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Makeup Trends to expect

Makeup Trends in 2024: What To Expect As A Fashion Brand

Staying ahead of the curve is integral to any business. When it comes to cosmetics brands, it’s no exception either.

As we step into 2024, a post-pandemic era, the makeup industry is destined for a remarkable transformation. Navigating this shifting landscape is always a tad bit challenging. Therefore, it makes sense to draw valuable insights from makeup trends to dominate the scene. 

From clean color products to the resurgence of lipstick, here’s a glimpse of what to expect and how you can capitalize on these trends to stay ahead and make an impact.

The Rise of Clean Color Products

The environmental consciousness that has been steadily gaining momentum has now permeated the makeup industry. 

Undoubtedly, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental footprint left by their beauty products. Ingredients like micas and oxides, often laden with heavy metals harmful to our planet’s delicate ecosystem, face scrutiny. No wonder, cosmetics brands are leading the way in educating consumers about the eco-friendliness of their products. 

Transparency regarding sustainable sourcing and ethical manufacturing processes is vital to brand loyalty. Undoubtedly, consumers will prioritize products that use natural colorants over their synthetic counterparts in the quest for clean beauty. As ethical synthetics become more accessible, they should replace ingredients that harm the Earth.

Makeup for Men Is No More A Dilemma

2024 marks a significant milestone in breaking down traditional gender stereotypes within the beauty industry.

Men and masculine-presenting individuals are increasingly embracing makeup, partly driven by the experimentation that took root during the pandemic. The demand for cosmetics among this demographic surged during lockdowns and is still on a rise.

Men are venturing into makeup, intensifying their focus on skincare and personal grooming. There are many who are unapologetically reaching for concealer and exploring various aspects of beauty. 

While certain cultures have long normalized everyday makeup for men, the “no-makeup” look is also a makeup trend gaining popularity elsewhere. To tap into this expanding market, consider diversifying your product range to cater to the evolving needs of male consumers.

Skin-Friendly Cosmetics Tops The List

Skincare takes center stage as we transition from remote work back to the office. The pandemic heightened hygiene concerns, driving the demand for makeup products promoting skin health. Products with hydrating properties, such as moisturizing foundations and lipsticks, are expected to gain traction.

Consumers now seek makeup that multitasks as skincare, considering it a wise investment. Expect products designed to protect the skin, especially around the eyes, with offerings like SPF-infused eyeshadows. So, incorporate skin-friendly products into your inventory, addressing concerns like dry skin and acne to align with consumer priorities.

When The No-Makeup Look Is A Makeup Trend

The newfound emphasis on skincare has ignited the desire for makeup that accentuates natural beauty rather than concealing it. 

Consumers are increasingly searching for products that enhance their inherent features, opting for a subtle, “no-makeup” look. Such products are often characterized by their sheer and buildable formulations.

Flexibility in makeup application gains paramount concern. With consumers seeking versatile products that can be used on various body parts, there are a handful of makeup trends to watch out for. Take full-body foundations for example. No wonder, such a new breed of cosmetics is rising in demand. 

To stay competitive, ensure your storefront offers a wide range of products that celebrate and enhance natural beauty.

Welcome Back The Blush

After a period of relative dormancy, blush is expected to make a grand comeback in 2024.

When you talk about makeup trends in 2024 specifically, the placement of blush has been ever-evolving. Consumers these days widely favor higher placements on the cheekbone and around the eyes. Also, the C-shape technique is gaining prominence, ensuring that blush remains visible even when wearing a mask.

And that’s not all! 

Blush is also experiencing a format makeover, with stick and liquid blush gaining popularity. It’s only understandable how these easy-to-use formulations are eclipsing the labor-intensive contouring methods of the past. 

What You Can Do About It : 

Consider offering innovative blush formats alongside traditional compacts for a diverse customer base. Encourage customers to use a virtual try-on tool to try out different placement of blushes before you purchase one.

Soft-Sculpting Instead of Contouring

The sculpted and chiseled look that once dominated makeup trends gives way to a softer and more natural approach: ‘soft-sculpting.’ This technique, as we all know, focuses on enhancing one’s natural features rather than concealing or reshaping them.

Gone are the days of harsh lines and angular contouring. Instead, consumers are opting for shimmer-free products that impart a subtle glow. 

Balms, creams, and serum-based formulations are set to dominate this category. Soft-sculpting is not only easier for consumers to master but also aligns with the prevailing trend towards embracing one’s authentic self.

The Demand For On-the-go Cosmetics

COVID’s long taken a backseat and travel is back. Along came a new makeup trend where  consumers are seeking compact and portable makeup solutions. 

The rising trend for on-the-go products that don’t take up valuable suitcase space is rising. 

At the heart of the concept, it’s all about portability and multi-functionality. Stackable makeup packaging and customizable palettes is the way to go.

What You Can Do About It:

Offer personalized and refillable makeup kits that can be a game-changer for consumers looking to streamline their travel beauty routines.

A Fresh Lease of Life for Lipsticks

The best friend for a woman’s lips, lipsticks are set for a triumphant return to the spotlight. Thanks to ease of mask mandates worldwide. 

However, as a change up makeup trend, consumers now seek long-lasting, transfer-proof, and smudge-free formulas. So, mask or no mask, people simply don’t want anything to ruin their lipsticks.

Besides, innovations in lipstick choosing and application technology are making waves. Personalized colors, color-changing makeup based on pH, custom lipstick printers, and AR-try-on tech are revolutionizing how consumers choose and use lipstick.

Are You Ready To Embrace Changing Makeup Trends In 2024

By all means, the makeup landscape of 2024 is evolving towards a clean, natural, and sustainable experience. 

Consumers are shifting their focus from heavy makeup to products that enhance their inherent features while still caring for their skin. 

Where does that leave you as a cosmetics brand? 

Prioritizing eco-friendly practices, catering to diverse consumer needs, and staying abreast of emerging technologies is the key to success. 

By embracing such makeup trends, your storefront will be well-prepared for the dynamic world of makeup in 2024. To take things up a notch, invest in a virtual try on app to help customers get a taste of the product before purchase.

Sounds exciting? Why not take a free demo of SelfStylo and kickstart your success strategy to match changing makeup trends in 2024.

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