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ai in the fashion industry for brands

AI In The Fashion Industry: How AI Is Changing The Fashion Retail

AI in the fashion industry is transforming how fashion brands sell their products in the online world. AI is revolutionizing the fashion industry from designing to manufacturing to supply chain and marketing. Augmented reality apps powered by artificial intelligence are widely used as interactive tools to connect with customers. 

In the age of digitization, AR and AI have become the most critical tools for fashion businesses. Big brands are adopting technologies like augmented reality, machine learning, and AI to help shoppers visualize products in an interactive environment. This guide will discuss how AI is changing fashion with its use cases and role in the industry. 

Uses Of AI In The Fashion Industry 

The worldwide luxury apparel market was valued at nearly 71 billion U.S. in 2020. dollars states the Statista report. Furthermore, the report reveals that the global luxury market will cross 278 billion U.S. by 2031. That said, the fashion market will become highly competitive in the upcoming years. In order to hedge against the competitive edge, fashion retailers can use digital techs like AR and AI models. Below are the main benefits and use cases of AI-powered tools in improving the customer shopping experience. 

AI In Fashion Design 

As trends in the fashion industry change at a rapid pace, it becomes more critical for businesses to understand the competitive market. Clothing brands must keep pace with new styles to attract a broad customer market. However, identifying the latest fashion trends is not as easy as it seems. The powerful AI algorithms help designers detect new designs or patterns to reduce forecasting errors. 

AI In Apparel Manufacturing 

In the fashion apparel industry, businesses should automate mundane and labor-intensive tasks. Artificial intelligence technology is used to perform several tasks like sewing and sorting dresses at a faster speed and more accuracy. AI-enabled machines and robots can detect faults in fabrics to ensure customers are given high-quality products. 

AI In Fashion Retail 

Many fashion brands are using AI and AR tools to monitor customers’ activities and preferences. For instance, augmented reality is used by luxury brands to offer personalized product recommendations. The customer data generated by the advanced tool will help brands understand what kind of products a customer prefers to buy and what they ignore. 

AI Fashion Stylist 

One of the best ways to use AI solutions for fashion is through fashion stylists. The AI assistant will help customers find products that fit their body size and style. Augmented reality apps work on the same concept. The app analyzes customer behavior and offers personalized recommendations that match their needs. Fashion enthusiasts need to stand in front of their smartphones and try all the fashion products on them. 

AI Smart Mirror 

Similar to the AR app, brands are using smart mirrors powered by AR to help shoppers try garments and accessories. The latest technology, like AR and VR, bridge the gap between online and in-store shopping. Customers can stand in front of the AI-based smart mirror to try different clothes in the virtual world. Instead of physically trying the clothes on, customers can try hundreds of products using smart mirrors. 

SelfStylo is one of the feature-rich AR-powered makeup try-on tools. Fashion stores can integrate the application into their business to upsell and cross-sell products. Customers can look and find the right makeup product using the AR try-on tool without the need to actually try it. In addition, when customers can try products before buying, it improves customer satisfaction, brand awareness, and overall sales. 

Role Of AI In Revolutionizing The Future Of Fashion

Artificial intelligence is redefining how fashion retailers engage and interact with their customers. By integrating AR and AI technology, fashion brands strive to put personalization at the forefront for customers. It can make customer journeys easy from pre-sale to post-sale and help customers find exactly what they are looking for. 

Technological advancement will impact the fashion industry in the coming years. Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality aim to streamline customer shopping services. These technologies will help brands get high ROI, improve sales, and stay ahead of the competition. Here are a few prominent roles of AI in fashion. 

  • Fashion trend forecasting 
  • Gaining a deep understanding of customer behavior 
  • Personal styling solutions based on their preferences 
  • Virtual try-on experience and virtual fitting rooms 
  • Online search recommendations 
  • Logistics automation and reduced product return 
  • Inventory management with robots and automation tools 
  • Fitting and sizing recommendation solutions depending on customer needs 

Enter the AI and AR World with SelfStylo 

It’s possible to build your own AR app in 5 simple steps. However, you’ll need to hire a team of AR experts, spend time searching for the best features, and spend a hefty amount of money. But that’s not the case if you choose the SelfStylo AR tool. It’s an innovative AR solution responsible for revolutionizing the customer shopping experience. 

Want to know how you can get started with the SelfStylo AR tool? 

  • Upload your product catalog, so your customers can see what you offer. 
  • Combine different products to create a combo or set and upsell. For instance, you can combine bold lipstick with trendy eyeliner and blush. 
  • Integrate SelfStylo on your website or app. 
  • Keep track of your sales and customer behavior using the customer data analytics dashboard. 

Not sure if SelfStylo is the best pick for you? Avail of a free demo and let SelfStylo experts explain the features in detail to make the decision process easy. 

Integrate Artificial Intelligence App In Your Business

Integrating AI into fashion retail has proven beneficial for brands. Customers can find, try, and view products with a few clicks in the 3D environment. Businesses can leverage augmentative intelligence to improve their business model and attract shoppers. The AR application will help you grow market share and revenue while cutting unnecessary expenses like operational costs and product returns. 

If you are planning to stand ahead of the curve, it’s time to contact the AR experts. SelfStylo is a virtual makeup try-on tool that helps fashion brands serve their customers better. The advanced features, like a clean UI/UX interface, split-screen, and social media integration, will help customers engage with the products and shop better. Remember, AR and AI combination are the keys to manufacturing products and costumes to make them attractive to the customers, 

Schedule a free demo with SelfStylo experts to leverage the power of AR and AI in the fashion industry.