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Best Virtual Makeup Try-On 2023

Ultimate Guide: 5 Best Virtual Makeup Try-On Solutions

Best virtual makeup try-on solutions come in handy when customers are confused about which cosmetic products will suit them the most. Not to mention, the confusion between different products often refrain them from shopping online, which is definitely a drawback for beauty brands. We have curated a list of the top 5 virtual try-on applications that beauty brands can integrate with their business to increase sales and customer engagement. 

Customers always remain in constant fear of ordering the wrong foundation shade, nude lipstick shade, eye shadow, or concealer. Owing to this particular reason, a lot of beauty brands are losing potential leads. To put a stop to it and increase their growth in the digital landscape, beauty brands are now embracing AR technology gradually. 

What is AR in Beauty?

Augmented Reality is a next-gen technology transforming the beauty industry with a virtual makeup try-on. AR-powered beauty tools can let customers visualize themselves in their preferred cosmetic products virtually without trying them. 

The best virtual makeup try-on solutions provide the most realistic representation of a particular cosmetic product, giving customers an exceptional shopping experience. With augmented reality makeup applications, customers now feel more confident in online shopping. Moreover, a statistical study states that around 71% of customers agree to shop more if they get to use AR.  

How Does Virtual Makeup Work?

Virtual makeup is more like a 3D filter in TikTok or Snapchat. The try-on makeup online applications are designed to stick a particular portion on the face. These applications digitalize the cosmetics, allowing them to interact with individual skin tones and lighting effects, offering a realistic virtual makeover. Customers can use an AR-powered beauty app as a foundation shade finder and pick the right makeup shade for their skin tone.

Top 5 Virtual Makeup Try-On Solutions

Choosing the best virtual makeup try-on solution among the sea of options is tough, but we have made it hassle-free for you by narrowing down the list to the top 5 virtual makeup try-on applications in 2023. 


If you are looking for a user-friendly, feature-packed virtual try-on application to integrate with your beauty brand, SelfStylo is an unmatched choice! Unlike other beauty AR apps, it comes with a comprehensive set of cosmetic try-ons, including foundation, lipstick, eyebrows, mascaras, and whatnot! Also, it can recommend the best products to match your unique features.

With instant virtual try-on features, SelfStylo generates the most realistic virtual makeup look, encouraging customers to take a step. Integrating this application into your beauty brand lets you relish more conversion and lower return rates. Also, it comes with a simple and intuitive interface, elevating the customers’ user experience. Try its free demo today!


Another user-friendly virtual makeup tool is Tint, which uses AR technology to offer users a virtual representation of cosmetics. With it, users can choose suitable foundation shades, lipsticks, blush, etc. However, the subscription charge for this particular tool is a bit pricey. 

YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup is a great AR beauty app that allows users to try on cosmetics virtually. It’s a user-friendly tool where users can edit their pictures easily, even without having expert-level editing skills. Similar to Self-Stylo, YouCam Makeup can also offer product recommendations to customers. 


The fourth virtual makeup app that we have on our list is ModiFace. It offers a wide array of virtual beauty solutions, ranging from eyes, cheeks, lips, hair colors, and eyebrows. Apart from the high subscription cost, this tool has no such cons. 


Keeping aside the above options, there is another AR beauty app, Revive, that you can prefer to include with your beauty brand. With this tool, you can allow the users to try on lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes, etc, and make experiments creating different looks. 


Best Virtual Makeup Try-On Solutions in 2023:

  • What is AR in Beauty? 
    • How Does Virtual Makeup Work?
  • Top 5 Virtual Makeup Try-On Solutions
    • SelfStylo 
    • Tint 
    • YouCam Makeup
    • ModiFace 
    • Revive 

Elevate Your Beauty Brand with SelfStylo 

Product return and order cancellation are the two greatest nightmares of a beauty brand. As a beauty brand owner, you can reduce last-minute order cancellation and product return rates by partnering with the best virtual makeup try-on solutions like SelfStylo!

Employing cutting-edge AR technology, the virtual makeover application ensures the most exceptional user experience that helps retain old consumers and drive new ones! Feel free to contact the SelfStylo experts to integrate this excellent AI-powered solution into your makeup and fashion brand.

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