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5 Ways To Leverage AR In Digital Marketing Strategy 2023

AR in digital marketing is gaining momentum as modern businesses are incorporating augmented reality to engage customers. Instead of limiting AR to sci-fi movies, digital marketers are integrating augmented reality technology into their marketing strategy. 

Augmented reality superimposes computer-generated images over real-world environments to make them more interactive. With AR, the retail market is growing rapidly. Hence, it’s more important than ever for brands to understand customers’ needs and sell products accordingly.

But what exactly is AR technology, and why should marketers use it? In this guide, we will explain why marketers and advertisers should make use of AR to create digital marketing campaigns in 2023! 

Why Use Augmented Reality In Digital Marketing? 

AR is not only influencing digital marketing but also immensely changing and impacting it. As per Statista, there will be an estimated 1.7 billion mobile augmented reality user devices worldwide by 2024, a rise of 1.5 billion from the 200 million witnessed in 2015. This means users prefer using AR to view products and shop in the online world. 

The main advantage of using augmented reality is that it allows customers to understand and try the product in the virtual world. Many customers have said they are willing to pay more for a product if they can try it before buying. Here are a few more reasons to consider AR in your digital marketing strategy! 

  • Many companies are launching AR applications as the technology is highly accessible to the general public. 
  • Anyone having a smartphone or tablet can easily access an AR experience. 
  • AR apps offer a real-time analytic dashboard. Brands can understand which products are highly preferred by customers. 

5 Ways To Use AR In Digital Marketing 

Below we have curated a list of how brands and marketers can use augmented reality. 

Grab Customer Attention 

Grabbing customer attention in the highly competitive world isn’t as easy as it seems. The advent of new technologies has made it more challenging for businesses to grow their business and connect with potential customers. 

Only a brand with a good marketing strategy can capture customers’ attention. AR technology is one of the best ways to gather attention from your target audience. 

The best part about AR is that it can excite customers to make a quick purchase decision. The technology keeps customers hooked throughout their shopping journey, leading to more purchases. 

Boost Brand Awareness

Launching new products isn’t the only way to generate better revenue and boost sales. Brands need to focus on uplifting their brand reputation and increasing awareness among the target audience. 

Incorporating AR in marketing will help brands create memorable experiences for their customers. Beauty brands can launch AR apps to let customers apply new makeup products in the virtual world using their smartphones. 

When customers get a chance to try new products from the comfort of their homes, it improves brand reputation, brand awareness, and customer satisfaction. 

Offer Interactive & Immersive Experiences 

Brands can create interactive and immersive digital marketing campaigns to better connect with their online customers and widen their reach. Leveraging the power of AR ensures that brands can fill the gap between the digital and real worlds. 

Instead of letting customers view product pictures or read product descriptions, brands can create AR apps to allow online shoppers to experience the product in a 3D environment. As a result, this helps brands upsell their products while allowing customers to buy confidently. 

Enable Try Before You Buy 

High product returns can not only harm the revenue of the company, but it can also affect the brand reputation. When brands leverage AR in marketing and advertising, it lets customers try products before they pay. 

Whether it is glasses, makeup, jewelry, or shoes, customers can use the augmented reality app to see how a product would look like on them. Many brands, like Nike, L’Oréal, IKEA, Gucci, etc., have adopted this new concept to reduce product return and boost sales. 

SelfStylo is a virtual makeup try-on tool that enables fashion enthusiasts to try products before purchasing. The clean UI/UX interface helps users apply hundreds of makeup products within a few clicks on their smartphones. 

Improve Social Media Marketing 

Augmented reality works as a powerful tool in social media marketing. Advertisers and marketers can use AR in social media to convey brand messages to potential customers without spending money on paid ads. 

Fashion brands can develop AR filters for Instagram to spread messages about their product or service to younger audiences. Not only do the augmented reality filters create a unique and engaging experience, but it also enables brands to build customer loyalty. 

If a brand wants to stand out from the crowd, it needs to shift the focus from traditional ads to digital 3D displays. Augmented reality makes the ads fun and offers personalized product recommendations by analyzing customer behavior and search history. Hence, it helps companies to sell more products and hedge against the competition without spending out of pocket. 

Create Augmented Reality Experiences For Your Customers 

Emerging technologies like augmented and virtual reality are the future of digital marketing as they make online shopping fun. Forward-looking businesses must adopt AR in digital marketing to make their services and products stand out from the crowd. 

AR-led digital strategies mean providing interactive, informative, and engaging content to users while building customer loyalty and boosting sales. If you are a fashion brand that wishes to leverage the benefits of AR in digital marketing, the team of SelfStylo is here to help you grow your ROI and reduce returns.