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virtual try on lipstick tool tutorial for beginners

Virtual Try-On Lipstick Tutorial: Guide For Brands & Beginners

Virtual try-on lipstick tool, driven by augmented reality technology, allows users to experiment with the brand’s beauty products before making their purchase.

Imagine a shopper visiting your online store, eyeing up hundreds of lipsticks with names like “Grapefruit Goddess” or “Cherry Bomb.” They pick one out, feeling confident that it’s the perfect shade for them. Unfortunately, when it arrives, the color of the lipstick does not match their expectations. Hence, they return the product. 

That’s where a virtual try-on tool comes into the picture to end buyer’s remorse. The AR makeover tool lets customers try hundreds of cosmetics in the virtual world. It eliminates the gap between the physical and digital worlds, ensuring customers understand the product before buying. 

In this SelfStylo guide, we will help you learn what makeup virtual try-on technology is and how it can benefit customers and brands alike. 

What Is A Virtual Try-On Lipstick App? 

Before we understand how virtual makeup try-on can benefit brands in 2023, let’s clear the basics. 

Virtual makeup try-on apps are designed to virtually allow users to try on their desired makeup shades online. The advanced beauty and AI technology provide an ultra-realistic virtual makeup experience to the customers. 

SelfStylo is a feature-rich virtual makeup try-on application for beauty and cosmetic brands. It uses the latest AR (augmented reality) and AI (artificial intelligence) technology to apply a virtual makeover on users’ faces. 

Customers can try on hundreds of virtual lipstick shades and colors with a few clicks. In addition, they can experiment with trending eyeliners and eyeshadows for virtual eye makeup. 

Benefits Of Virtual Try-On Lipstick For Brands

Now that you know what a virtual try-on tech is, here is how it can benefit beauty and cosmetic brands. 

Offer Personalized Approach 

With the retail market becoming competitive, personalization is no longer optional. Instead, it is a must for brands that want to grow and hedge against the competition. 

AR apps help brands personalize the offer according to customer needs and search history. Not only do customized recommendations help brands to upsell products, but it also makes customers feel special. 

Offering good customer service can help brands develop deeper connections with their customers and boost brand reputation. 

Boost Business Sales

Virtual try-on lipstick tools have a direct impact on the customer buying journey and retention rate. With the innovative approach, brands can create a trustworthy and positive image in customers’ minds. 

Customers that trust brands have higher chances to buy products frequently, leading to high purchases. 

Furthermore, customers are willing to pay more if they can customize items during online shopping. Hence, it helps brands sell more products, boosting the brand’s profitability. 

Reduces Product Return 

According to the National Retail Federation, US customers returned nearly $816 billion worth of merchandise to retailers in 2022. About 80% of these returns weren’t due to defective products. This is where try-ons come into the picture. 

Brands can employ virtual try-on tools to help users interact with the product in the virtual world. The virtual fitting rooms and makeover technology help customers understand the product. Hence, customers can make a confident purchase and eliminate product returns. 

Benefits Of Virtual Try-On Lipstick For Customers 

Not only brands but virtual try-on tools also benefit online shoppers. Here are a few ways how customers can leverage the virtual try-on lipstick tool. 

Offer Interactive Shopping Experience 

Unlike Web 2.0, which majorly focuses on the two-dimensional shopping experience, Web 3.0 employs state-of-the-art technologies. The main aim behind the advanced technology is to offer immersive experiences to customers. 

The best part about the AR tool is that customers do not have to leave the comfort of their homes. They can eliminate the need to travel to physical stores to try makeup products. 

Transparent & Confident Shopping Decisions 

Often customers view the 2D product images and purchase a product, but the actual product that arrives is entirely different. AR-enabled try-on work to eliminate the chances of wrong purchases. 

Online shoppers can interact with 3D product visualizations to get a transparent idea of how the product looks. When customers get the product that they want, it improves customer satisfaction rates and eliminates frustration from online shopping. 

Top Beauty Brands Offering Virtual Try-On Services 

Try before you buy technology is taking the fashion world by storm. Many leading brands have adopted virtual try-on services to improve their online business. A few of the beauty brands offering virtual try-on services: 


L’Oreal is one of the renowned beauty brands offering virtual makeup try-on services. The tool allows customers to try a whole range of color cosmetics and hair color options before finally buying. 


Before choosing the latest shades of lipsticks from Maybelline, customers can test-drive them using virtual try-on features on the official website. Customers can even try foundation finder and brow studio to pair products and find the perfect makeup combo. 

Ulta Beauty GLAMlab

GLAMlab provides a diverse selection of items, including lipsticks, eye makeup, false eyelashes, etc. This helps customers to experiment with colors to discover their ideal match. 


The French luxury fashion brand is offering virtual try-on space to all online shoppers. Customers can test-drive hundreds of lipsticks, eyeliners, and eyeshadows using their mobile or PC. 

If you are a beauty brand that wants to improve its online shopping game using AR, try the SelfStylo try-on tool today! 

Integrate Virtual Try-On Makeup Tool Into Your Brand 

Using the virtual try-on tool is extremely easy and works by overlaying makeovers on the customer’s face. It helps customers apply their favorite products on their faces before buying, streamlining the decision-making process. 

In addition, it offers convenience to potential buyers in terms of saving money and time. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that a virtual try-on tool is no longer an option but a must-have asset for businesses. 

Contact the experts of SelfStylo and let us help you understand how a virtual try-on lipstick tool can benefit your business in 2023.