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Virtual Try-On Tool: Why Should Brands Choose AR Apps In 2023?

Virtual try-on tools are designed to let online shoppers try different products using their smartphones. However, this wasn’t the same as before. Despite the growing popularity of eCommerce, brick-and-mortar stores retained customers by allowing them to test products physically. But, with the massive shift to the digital world, fashion brands strive to offer a holistic user experience to online shoppers. 

Virtual AR try-on tools allow shoppers to “try before they buy” during online shopping for items such as makeup, clothing, jewelry, etc. IKEA and Wayfair are the two brands that rolled out AR and 3D applications to help users visualize the furniture in their home space. In this virtual try-on guide, we will reveal the basics of AR technology and how fashion brands and retailers can improve sales and generate profit with AR in 2023.

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What is Virtual Try-On? 

Virtual try-on tools are powered by Augmented Reality that allows consumers to pick different online products from the brand’s website and try them on before making a purchase. With the AR applications, consumers can dress in their favorite clothing, apply different makeup shades, and try jewelry before purchasing them — all using their handheld devices. 

With Augmented Reality technology, consumers can get a virtual makeover without physically visiting the store or trying a product on their faces. The latest AR technology enables fashion, cosmetics, and lifestyle brands to connect with customers at a deep, personal level to improve sales. Here are a few benefits that fashion brands can get after integrating AR tools in 2023. 

  • It helps customers to try their desired products and make easy buying decisions. 
  • AR in eCommerce increases the purchase chances and post-sale satisfaction rate. 
  • Users get a better and more personalized shopping experience which improves brand reputation. 
  • Quality face tracking allows users to get realistic pictures in real-time using AR apps. 

SelfStylo is an AR-powered makeup virtual try-on application that helps fashion brands leverage the power of new tech. Integrating the tool into the website enables customers to virtually test products before spending money and helps brands improve profits by giving holistic service during online shopping. 


Benefits Of Virtual Try-On For Brands In 2023 

Technology like AR and try-on tools has weaved its way into every industry and every life sphere. According to the MarketsandMarkets report, more brands will adopt AR apps, and its market is expected to cross $88.4 billion by 2026.

The reason behind the immense growth of AR is the hyperactive shoppers who want shopping power in their hands. AR applications are blurring the lines between online and offline shopping by helping shoppers try products and understand how something will look on them. 

Below is a list of how virtual try-on tools can benefit fashion brands in the upcoming digital era. 

User Content Personalization 

Customized content is the key to meeting rising customer expectations. With AR technology, customers can find the right product that suits their needs and preferences in less time. They can try clothing with the help of virtual mirrors to see if the garment fits their body size. Likewise, customers can apply different makeup products and shades virtually to find the one that matches their style and look. 

Reduce Product Returns

One of the main reasons why online retailers and eCommerce owners generate less profit margin is high product return rates. AR applications aim to eliminate customer disappointment and help them choose the right product that meets their needs. As a result, it reduces product returns, shortens the customer journey, and boosts store conversions.

 Increase Sales & Profit Margins 

AR apps recommend the right product type that matches the shopper’s browsing preferences and enables them to make a quick purchase decision for personalized items. Augmented Reality apps also suggest complementary items to complete shoppers’ looks, which leads to more sales and profits. 

Personalized Campaigns 

When customers browse through the products on a website, AR technology collects data about their personal preferences, interests, and buying habits. This helps brands to get insights into which product has high demand or fewer sales. Based on the collected information, sales and marketing teams can prepare strategies to make their advertising and marketing campaigns successful.

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Virtual Try-On Is The Future Of Retail 

With Augmented Reality tools becoming widely available, retail companies are hoping to harness the power of AR in 2023. Many big fashion brands like IKEA, Gucci, H&M, Lego, and Adidas have implemented the latest technologies to create a virtual world for their customers. 

They understand that personalization is essential for brands to succeed in the competitive era, and that’s where try-on and Augmented Reality features come into play. If you (as a fashion brand owner) intend to drive sales and gain customers in 2023, SelfStylo has your back. The virtual try-on tool is a one-of-the-kind application that utilizes AI and AR algorithms to help brands improve sales and generate profits.