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SelfStylo Guide: Features Of The Best AR Tool For Makeup Brands

Are you looking for the best AR tool for your fashion brand? Then you are at the right place! Today we are going to introduce SelfStylo — the best AR tool for fashion brands who are planning to escalate their business solution by implementing AR reality to their business solutions.

eCommerce surpasses traditional retail as more fashion brands integrate Augmented Reality technology into their business to leverage the perks of advanced technology. Fashion brands are now integrating cutting-edge technology, like the SelfStylo AR tool, into their eCommerce websites and in-store to gain more customers and improve brand authority in the competitive market. 

The fashion and beauty industry is following the digital-first approach with the help of AR apps to connect with shoppers. Now more than ever, fashion and beauty brands are exploring the virtual try-on features of the best AR tools to improve the customer shopping experience. This guide will help beauty brands understand the best features of an Augmented Reality tool and which virtual try-on tool they should choose.

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Features Of SelfStylo Virtual Try-On Tool

Digi-Capital’s estimate reveals that 3.5 billion mobile users will use Augmented Reality tools by 2022. To attract the Gen-Z generation, brands must create an interactive and engaging user experience with AR tools. Fashion brands need to analyze the essential features of the Augmented Reality virtual try-on technology for their customers that suit their needs and preferences.

SelfStylo is one of the widely used augmented reality tool for fashion brands. The clean UI/UX interface, multiple features, and social media integration feature of SelfStylo makes AR tools ideal for beauty and cosmetic brands. Let us understand the important features available in the SelfStylo AR tool for fashion brands below. 

Wide Range Of Makeup Products

SelfStylo is a virtual try-on makeup tool that allows users to try the entire collection of makeup products until they pick the perfect one. The best part about the feature-rich AR tool is that users can use different shades of lipstick, eye shadows, etc., to choose the one that gives them a perfect look.


The split screen feature in SelfStylo is another unique quality that makes the tool stand out from the crowd. It allows users to apply makeup products on half of their faces to make an informed purchase decision. 

Apply Multiple Makeup 

SelfStylo is a feature-rich Augmented Reality tool with multiple makeup features that enable customers to try on the full makeup in one go. Users can use a makeup combo from the available options such as Cerise, Venice, Smoky, Matterhorn, and Pastel.


For instance, users can try the Pastel combination of lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, and eyeliner to get their perfect look in one click. 

Download & Share 

SelfStylo Augmented Reality tool lets users play with lip colors, eyeliners, and eye shadows to create a new look.


With the help of an AR app, users can create the look by choosing their favorite products, downloading the makeup look, and sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp. Users can find the download and share buttons on the bottom right corner of the tool. 

Clean User Interface 

SelfStylo, a makeup try-on tool, collaborates with the in-store products to help users try the collection without physically visiting the store. SelfStylo is an AR-powered makeup virtual try-on tool with a clean and easy-to-use interface. All the essential features, such as viewing the applied makeup products, clearing the makeup, etc., are present in one line.


Users can not only try a wide range of makeup products on their faces with SelfStylo but also enjoy the clean and uncluttered interface that makes it an easy-to-use AR app. It comes with all the above features and can easily be integrated into the existing website or application. 

Benefits Of Virtual Try-On For Brands 

Tim Cook (the CEO of Apple), in his conversation with Vogue, said, “I don’t think there is any industry or sector that will be untouched by Augmented Reality.” Many brands have started incorporating Augmented Reality tools in their business, mainly because of increased customer engagement. The AI-powered technology in the beauty industry enables customers to try different makeup products through AR tech, choose the best combo, create and share their new look, and buy products in a few clicks. Below are the benefits of integrating the SelfStylo AR tool for makeup brands:

  • Brands that use AR tech can multiply their conversion rate by allowing customers to virtually try the products before spending their money. 
  • Fashion brands can create a combo offer that contains lip shades, eyeliners, foundation, eye shadows, and mascara to sell more products. 
  • Brands can easily integrate this best AR tool with their brand app or website with less implementation and onboarding time. 

The SelfStylo AR-powered virtual try-on tool gives a realistic look to the users’ faces and allows customers to imagine how they feel with a few clicks. As a result, customers can confidently purchase makeup products and avoid product returns.

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Integrate The Best AR Virtual Try-On Tool 

Augmented Reality helps fashion brands differentiate themselves from the crowd, win customers’ attention, and simplify user shopping. SelfStylo AR tool is a feature-rich application with multiple makeup features, a clean user interface, and a wide range of makeup products available to help customers make a fine choice.


Brands can integrate the tool with their website to improve the online shopping experience and make customers feel connected to the brand. If you want to incorporate the best AR tool into your fashion brand, feel free to try the feature-rich virtual try-on tool – SelfStylo.