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AR YouTube Campaigns guide

3 AR Campaigns on YouTube That You Should Know

Augmented reality has added a new chapter to product advertising. Brands have quickly taken cognizance of the evolving digital space, allowing marketing heads to utilize AR and VR to create campaigns.  The fashion industry is not too far behind, with brands from Gucci to Louis Vuitton relying on AR YouTube campaigns to promote new launches.

The fashion industry has probably seen the most innovative use of AR. With its continued advancement, AR YouTube campaigns are more likely to become the norm than an exception.

In today’s article, let’s analyze the top AR YouTube campaigns from the past. Once you’re done analyzing them, we’ll talk about how you can start an AR YouTube campaign yourself!

Top 3 AR YouTube Campaigns You Should Know About

The fashion and beauty industry has been quick to pick on AR campaigns. Besides the top-performing AR campaigns mentioned below, Estee Lauder’s collaboration with Snapchat created a buzz in 2021 when it let users enjoy perfumes from their upcoming luxury line.

Gucci Ace Sneaker Try-On App

Web 3.0 enthusiasts were blown away by Gucci when the renowned Italian fashion business launched its Ace Sneaker Try-On AR app. The Gucci Ace trainers, released in 2019, could be virtually tried using their AR app. 

Users could examine numerous designs and see how these expensive trainers suited their styles without setting foot inside a store.  

Gucci’s campaign received millions of views and shares on YouTube and other social media sites. The app’s interactive features made it an instant hit among fashion lovers and demonstrated how augmented reality (AR) could bridge the gap between online and in-store experiences.

Sephora Virtual Artist AR Feature 

Sephora, a pioneer in the beauty and cosmetics sector, launched the Virtual Artist augmented reality function in 2016. Customers could virtually try on beauty products, play with different colors, and preview the finished look before purchasing. 

Through tutorials and demonstrations of the Virtual Artist function, Sephora’s AR YouTube campaign showed viewers how to improve their beauty regimen with augmented reality. 

The campaign showed how AR could make cosmetics shopping more comfortable and reliable, leading to more interaction and online sales.

Ray-Bans Virtual Try-On Glasses 

In 2020, the company Ray-Ban, famous for its distinctive eyewear, introduced a Virtual Try-On function for sunglasses. With the AR YouTube campaign, customers could view different Ray-Ban sunglasses on their faces in real-time from their smartphones or laptops.

The Virtual Try-On component of Ray-Ban’s YouTube campaign showcased its ease of use and accuracy, illuminating how augmented reality might completely transform how people shop for eyewear. 

They also unveiled their AR-supported smart sunglasses, which helped users gain information about a product through a simple tap.

How to Create Your Own AR YouTube Campaign

After looking at some previous successful augmented reality campaigns, let’s talk about the essential steps to developing your own augmented reality campaign for your fashion line.

Outline Your Goals

Clearly identify your advertising objectives before launching AR. Are you trying to increase brand visibility, internet sales, or customer engagement? Your AR YouTube campaign’s trajectory will be determined by the goals you establish.

Understand Your Audience

Know the preferences and actions of your target audience. What draws them in? How can AR improve how customers interact with your brand? Make your augmented reality marketing relevant to your audience. 

Develop an Authentic Concept

Invent innovative concepts that fit your objectives and target audience. Think about how augmented reality can improve your offering. The possibilities are endless, whether it is through virtual try-ons, immersive experiences, or interactive storytelling.

Select the Right Technology

Choose the right AR solution tool that works for your campaign. Location-based AR, markerless AR, and marker-based AR are available options. Collaboration with AR specialists or organizations helps speed up this process.

Create High-Quality Content 

Create engaging and interactive augmented reality content. Prioritize quality and usability while creating 3D product models, interactive experiences, or educational demos.

Promote the Campaign on Social Media

Promote your augmented reality campaign via YouTube and other social media channels. Make lessons, teaser videos, and other interesting content to pique viewers’ interest.

Measure and Optimize 

Keep track of important statistics like engagement, conversion rates, and user comments. Make constant improvements to your AR YouTube campaign using this information.

Go Fashion Forward With AR YouTube Campaigns

Fashion firms have embraced the potential of augmented reality to engage customers in fresh, engaging ways. We learn important things about the potential of AR in the fashion sector by looking at previous AR ads from well-known companies like Gucci, Sephora, and Ray-Ban. 

Fashion-forward firms wishing to use this technology to engage, inspire, and captivate their audience in the digital age can use the steps indicated for establishing their own AR YouTube campaign as a blueprint. 

For a smoother onboarding to AR, SelfStylo is here to help! We offer seamless integration of virtual try-on AR features, making it a novel way for brands to engage with their customers. If you’re eager to make your brand AR-ready, request a free demo today. Together, let’s see what the future of your service would look like!

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