, encountering barriers and challenges are apparent. But if you stay prepared beforehand, you can prevent those challenges from affecting your sales and revenue. So, let’s learn the 3 common obstacles that could try to hold you back from accomplishing your business goals.  

Huge Competition 

Considering the demand and craze for beauty products online, multiple beauty brands are emerging each day in every nook and corner of the world. So, you can easily assume how high the competition is! A study by Statista clearly shows that online sales of beauty products will reach around $31 billion in the US within 2026. Amid such a huge competition, embracing AR and VR tools is the only way to stay ahead and sell makeup online effortlessly. 

Challenges In Customer Retention 

Unless your target audiences feel welcome or have a memorable experience, they are less likely to return for another purchase. Hence, to sell cosmetics online and keep your old customers loyal to your business, you need to let them try fun activities. In that case, the try-before-you-buy approach could work excellently! When customers visualize themselves in a certain product, be it a lipstick shade or a foundation; they feel more confident in making a move! 

Poor Cross-Channel Marketing 

If you are selling makeup online through a single channel, it’s a red flag. Today’s consumers believe in research. So before buying beauty products online, they are likely to read about them on different social media channels, especially Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, to sell makeup online better, you must endorse your brand on those platforms. 

How To Boost The Sales of Online Makeup 

Selling makeup online could have challenges, but there are solutions as well. More than just focusing on product quality or user-friendliness of your e-commerce platform is needed to draw your audience’s attention. You must let your customers relish a smooth, memorable, and unique user experience. For that, you need to implement AR with your beauty brand! 

Employ AR tools

No matter how compelling your beauty products are, selling beauty products online becomes hard if your brand fails to make an impression. You can easily sell makeup online with reduced return rates by leveraging the ground-breaking AR technology. In that case, you can collaborate with SelfStylo and offer your consumers an exceptional shopping experience with a virtual try-on.  

Track Your Sales 

Your marketing efforts will only be worthwhile if you keep track of your sales. Hence, you can use different performance metrics to analyze your consumers’ purchasing patterns, preferences, and demands. If your current marketing tactics show promising results in boosting the sales of your makeup products, continue with it. If not, find other relevant ways trending in the makeup market to make a significant difference in the outcome.   

How to sell cosmetics online using AR apps

The finest way to sell makeup online fast is to understand and cater to your audience’s customized requirements. It sounds complicated, but SelfStylo can take care of it. Here are a few ways our AR application can help boost the sales of your online beauty products:

  • Consumers prefer purchasing combo products to enjoy discounts and offers. With SelfStylo, you can easily make combo offers, increasing your online sales.
  • Our advanced app ensures a realistic look of a specific makeup product on the face, tempting potential buyers to make a purchase.
  • In fact, our AR tool can also suggest buyers pick the most suitable cosmetic products according to their tastes, style, and preferences.

SelfStylo enables users to discover more product categories, which helps brands to sell makeup better and faster. 


  • Challenges Of Selling Makeup Online:
    • Huge Competition 
    • Challenges In Customer Retention 
    • Poor Cross-Channel Marketing
  • How to boost the sales of online Makeup 
    • Employ AR tools
    • Track Your Sales 
  • How to sell cosmetics online using AR apps

Sell Cosmetics Online Hassle-free With SelfStylo   

Hopefully, now you know how an AR app like SelfStylo can help your beauty brand sell makeup online efficiently. With features like instant virtual try-on, personalized experience, and pro tips in choosing the best products, the AR tool can keep your beauty brand one step ahead of the competitors. If you want to integrate our AR application into your beauty brand, feel free to call us! 

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