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Virtual Dressing Room trend in 2023

Virtual Dressing Room: How Can Retailers Benefit From The Tech 

The virtual dressing room is a technology that helps online shoppers try items virtually and make their final purchase decision. Using smartphones, customers can try on clothing, makeup, jewelry, or shoes without leaving their homes. 

Virtual try-on technology is a blend of two booming technologies – augmented reality and artificial intelligence. It works by placing the item over a live image of the shopper, so they can virtually analyze the shape, style, size, and fit of the product. 

In this article, we will discuss what virtual fitting room technology is and how it can help fashion retailers hedge against the competition. 

virtual dressing room technology

What Is Virtual Fitting Room Technology?

A virtual fitting room is the digital version of a physical store, where online shoppers can visualize products on their bodies. This allows users to understand how different products will look on them. Integrating virtual fitting rooms help brands reduce expensive product return and boost customer loyalty. 

Most virtual fitting rooms for eCommerce leverage augmented reality technology where the webcam scans a customer’s body to create a 360° 3D model. Many leading fashion retailers allow shoppers to browse, try, and shop for products without stepping out of their homes. 

Remember, nowadays, customers are not only looking for a virtual fitting room. Instead, they want a personalized fitting platform that offers a diverse shopping experience just a few clicks away. That being said, an online fitting room that meets customers’ needs defines the success of implementation. 

SelfStylo supports retailers in both the online and in-store world while offering a superior shopping experience to customers. The makeup virtual try-on tool customers can try, view, and shop hundreds of cosmetics products like lipsticks, eyeliners, eyeshadows, etc., with a few clicks. 

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Benefits Of Virtual Fitting Rooms

The virtual fitting room experience offers many advantages to fashion retailers and online shoppers. In fact, customers that use AR apps or tools to try on different products during online shopping are likely to shop with the brand often. Here are a number of ways augmented and virtual reality can benefit retailers.  

Improves Convenience 

In-store fitting rooms improve the customer shopping experience. A study reveals that around 97% of shoppers have abandoned a purchase because it was not convenient enough. This is where virtual dressing rooms come into the picture. 

Unlike walking into a physical changing room of brick-and-mortar stores and swapping multiple clothing options, virtual dressing rooms are highly convenient. Shoppers can walk to the virtual mirror and see how a product would look on their body type without physically touching them. 

Boost Customer Loyalty 

In the busy lifestyle, it can be challenging for shoppers to find the right product fit and style quickly. Adding virtual dressing room technology solves a massive problem for customers as they can quickly find the products that suit their style and preferences.

When they can try products using their smartphones or tablets, they save time. In addition, it reduces unwanted product return rates as customers can test products in real-time through a mobile device before purchasing. 

Overall, virtual fitting technology makes shopping easy and fun, improving customer loyalty. 

Drive More Online Sales 

The main goal of the latest technology is to help shoppers determine their best fit and style. Such shopping experiences boost customer confidence and encourage them to complete a purchase. 

Not only does AR attract new customers and make shopping easier, but it also makes the overall experience interactive. As a result, retailers have been able to drive repeat purchases and boost average order value with virtual fitting solutions. 

Getting Deeper Analytics 

Virtual try-on tools and AR apps help brands with customers’ product preferences. For instance, the technology enables you to identify which products are loved by customers and which need to be modified. 

If you’re a retail company that sells eyeglasses, virtual try-on tools identify which frames are preferred by customers. The information thus gathered helps retailers tailor marketing campaigns and design future products that suit customers’ needs. 

Foster Positive Brand Image 

With technology becoming an unforgettable friend, young shoppers are inclined toward brands that use a virtual fitting room. By introducing a virtual dressing room experience, your loyal customers will perceive your company as customer-focused and innovative. As a result, your brand gets an edge against the competition and grows enormously. 

Analyze Products In Real-Time

Before ordering an item online, customers can see what items are available and how they will look on their bodies. For instance, fashion retailers can help their customers by allowing them to add the digital version of the shoe onto a shopper’s foot. Hence, there’s no need to say that virtual technology has the power to replace the physical fitting room experience. 

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Get Started With Your eCommerce Virtual Dressing Room 

With the increasing competition, many retailers have seen low customer engagement and high return rates. They are finding new ways to get ahead and tackle the in-store shopping hassles. Virtual dressing rooms are a viable option for fashion retailers looking to improve business performance. 

Retailers can take their online and offline selling experiences to the next level using Instagram AR filters or creating innovative marketing campaigns. The advanced tech helps customers visualize clothes fit in the virtual world and make more informed purchase decisions. 

SelfStylo is a virtual makeup try-on tool that allows customers to try makeup virtually. It also includes a social media feature, enabling users to test products and share their experiences on social media platforms. Get in touch with our AR experts today to learn more about virtual dressing room technology.