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virtual try-on technology

Virtual Try-On Technology: How Do AR Apps Help Brands

Virtual try-on technology is the new trend, helping beauty and cosmetic brands grow sales and brand awareness. The AR-powered tool overlays the digital content in a real-life environment. This allows brands to showcase their products in the virtual world and improve customer interaction.

Virtual try-on technology helps fashion brands to better meet user expectations. For example, with AR apps, users can try makeup products sitting on their couches. 

In general, the virtual try-on apps allow customers to try on cosmetics, makeup, accessories, jewelry, etc., through AR. Such interactive experiences help brands to grow their sales and reduce product returns. 

This article reveals why fashion brands should focus on using virtual try-on in 2023.

How Does Virtual Try-On Work? 

Virtual try-on apps are mobile or desktop apps that work on augmented reality technology. Many notable brands, like Gucci, H&M, Lego, etc., are offering AR experience to their experience. 

The AR tool benefits customers by letting them enjoy the convenience of shopping from home. They can scroll products, find what they like, and try them on. As a result, this either drives them to other items or reduces product returns for retailers. 

The user-friendly app integrates with the brand’s website. It uses facial recognition algorithms to define different areas of the face. Then, users can switch between makeup products and apply an overlay on face areas like lips, eyes, etc. 

Customers can consider virtual try-on tools like Instagram filters that allow you to change your look. Many AR apps also have social media integration. This will enable users to share their new look online. 

Let us discuss the future of AR or virtual try-on technology with some statistics. 

With customers preferring virtual try-on technologies, brands need to adopt the tools. However, reluctance to adopt AR will reduce profits and impact business growth. 

Explore the features of the SelfStylo AR tool and utilize the technology to generate profits! 

virtual try-on technology

Benefits Of Virtual Try-On For Brands

Retailers have to catch up with the trends to stay ahead. Virtual AR apps are effective ways to understand customer behaviors. 

Real-time analytics generated by apps help you learn about customer expectations. Then, depending on customer demands, you can create products, add discounts, and improve marketing efforts. 

There are several ways in which retailers can benefit from branded virtual try-on apps. Below are some reasons that compel brands to leverage AR apps. 

Improve Marketing 

AR is highly accessible as most smartphones can support the technology. It’s a great way to interact with customers who love online shopping. 

With AR tools, customers receive a realistic, personalized, and instant representation of how a product will look on them. It also collects vital customer information that can be an effective tool for marketing purposes. 

Another marketing tool brands can consider creating an AR filter campaign on Instagram. This helps brands drive traffic from social media platforms and improve brand awareness. 

High Conversion Rate 

Driving sales is not easy, especially where there is tough competition in the market. Virtual try-on technology offers personalized product recommendations to customers. 

For instance, if the user is looking for eyeshadow, eyeliner would be a great addition. In addition, selling products in combos according to user preference helps brands boost sales. 

Reduce Costs 

Shoppers are likely to return products they’ve brought without trying. This often contributes to high product returns and fewer profits. In a study by invesp, customers return around 30% of online products, whereas only 8.89% for in-store shopping. 

AR helps brands reduce product returns. With try-on apps, customers can try different products until they make up their minds about one. Such a digital shopping experience helps fashion brands improve their online selling profits. 

Establish Better Customer-Business Relationships 

Many eCommerce brands choose AR apps to plan for the future and gain customers. The try-on experience is user-friendly, fun, and interactive. 

Browsing products without the pressure to make a purchase gives freedom to customers. They not only start enjoying online shopping but also make a purchase. 

virtual try-on technology

Considering adding an AR tool to your brand website, consider SelfStylo. The AR tool benefits high-end brands with its advanced features. It has everything from trying hundreds of makeup products to sharing new makeup looks on social media. 

Get Ready To Integrate Virtual Try-On To Business 

Virtual try-on technology is a necessity as customers prefer digital shopping. Marketing is proliferating, encouraging brands to integrate it. 

Adding AR experience to shopping will keep your customers happy and costs down. It also ensures you create a solid online presence with shareable user-generated content. 

Now that you know AR’s endless benefits, it’s time to contact the experts. 

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