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ar marketing campaigns tutorial

5 Must-Try AR Marketing Campaigns: Tutorial For Beginners [2023]

AR marketing campaigns are becoming increasingly popular as marketers find new ways to experiment with tech. This tutorial includes the best AR marketing campaign examples by leading brands to give you an idea about the combination of technology and marketing. 

Augmented reality technology is changing the way brands showcase their products and services to consumers in the online world. Advertisers are adopting advanced technology to create unique and engaging advertising campaigns that connect with the potential audience. 

As consumers find augmented reality interesting, marketers and advertisers are shifting their thinking and dollars to AR-inspired marketing campaigns. Brands can adopt immersive augmented reality technology to blur the difference between the physical and digital worlds. Keep reading to explore the 5 best AR advertising campaigns by brands and what the future looks like. 

5 Best AR Advertising Marketing Campaigns By Brands

According to the marketing trend report by Yord Studio, 32% of retailers plan to implement AR with around an expected increase of 44.9% annual Web3 expansion rate. That means markets and retailers can gain new customers using augmented reality technology. If you are a brand planning to create successful AR marketing campaigns, here are a few brands to take inspiration from. 


BON V! V, the hard seltzer company, collaborated with a WebAR agency to create one of the best AR marketing campaigns of the decade. The brand launched the Spiked Seltzer and offered customers a whole 3D vending machine experience. The 3D murals, geo-location politics, and call-to-action integrations created a real immersive experience for the customers.  


Another remarkable AR advertising campaign was launched by IKEA in 2017. The core idea of the campaign was to showcase IKEA’s Christmas trees to customers. Customers could easily drag and drop the tree in their space using IKEA’s mobile application. 

Pizza Hut

One of the most renowned brands, Pizza Hut, launched an AR campaign named Newstalgia (New + Nostalgia). The limited-edition pizza boxes had QR codes that enabled users to scan and play games. Whenever users scanned the code, they were directed to play the AR version of the iconic game – PAC-MAN. 

Estee Lauder 

Estee Lauder launched an AR marketing campaign to attract millennials and GenZ. The Snapchat AR campaign allowed users to explore the luxury fragrance collection from the four brands – Radiant Mirage, Sensuous Stars, Tender Light, and Dream Dusk. Users could activate the AR filter, pick the perfume, and enjoy the immersive experience highlighting inspirations and emotions behind the scent. 

Burger King 

The motto of the AR advertising campaign by Burger King was “After all, a flamed grilled burger is always better.” Integrating the AR features into the app allowed users to scan any competitor ad and burn it using AR. As a result, users enjoyed crashing Burger King’s competition and won a free whopper. 

These are a few AR advertising examples used by brands. As AR campaigns can generate traffic and improve the shopping experience, many brands are launching new and exciting campaigns every year. 

Augmented Reality Trends To Watch Out For In 2023

As technology advances, it opens up new user experience avenues. AR in the retail and eCommerce sectors can help customers try products before buying, reducing product returns and enhancing customer satisfaction. Below are a few AR in marketing trends that brands need to know. 

  • Brands will invest more in AR advertisements to establish emotional connections with their customers. 
  • Using AR as a marketing technique can increase purchase chances and audience engagement by allowing customers to try products from the comfort of their homes. 
  • AR-based marketing campaigns will stand out as they help brands capture customers’ attention on social media, like Instagram, Snapchat, etc. 
  • AR live streaming will become more popular, and brands will prefer Instagram Live and TikTok Live to promote and sell products. 

There is no doubt that AR is set to grow in the competitive market, helping brands in raising awareness about their products. Many businesses are integrating AR into their online business to help customers visualize products in the 3D environment. 

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Create Your Own AR Marketing Campaign With SelfStylo 

Augmented reality is a trend that is gaining pace and being adopted by brands at a large scale. The immersive shopping experience of AR can help companies market products and gain customer attention in the highly-competitive era. 

Not only can AR boost brand awareness, but it can also grab people’s attention quickly and for a long time. If you want to understand how to create AR marketing campaigns for your brand, talk to SelfStylo experts today!