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What is Virtual Try On? And Why Should Brands Care?

Are you looking for a way to boost sales and high customer engagement for your online store? Try the virtual-try-on feature.
Capable of keeping potential buyers hooked and compelled to make a purchase, this AR-driven tool is something that every online store should incorporate for sure. If this technology sounds alien to you and you’re not aware of its potential, check out this post. 

What Is Virtual Try On?

Virtual try-on is the feature that allows buyers to have a look at the product they are trying to buy. The feature uses augmented reality, allowing end-users to try an interesting item before making a final purchase. Many brands have started using this feature to give buyers the confidence they often lack.
Not every buyer does an impulsive purchase. Few are concerned about the size, fit, and final look of the product they are checking out. If they are a little bit skeptical, they won’t make a purchase.
With the virtual try-on feature, you have a chance to give that missing confidence. They can virtually try the products such as clothes or make-up and make a decision.  High-end brands like Dior, Estee Lauder, Channel, Nike, and many more are offering this facility to their customers.
Have a look at a few statistics that prove the excellence of the virtual try-on feature:

  • In Vietnam, 39% of buyers admitted that the use of virtual try-on features influenced their buying decision. The picture of the whole world resounds to it. 
  • 61% of consumers admitted that they would go with the businesses that are offering an AR experience. 

A Step Ahead: How Does Makeup Virtual Try-On Work?

The feature comes in many settings. Clothing brands will have an online trial room wherein people can upload their images and try the clothes/accessories they are interested in. But, nothing can’t beat the utility of advanced make-up virtual try-on tools like SelfStylo.
Unlike clothing virtual try-on, it won’t force you to upload your image to see how a lipstick or an eye-shadow look on you. It permits live video and stream to try the make-up.
Clothes have options for alteration. If attire isn’t fitting well but has aesthetic appeal, people often end up buying it as they can get the alterations done. But, this isn’t possible with make-up.
If you have no choice but to buy a product that must compliment your skin tone and personality. No adjustments are entertained.
For instance, if a lipstick shade isn’t suiting you, you have no choice but to dump it. The problem with make-up products is that they are not returnable most of the time. So, online buyers are ought to be hesitant before making a move.

Make-up virtual try tools are here to fix this. They bring the in-store try-and-buy facility to buyers’ doorstep. They only have to open the camera, go live, select the product, and try it on their actual skin.
This kind of virtual try-on tends to bring better results as you try products in real-time. With image upload, results can still vary as the image could be already edited, or the captured person might wear light make-up in the image. So, it won’t be easy to have an exact idea of the product you’re thinking of buying.
That’s not the end of it.
The make-up virtual try-on feature can even help you create a whole make-up look in real-time. You can try eye shadow, lipstick, liner or kajal, foundation, and everything else in one go and find out which products will help you get a gorgeous look.
Who thought one would be able to predict the final look before the make-up application even started? Well, a virtual make-up try-on can do that.

The Benefits of Using AR Try Before You Buy

  • Reduced cart abandonment and product return rate;
  • Improved customer-business relationship;
  • 2x conversion and more sales;
  • Extra promotion due to the interesting virtual try-on feature.

Why Should Brands Care About Virtual Try On?

Well, because:

  • Nearly $18 billion in sales is lost per year due to cart abandonment
  • 56% of US shoppers prefer shopping from the physical store because they have a real-time product experience this way 
  • The average cart abandonment rate is 70% in the US 

Take your online buying experience to a top-notch level with Try-Before-Buy

Your customers want more than great product quality. You need to give them the confidence to make a purchase. Gladly, it’s possible with the help of a virtual try-on. The feature uses AR/VR technology wisely and gives your potential customers a chance to have a virtual feel of the product/makeup before making the actual purchase.  
SelfStylo is the right choice here, as the tool uses modern augmented technology for virtual try-on make-ups and clothes. Offer it as a part of your product delivery and allow your customers to have a realistic virtual trial. It’s accessible through a web browser or app form. In one click, your customers will be able to have buying confidence. Start a contact-free trial today.