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augmented reality cosmetics app 2023

Augmented Reality Cosmetics: How AR Is Impacting The Beauty Industry

Augmented reality cosmetics try-on tool is becoming the ultimate game-changer for brands in the beauty industry. Many brands like L’Oréal, Sephora, Macy’s, and Nordstrom have adopted augmented reality apps to improve customer experience. While many brands adopted AR during the pandemic due to safety reasons, many others are likely to continue experimenting with the tech. 

Cosmetics brands use virtual makeup try-on tools to create immersive digital experiences for their consumers. Whether it is about promoting beauty products, engaging customers, or gathering attention from social media, AR can do it all. This augmented reality guide reveals how AR will impact the beauty industry in 2023. 

The State of Beauty Augmented Reality Today

With customers preferring augmented reality during online shopping, many beauty brands are hopping on the digital shopping trend. For instance, the top social media platform, Snapchat, is harnessing the power of AR to help users virtually try beauty products. 

Let’s have a look at some key findings of Snapchat’s report about online shopping: 

  • 93% of Snapchatters prefer using AR (augmented reality) for shopping. That’s why brands must adopt the technology if they want to attract a broader audience. 
  • 97% of Snapchatters have used visual communication while messaging friends. The report reveals that AR helps brands connect with customers and offer personalized services. 
  • Shoppers feel that AR helps them identify the right size and style of the product while making the shopping experience fun and interactive. 

The top priority of brands is to cater to the unique needs of the client. And that’s where using AR in the beauty industry comes into the picture.

Implementing AR-powered apps help customers with a virtual try-on experience using a smartphone to try lipsticks, eyeliners, etc. This eventually allows makeup companies to boost customer satisfaction and brand engagement. 

How Is Augmented Reality Changing The Beauty Industry?

Augmented reality solutions are becoming one of the best forms of technology, especially for the cosmetics industry. With AR, brands can streamline the customer shopping experience and serve them better right at their homes. Below are the top five ways brands can integrate AR in business. 

Virtual Store 

Virtual stores let customers try makeup products in the virtual world. With AR, you can facilitate a digital tour of your store to all online shoppers. The virtual space acts as a replica of the physical stores where customers can access virtual cosmetics. With a few clicks on their smartphones, customers can take guided tours to look for products and make handy purchases. 

Augmented Reality Campaigns

Customers always want to try something new, but they also want to ensure that they’re putting their money in the right direction. Brands are launching augmented reality campaigns to help hesitant clients visualize products before buying. Using AR campaigns, users could view hair color or a makeup shade on themselves. In addition, they can share their AR experiences on social media platforms, helping brands improve their reach. 

Virtual Beauty Filters 

Many beauty brands are teaming up with augmented reality technology to create branded AR filters. Social media filters are a fun, interactive, and engaging way to help customers view, try, and shop products in a few clicks. SelfStylo AR try-on tool allows customers to use the front-facing camera and test products from the comfort of their homes. Brands can create AR makeup filters to help customers try eyeshadows, lipsticks, eyeliners, etc., to make a satisfactory purchase. 

Virtual Makeup Tutorial 

Virtual mirrors help customers try several shades of makeup in an instant. They can quickly test colors with the 3D elements without actually trying them on. The best part about the virtual mirror is to showcase makeup in a photorealistic manner. When customers get complete product information before buying, brands can reduce product returns and improve brand sales. 

Virtual Try-On 

One of the widely known applications of augmented reality in the beauty business is virtual try-on tools. With an engaging and interactive augmented reality cosmetics try-on app, customers can try makeup products in real-time. This eliminates the need to visit physical stores or use testers. Tools like SelfStylo offer split-screen features to help customers see how lipsticks will look on them by dividing the screen. This, in turn, lets users make quick decisions and reduce overall product returns for brands.

If you want to offer a store-like experience to your customers, it’s time to integrate AR try-on tools. AR beauty technology collects individual data from previous purchases to recommend products. 

How SelfStylo AR Tool Help Your Cosmetic Business? 

There is a wide range of AR makeup tools available; however, not all of them are the same. Here are a few reasons SelfStylo AR tools stand out as the ideal solution for beauty brands. 

  • Data Analytics Dashboard: It’s complicated to manually track a user’s try-on journey. That’s why SelfStylo features an intuitive dashboard, so you can track customers, understand their behavior, and boost sales. 
  • Realistic Look: SelfStylo AR virtual try-on tool creates a hyper-realistic AR virtual makeover, helping users understand how cosmetic products would look on them. 
  • Easy Integration: SelfStylo can be easily integrated into a brand’s website or app, ensuring you can get started with AR. 

SelfStylo understands that building your own AR app or figuring out a new AR tool can be challenging. That’s why we offer a free demo to our customers, helping them learn the unique features of the AR application. 

So, don’t start from scratch. Instead, let SelfStylo help you jump into the AR bandwagon in a few simple steps. 

Future Of AR In The Cosmetics Industry 

The cosmetics industry is one sector that is actively participating in digital retail. Augmented reality is one such technology that can help businesses improve customer service and make shopping interactive. With customers preferring AR shopping, only brands that integrate the tech can stay ahead. 

Since there are endless ways to incorporate augmented reality applications, we can see top brands jumping into the bandwagon in 2023. The SelfStylo AR makeup app is one of the best tools for helping beauty brands connect with their customers. In addition, you can create AR filters for social media platforms or launch AR campaigns to expand brand reach. 

Don’t just wait; schedule a free demo with SelfStylo to integrate the augmented reality cosmetics try-on app today!