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instagram ar filters guide for brands

Instagram AR Filters: Ultimate Guide To Use AR Filters For Instagram [2023]

Instagram AR filters for brands have seen a meteoric rise as they are an effective way to engage with Gen-Z users and millennials. Since Instagram’s launch in 2010, the social media platform has grown tremendously. 

Over 1 billion monthly active Instagram users make the platform one of the top four social networks across the globe. That’s why many brands leverage the power of social media to get much-needed attention. 

The interactive features of Instagram, such as polling, Instagram’s new AR filters, and questions, are fun ways for brands to engage users. For instance, fashion and beauty brands can showcase 3D images of their products in the virtual world using Instagram AR filters. As a result, customers can confidently make their purchases. 

What Is An Instagram Stories AR Filter?

Before getting into the nitty gritty of AR custom filters for Instagram, it’s time to understand the basics of the technology. 

Let’s start with what augmented reality is and how advanced technology is incorporated into Instagram. 

AR filters, in simple words, are computer-generated effects superimposed over real-life images displayed by the camera. In Instagram stories, the AR filters alter the image produced by the front or back camera in the real world. 

For instance, the puppy face filter of Instagram works by superimposing the dog’s nose and ears over yours to create an effect. The digital AR effects on your face move as you move. This interactive element of Instagram stories is a fun and novel way to showcase new products. 

Why Create AR Filters For Instagram Stories?

Many brands like Coca-Cola are using AR filters for Instagram stories to reach younger audiences on Instagram. Around 25 million brands use Instagram to promote their services and products to their targeted customers. Especially businesses targeting younger audiences are creating branded AR filters to improve their reach and revenue. If you are perplexed about why you need to create an AR filter for Instagram and Facebook, here are a few reasons to consider. 

Showcase Your Brand Personality

Custom AR filters help brands showcase their unique personality to the audience. Instead of doing what other brands do, they can reflect their brand’s unique tone and hedge against the competition. 

Improve Brand-Customer Relationship

It won’t be wrong to say that creating a filter on Instagram or Facebook is the latest interactive element brands can utilize. Customers often find it hard to purchase the products without trying. AR filters remove the stress of buying the wrong product by helping them try before they buy. When customers understand the product before buying, it strengthens brand-customer relationships. 

Boost Brand Awareness

Augmented reality tools help users try products and simply click their pictures using their smartphones. Then they can share those AR images as a story or a post on their Instagram profile. As a result, the customized logo or mascot on the clicked image is exposed to the user’s followers and potential new followers. Thus, the AR filters created by brands can help them spread the word about their business to a broader customer base. 

Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Even though augmented reality applications offer a wide range of benefits, many brands are still reluctant to create custom filters. Recently, there has been a higher adoption of AR as brands find filters as an exciting tool to attract audiences. Many fashion and beauty create new filters for their users to “try on” products before buying and get a chance to stay ahead of the competition. Not only will the AR filter help them promote their brand, but it will also make the brand memorable. 

All in all, it’s a great tool, especially for fashion brands, to remove the stress from selling products online and make the brand appealing to younger audiences. If you are a fashion and beauty brand that wants to sell glossy lipsticks, eyeliners, and other beauty products that are hard to sell online, integrate the SelfStylo AR tool.

The virtual makeup try-on application helps users try products to make confident purchases and share their images on social media like Instagram. The exclusive features like clean user interface, split-screen, and social media integration makes SelfStylo one of the best virtual AR try-on tool. 

Best Examples Of Branded AR Filter On Instagram

If you are still worried about how to get started or whether you should create an AR filter, get some inspiration from top brands. Below we have curated a list of the best AR Instagram filter examples.

Nasa’s SpaceX Helmet – Social AR Filter 

Nasa created a social AR filter to promote the second Space X’s operational mission. Using the filter allows people to sit on the astronaut’s seat on the Crew Dragon spacecraft. 

Saks’ – Instagram AR Filter 

The luxury retailer Saks created an AR selfie filter for Instagram. Launched as a part of the holiday season, the AR filter allowed users to try out the gifts and shop. 

Lego AR – Snapchat AR Filter 

Snapchat introduced the “connected lens” in partnership with Lego. Using the AR filter, Snapchat users can enjoy building Lego models using animation, elements, etc. 

Sunglasses Flip AR By British Vogue – Social AR Filter 

British Vogue is one of the best sunglass brands that introduced AR-branded filters on Instagram. With the help of an augmented reality Instagram filter, users can scan through four different sunglasses types. This helps them understand how a product looks before buying. 

How Can SelfStylo Help Your Brand With AR Filters? 

People love using social media apps, be it Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or whatever you name it. That’s why beauty and fashion brands are launching their AR apps to remain competitive in the market. SelfStylo is one of the best AR virtual try-on tools for makeup brands with multiple unique features. 

Customers can browse through hundreds of makeup shades and apply them using the live camera. In addition, users can share their new makeover look on social media platforms. Thus, it helps brands improve their reach, sell more products, and stay ahead. Here is how to get started with SelfStylo AR virtual try-on tool. 

  • Click “Request a Free Demo” and fill in the required details. 
  • Once you have got access to the tool, choose the makeup category you wish to explore. It can be eyeliner, eye makeup, blush, kajal, etc. 
  • Virtually try all the shades using the intuitive and easy-to-use interface. 
  • Switch between the shades or combo with a few clicks. 
  • Mark your favorite, share it with friends, or instantly buy the products. 

That’s it! Brands using modern technologies like AR have high customer retention rates and boosted brand revenue. So, don’t wait. Integrate the AR tool today to connect better with your customers. 

Get Ready To Win The Game With SelfStylo AR Tool

Staying ahead and attracting customers isn’t an easy feat, especially when there is high competition in the market. Introducing AR in marketing, which was considered sci-fi a few years, has become a necessity. 

Users can browse through the brand’s entire catalog using the AR tool and try them using the front-facing camera of their smartphone and different types of filters. However, before you integrate an augmented reality tool into your business, it’s important to understand your marketing goals. 

Once you know the aim of the marketing campaign, target audience, and budget, you can incorporate the right tool in business. For instance, SelfStylo is one of the widely adopted AR tools for beauty and fashion brands. 

The social media integration, split-screen, and makeup combo feature, to name a few, help fashion enthusiasts preview and try products before purchasing. Schedule a demo with SelfStylo AR experts to get started with Instagram AR filters and introduce the AR app to your business!