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virtual makeup apps

Virtual Makeup Apps: 5 Benefits of Digital Beauty For Brands

Virtual makeup apps in 2023 will be the new trend. The AR apps let customers explore the entire fashion brand’s catalog using their smartphones. Augmented reality technology works by overlaying digital images in the real-world environment. Customers can use the virtual try-on tool to discover hundreds of makeup products, create new makeup looks, and share their AR experiences on social media platforms.

AR-powered virtual makeup apps reinvent how customers discover and buy beauty products online. With increasing digitization, AI and AR have taken center stage to help brands build strong market reputations. A few smartphone flicks allow customers to experiment with different lipstick hues in the virtual world. In addition, they can try numerous foundation shades while sitting on their couch.

Many beauty and fashion brands are integrating virtual makeup apps into their business to embrace AR technology. Read our article to learn why contactless beauty is an essential addition to your brand.

virtual makeup apps

What Is Contactless Beauty?

Contactless beauty generally refers to when users don’t apply makeup products to their faces. Instead, they can use products using their smartphone in the virtual environment.

Users can try everything from mascara to lipstick, blush, foundation, and more using augmented reality. They can try hundreds of brand products with only a cell phone camera and a few clicks.

Brands can, too, leverage this power of contactless beauty with AR apps. As the market analysis suggests, AR is becoming more competitive, and the augmented reality market will increase to $198 billion value by 2025.

Here are a few reasons why brands should choose contactless beauty apps to generate more sales.

  • Users want to enjoy digital shopping from the comfort of their homes, and AR helps brands in this mission. 
  • Shopping via AR apps helps brands with real-time analytics to create marketing strategies and drive sales. 
  • Interactive experience and visually appealing interface keep users engaged for a long time. 
  • Brands can reduce staffing expenses as the app lets you showcase the product without anyone monitoring it. 
  • Brands can market their products using AR filters that engage the audience and help them better understand the product.

One of the most used virtual makeup apps is SelfStylo. This AR tool is a virtual try-on app where users can do live try-on of makeup products. They can find products, switch shades, and attain a perfect makeup look.

Try the SelfStylo tool today to give a contactless beauty experience to your users! Avail a FREE Demo today!

virtual makeup apps

Benefits Of Virtual Makeup Apps For Users 

The success of your fashion business depends on how well you treat your customers. That said, it is crucial to understand how virtual makeup apps benefit users.

Virtual try-on makeup works on augmented reality technology. Customers can find which product will suit their style and skin tone. But the benefits of contactless beauty apps extend to brands as well. AR tools help brands in multiple ways, including:

Easy Product Testing 

Brands can help customers with easy and virtual product testing. For example, shoppers can browse and test products through the augmented reality application.

Customers can spend time scrolling through different products until they find their best. When they analyze and then purchase, it leads to improved satisfaction. For brands, it can be helpful to reduce product returns.

Split-Screen Testing 

Virtual tools allow users to try products with a split-screen. The neat feature lets users test products on half of their faces. This, in turn, helps them better understand the different makeup products that improve their look.

The SelfStylo AR tool has a split-screen capability that allows users to visualize products on half of their faces. Then, once they finalize the makeup, they can go ahead with their purchase – all with one tool.

Share Makeover Selfie 

AR apps help brands to attract social media enthusiasts. The advanced tech allows users to save an image of their virtual makeover on the phone.

Post saving the image on their phone, they can share the makeover selfie on different social media platforms with one click. Such interactive experiences help brands to create user-generated content and spread brand awareness. SelfStylo currently allows you to share your makeover selfies on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Avoid Crowds 

Let’s face it, nobody likes crowded stores while shopping, especially when buying cosmetic products. The virtual try-on feature lets customers spend as much time as they want while picking their favorite makeup shade. Integrating the virtual makeup app ensures customers can avoid crowded areas and those irritating makeup testers.

No Rush Shopping 

Buying makeup products can be time-consuming. In addition, spending hours shopping for products offline is hard for customers and brands alike.

Virtual makeup apps ensure shoppers can spend as much time as they want before buying a product. It also helps brands to avoid in-store rush during peak shopping hours.

As a result, brands and users can benefit from an effortless buying and shopping experience with AR technology. If the benefits of integrating virtual makeover apps convince you, it’s time to explore the features of SelfStylo.

virtual makeup apps

Integrate Contactless Beauty App In Your Fashion Brand

Shoppers are looking for much more than products. They want an interactive experience where they can visualize and try makeup items. Contactless beauty apps have advanced features that help your brand to stay ahead.

SelfStylo is one of the cosmetic and beauty brands’ best virtual makeup apps. It is easy to integrate and has a lower time-to-market rate. You can improve conversion rate and create a rapport in the market with one AR tool.

So, don’t wait; get in touch with our AR experts to understand the features of virtual makeup apps today. Try it now!