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Virtual Makeup App: Why Integrate Makeover Try-On Apps

Virtual makeup app is helping the eCommerce, beauty, retail, and cosmetic industries with never-seen-before AR experiences. This AR technology helps brands improve their marketing efforts by launching result-oriented marketing campaigns.

In addition, it can boost user acquisition, reduce product return rates, and help brands increase user engagement with its try-before-you-buy technology. The computer vision-powered cosmetics stimulator and ML-based apps enable customers to virtually try multiple brand-related products in real time.

This virtual makeup app guide will reveal everything you should know before integrating an AR application into your business.

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What Is Virtual Makeup Try-On App

Virtual makeup try-on tools help fashion brands market and sell their products using AR. The application analyzes the users’ facial features and lets them apply different makeup products. Some core features that an AR mobile app should have are the following:

  • It should have face stimulation technology to identify and use makeup products like lipstick, foundation, and eye shadow on users’ faces.
  • The split-screen feature helps consumers apply makeup on half of their faces and choose the right shade.
  • Download, share, and save picture options should be available to ensure customers enjoy their AR makeup experiences to the fullest.

Compared to traditional in-store shopping, augmented reality applications help brands better connect with their customers during online shopping. In addition, these apps ensure that retailers can better showcase their products and drive sales.

If you’re a fashion brand wondering which is the best and feature-rich AR app, look no further than SelfStylo. It is one of the best virtual cosmetics try-on apps dominating the beauty AR market. Using virtual try-on like SelfStylo, makeup shoppers can try multiple product shades to find the right one and make a good purchase decision.

Why Develop A Virtual Makeup Application

Before understanding why to develop AR apps, let us know how they work.

The state-of-the-art virtual makeup application uses face tracking and 3D modeling to help customers try products virtually. The AR technology detects facial features like eyes, nose, and cheeks to apply eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascara, lipsticks, etc., in a minute. In addition, customers can download their makeover selfies and share them on digital channels, which further enhances their shopping experience.

Now that you know how an AR app works, here are a few major reasons to develop a brand’s augmented reality application. 

Omnichannel Shopping Experience

Launching a virtual try-on for makeup means creating an omnichannel shopping experience for customers. These apps can be easily integrated with the brand website. Once integrated, website visitors and past customers get virtual access to all the brand products. They can apply makeup filters to analyze and test the product’s suitability according to skin tone before buying.

Mess-Free Virtual Experience

Virtual Makeup try-on apps help retailers by eliminating the mess of in-store sampling. As users can try makeup products online using smartphones, brands can remove the need for sample distribution. Hence, it promotes a contactless beauty experience.

Improve Customer Engagement & Sales

Buyers favor digital shopping more than ever, and cosmetic brands must leverage technology to connect with a broader audience. A study by McKinsey & Company reveals that 71% of users expect personalized service.

Meanwhile, 75% are more likely to purchase if provided with personalized recommendations. The digital try-on app analyzes customer behavior and recommends products based on past purchase decisions, helping brands generate better revenue with customized product recommendations.

Less Marketing Expenses

Social media channels like Instagram are the best tools to spread the word about your fashion business. However, running paid ads after the launch of a new product or marketing existing catalogs can be expensive.

With the try-on technology, brands can leverage the power of user-generated to market products. When users try different products like eyeshadows, lip gloss, lipstick, etc., and share their AR experiences on social media, it builds trust and customer loyalty.

If you are a fashion brand wanting to integrate desktop or mobile apps for consumers, get in touch with the experts of SelfStylo today.

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Integrate Virtual Makeup App To Improve Profits

An augmented reality application is one of the best solutions that allow customers to shop online makeup products conveniently. Many brands have successfully integrated this must-have application into their business to help customers check how a product would look on their faces.

Not only does the tool assist shoppers in streamlining their product purchase journey, but it also helps retailers with increased sales. In addition, sellers can have a higher conversion rate and a satisfied customer list paired with fewer product returns. If you are convinced of the benefits of tech, feel free to contact the AR experts of SelfStylo and integrate our virtual makeup app with your website today.