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17 Benefits of Branded AR Filters in 2023 (Custom Filters)

AR filters for brands improve brand engagement and help you connect with customers in a user-friendly manner. The custom-branded filters are designed to help customers view products in an interactive and immersive way. The augmented reality applications can help brands target a wide range of audiences and grow sales in 2023.

Netflix, Gucci, H&M, Lego, and Adidas are a few big brands that have incorporated AR filters to improve the customer shopping experience and brand awareness on social media channels. With the custom AR filters, brands get an undeniable advantage of developing loyal customers. With AR, brands can engage with their customers at a more deep and personal levels.

The interactive experience of putting digital objects into the real-world environment using Augmented Reality enables customers to try different products in the virtual world. This article will help fashion brands understand how hyper-immersive custom AR filters can help their brand in the digital world.

What Is Augmented Reality (AR), & Why Create AR Filters for Brands? 

Like many other successful technologies, AR filters are an effective tool that helps brands and people engage on social media. The global revenue of mobile AR will grow from $6.87 billion in 2020 to $26.05 billion in 2025, indicating the high interest of brands and users in AR. Major players adopting AR filters as a part of their marketing strategy get access to customers from different platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. Below are some key reasons why brands should consider a custom AR filter in 2023.

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Reduce Product Uncertainty 

AR filters help brands sell products by removing the uncertainty from online shopping and enabling customers to try products virtually on their faces or bodies before buying. 


Appeal To Gen-Z 

AR filters appeal to Gen-Z as the immersive technology facilitates customer interaction and helps them visualize the products before spending their hard-earned money. 

Boost Conversions

Visual user-generated content with AR filters allows brands to improve conversion rates and brand reputation in the competitive market. 

Reach More Audience

The shareable experience offered by Augmented Reality apps triggers more views and helps brand products reach more customers without out-of-pocket expenses. 

Stimulate User Experience 

Custom AR filters stimulate user engagement and customer buying behavior with services that are customized per user needs. 

Holds User Attention 

The engaging visual content created by AR tools holds user attention for a long time, helping users make purchases and brands generate revenue. 

Drive More Sales 

Facebook and Instagram AR Ads help brands drive sales and create brand awareness on social media platforms with filters. 

Get More Customers 

Dynamic, fast, and fun filters are easy to share, get viral faster, and help brands get more customers through social media apps. 

Create Branded Content 

80% of customers who follow brands on social media platforms like Instagram want to see more branded content with custom AR filters. 

Promote New Products

Social media apps like Instagram are the best places where customers find new products from top brands, making it easy for brands to promote all their products. 

Cost-Effective Solution 

Compared to other advertising methods, AR filters are an affordable way to connect with customers at a personal level. 

Instagram AR Stories 

Millions of people use Instagram stories daily, and Augmented Reality filters work well with them, enabling companies to connect with more users. 

Memorable AR Content 

As AR content is personalized, it is memorable and helps customers remember the brand for a long time. 

Track Performance 

The easy-to-track analytics of AR filters allow brands to understand their audiences and improve customer service. 

Perfect For Agile Marketing 

AR tools are perfect for agile marketing campaigns as they are faster to create and have less time-to-market rate. 

Create Creative Content 

TikTok’s AR platform – Effect House, Instagram AR filters, and creative short-form content on Facebook are a few strategies to get user attention with new tech. 

Highly Competitive Market 

Every brand should adopt AR, as big enterprises and growing brands are expected to spend a lot on AR. Companies that avoid using advanced tools will be left behind by big brands. 

SelfStylo, an AR-powered makeup virtual try-on tool, helps fashion brands deliver personalized customer service without spending a lot on paid Ads. The feature-rich tool allows brands to improve conversion rates, reduce product returns, and improve brand awareness.

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Increase Instagram Followers Using AR Filters For Brands

Social media platforms are the best ways to advertise and market brands’ products in the digital world. Using Instagram AR filters help brands drive organic traffic and position their company at a high level. The best way to increase the follower count, drive customers, and engage users is to create a custom AR filter and share it on Highlights and Instagram Stories. 

One of the best examples of AR filters on Instagram is Kylie Cosmetics – a fashion brand. The fun filter allowed users to try different lipstick shades and share them in their Instagram stories. The engaging abilities of customized AR made user interaction fun while being a low-key promotional for the brand.

Get Custom AR Filters for Brands Today

Brands targeting communities should focus on creating a memorable, fun, and unique customer experience. Big players like Versace, Off-White Sunglasses and Kylie Cosmetics have seen a rise in conversion rates after adopting branded AR filters. 

Customers expect exceptional service from the brand, and Augmented Reality is an example of advanced personalization. If you are a fashion brand that wants to help shoppers try products virtually using their handheld devices, check out the SelfStylo app that allows you to create custom-branded AR filters.