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10 best filter app for selfies guide

10 Best Filter Apps For Selfies In 2023

The best filter app for selfies is the one that comes with a bunch of features. But this isn’t as easy as it seems, especially when there are hundreds of options available. Snapchat, launched in 2011, has attracted over 188 million, making it one of the most popular face filter apps.

Half of the US population uses the application to try out new filters or selfie looks. Witnessing the growth of AR apps, many brands and even developers are looking to roll out their own filter apps that resemble Snapchat.

Whether you are a brand planning to attract Gen-Z users with a feature-rich selfie editor app or a user who wants to try augmented reality camera effects, this blog is for you.

List Of Best Selfie Apps To Get Flawless Pictures

A recent report by Snapchat indicates that over 200 million Snapchatters engage with AR daily on average. Hence, it is the ideal time when brands can think of incorporating AR tools and AR filters. Here we have shortlisted the top 10 face filter apps like Snapchat.

SelfStylo: Virtual Makeup Try-On Tool

SelfStylo is the best filter app for selfies based on augmented reality technology. Not only it helps you try hundreds of makeup products, but it also allows you to download and share the picture on social media channels.

What you’ll like about SelfStylo AR filters:

  • SelfStylo enables users to try a lot of makeup products, including lipsticks, eyeliners, mascara, eyeshadows, etc.
  • The social media integration feature helps you share your selfie directly on WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.
  • It uses face recognition technology to detect face and place filters.
  • Split-screen features allow users to add filters on half of their faces and see which makeup products suit their look.

Platform: Android

If you want to understand the features of the SelfStylo app, get in touch with the AR experts!

YouCam Fun

The YouCam Fun app is another excellent selfie photo app. It offers a great collection of 3D face filters and live stickers. As the name indicates, the YouCam Fun includes animal fun face filters to bring the wild side to life.

What you’ll like about YouCam Fun:

  • Wide range of face filters, including animals, live stickers, AR effects, hairstyles, etc.
  • Fast face detection and filter addition.
  • Upload as well as post-process existing pictures.

Platforms: iOS and Android


Facetune2 allows you to add free beauty and color filters to your selfies. The easy-to-use tool enhances your facial features by enlarging your eyes, taming your eyebrows, changing hair colors, etc.

What you’ll like about Facetune2:

  • Advanced editing tools to alter light sources in selfies.
  • Free trial available.

Platforms: iOS and Android


If you love vintage cameras, Retrica is your go-to app. With over 193 unique face filters and effects, the app lets you preview the final image before you snap.

What you’ll like about Retrica:

  • Built-in collage maker allows you to combine all your favorite pictures in a single frame.
  • Different retro-style flairs options, like a blur, grain, vignette, etc., are available for your selfies.

Platforms: iOS and Android


With AirBrush, you can remove imperfections from your selfies with the real-time editing tool. The eye brightener, teeth whitener, body slimmer, and blemish removal features help you to take perfect selfies.

What you’ll like about AirBrush:

  • A color correction option is available.
  • Natural-looking makeup filters.

Platforms: iOS and Android


The face filter app comes with a beautiful interface. All the essential tools in Cymera enable you to create the perfect look with a click of a button. The real-time beauty camera filters smoothen your skin, add stickers to makeup and hair, erase dark circles, and transform your dull picture.

What you’ll like about Cymera:

  • Unique camera lenses to upgrade your picture.
  • Plenty of filters that distinguish it from the ordinary selfie editor app.

Platforms: iOS and Android


One of the most popular and best selfie apps for iOS and Android is VSCO. The 10 free presets can be easily adjusted with a simple slider. However, you can even purchase a library of over 200 filters to tweak and play around with colors, exposure, temperature, brightness, etc.

What you’ll like about VSCO:

  • 10 free and 200 paid collections of the best filters available.
  • Easy to use editing tool.

Platforms: iOS and Android


SelfieCity is a makeup and beauty selfie app with plenty of filters named after different cities. The real-time beautification feature lets you smoothen your skin and slim your face.

What you’ll like about SelfieCity:

  • SelfieCity also has live AR effects, selfie collages, and stickers.
  • It has three new camera functions, including a polaroid, fish-eye lens, and smart reshape.

Platforms: iOS and Android

A Color Story

Designed with 400 filters, the best filter app for selfies has images from top photographers. It will bring you a new selfie with popping colors.

What you’ll like about Color Story:

  • The app features 20+ advanced editing tools, including curves and HSL.
  • It has over 120 movable effects that will make your selfie look mesmerizing.

Platforms: iOS and Android


Perfect365 is known for having more than 200 presets that will transform your face in one tap. The best part about Perfect365 is that it has over 20 makeup and beauty tools.

What you’ll like about Perfect365:

  • The app lets you enhance and shape your facial features for a flawless look.
  • It has an additional option that enables you to try hairstyles and hair colors.

Platforms: iOS and Android

What Makes a Great Filter App For Selfies? 

As a beauty brand, it’s always important to choose a feature-rich application that is easy to use and help customers in their makeup choice. Here are a few features to look out for when selecting the best filter apps for selfies.

  • Dashboard Analytics: Your choice of the app should have an analytics dashboard to have a dedicated, high-level view of customers. 
  • Hyper-Realistic Makeup: A good selfie app should help users with a hyper-realistic makeover. No more guesswork while selecting the best makeup look. 
  • Custom Costing Models: A tool worth its weight in gold should offer a custom costing model so you don’t have to spend out of your pocket. 
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Lots of features can be chaotic for the users. That’s why it’s vital to choose an AR app for fashion that has an easy-to-use interface. 

Which Is The Best Beauty Filter App? 

We put SelfStylo at position #1 because of its exclusive features and custom pricing model. It is competitively good compared to other beauty filter apps when it comes to excellent performance and high-quality makeovers. If you are thinking of adopting a tool that offers exclusive features at affordable prices, trust the SelfStylo AR tool. 

Try Amazing Filter Apps For Perfect Selfie Today

Many big brands are incorporating AR technology to bring the camera filter effect to life. Face tracking and augmented reality technology will help users play with different effects for a perfect look. SelfStylo is the best filter app for selfies that allows you to try hundreds of products and buy them with a few clicks.

Multiple features of the AR app help makeup enthusiasts understand how a makeup product looks on their faces. Beauty and makeup brands can even launch an AR filter campaign on Instagram, leading to more purchases and better revenue generation.

If you are a makeup brand looking to integrate the best filter app for selfies, schedule a free demo with SelfStylo!